What Is The Cut Off For St. Joseph Pu College Bangalore?

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Saint Joseph PU College is undoubtedly one of the best colleges in Bangalore that has committed to assisting weak students by providing remedial classes. As simple as this may sound, the school is known for being selective in its admissions process. Are you wondering what could be the cut-off mark for the College? When we were researching this, we discovered the answer.

What Is The Cut Off For St. Joseph Pu College Bangalore?

According to our findings, colleges like St.Joseph Pu college in Bangalore have varying cut-off marks, which vary depending on the course chosen by the student. The cut-off for Science courses will be between 60 percent and 97.5 percent, while some of the city’s top colleges have set 90 plus percentages. The cut-off mark is remarkably different from others based on the commerce stream. In some cases, 94 percent set the highest cut-off mark in some colleges.

Bangalore’s oldest College is St. Joseph’s College. In 1882, the founding fathers, French Missionaries, established the school. Please relax and continue reading this article for you to learn about the cut-off mark and many more things about this great College.

What Is The St. Joseph Pu College Bangalore Cut Off?

Because of cut-off concerns, acquiring entrance is sometimes impossible. But the College makes a provision for students who didn’t make the cut-off to start a remedial program to have an excellent education still. These are the various cut-off marks for St. Joseph’s College.

The applicant must have passed the SSLC or an equivalent exam approved by the Department of Pre University Education in Karnataka. According to the current news, the cut-off for Science group admittance would range from 65 percent to 90 percent.

St. Joseph’s College has been pushing for a high cut-off for students, with a minimum of 85 percent in the general category and 75 percent in the religion area. They kept the cut-off at 96 percent in 2016.

The cut-off in St. Joseph is 75%, and three lists are announced: the first is for students who have scored above 90%. The second list includes individuals who scored between 80 and 90 percent on the SAT.

For B.Com, the cut-off is relatively high. As Joseph’s is a Christian Minority College, general merit admission is over 90%, SC/ST admission is around 75%, and Christian Catholic admission is around 60%. After Christ University, it is ranked eighth in India and second in Bangalore.

How to Apply For Joseph’s College Admission?

Firstly, the St Joseph’s College admission application is only registered online. Once the form is submitted and the candidate’s scale through the eligibility requirements, the College will inform them about the entrance examination and personal interview through email.

To apply for St. Joseph’s College application, you must follow these ten steps.

1. Visit the College’s official website.

2. Select the ‘Apply Online’ option.

3. Register by providing basic personal information or bio-data such as names, sex, date of birth, email address, and the course you intend to study.

4. Following registration, candidates will be directed to the payment window where they can pay the application fee. You make your payment through Debit or Credit cards.

5. Having confirmed your payment, applicants can log in with the email address they provided and the password.

 6. Candidates must complete the form, including basic information, academic information, contact information, and other details.

7. Candidates to ensure that a recent passport-size photograph is uploaded.

8. Take time to review your details and make changes appropriately. 

9. Click the Submit button if you confirm that the information you imputed on the system is correct.

10. Give the system a few seconds to generate the application form. Avoid pressing any other keys until your application number is generated during this time.

Applicants need to upload a digitally scanned copy of their high school examination score, a scanned copy of their degree marks card(s) for all semesters in the case of Post Graduate applicants, and a recent passport size color photograph with file size, which should not be more than10 kb – 300 kb in size.

 What Are St. Joseph’s College Admission Requirements? 

Before being accepted to the College, many schools request a minimum GPA before being admitted. Still, this requirement has been demanded from the application by the school to avoid a situation of application rejection. 

Students have a chance of being admitted if the have good GPA. St. Joseph’s College’s average GPA is 3.35. Research reveals that many schools demand a 4.0 weighted GPA, though some reports recorded an unweighted GPA. 

St. Joseph’s College accepts students with a GPA of 3.35 or lower. According to current students, the average GPA at St. Joseph’s College is 3.35.. Avoid Cs and Ds in your application because readers may wonder if you can handle the stress of college classes.

It will be difficult for college applicants (either junior or senior) to change their GPA during the application. For such an applicant, you need a higher SAT or ACT score to stand a chance of being admitted if the student’s GPA is at or below the school average of 3.35. 

 Bangalore’s St Joseph College Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is measured by how colleges admit fresher into their schools. Prospective students, therefore, should have this at the back when seeking admission into any college. For St. Joseph’s College, the results show the school is competitive and considerably selective. To state fact, St. Joseph’s College is reputable to have a 66 percent acceptance rate. This means likely 66 students out of every 100 applicants will gain admission.

Regardless of the school’s selective nature, it is expected of the student to meet the GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. If you have it, there is high hope of being admitted because the College is rather more accommodating than other schools.


Though St. Joseph’s PU College is selective in its admission process, the school is known for providing for weak students through the remedial programs to obtain a degree. Fresh students seeking admission into the College must have a high cut-off mark, which is high, and these marks are different depending on the course a student wants to study.

Nevertheless, the College has a knack for providing high-quality education to all students, regardless of the student’s home country. The emphasis is not only on academics but also on developing future leaders and instilling intellectual prowess in young minds.