What Colleges Are Not Title IV?

For some students, getting to the university may be a problem even if they need to. Depending on one’s family status and capabilities, one may find it hard to get an acceptance to some colleges of their choice due to financial incapability. The programs dealing with financial aid come in handy for those students with such needs. Title IV is one such kind of aid program to help students in the U.S. Lets’ start with What Colleges Are Not Title IV?

What Colleges Are Not Title IV?

Title IV is a financial support plan that caters to finance students. For one to receive and benefit from such an economic program, their school of choice must be in acceptance to the program or, in specific, be a Title IV college or school.

Most colleges and universities are Title IV members or otherwise are legible to receive the financial aid for their students. Other colleges like Patrick Henry College and Christendom College in Virginia are some of those institutions that do not have the eligibility to gain financial aid for their students. 

Also, other student private grant givers do not provide students with such aid if they enroll in a non-Title IV college or university. Other colleges not part of the Title IV plan include Grove City College found in Pennsylvania, the Floridian College called Pensacola Christian College, and the college in Oregon the name Tiny Wyoming Catholic College.

So, in this document, the topic to discuss includes the non-Title IV colleges.

Christendom College

Christendom College in the Virginian state,  US, is a nonmember of the Title IV financial support for leanings. If one wants to join Christendom, they should be sure that they would not have a glimpse of the financial support most public and other private organizations offer, such as grants and scholarships.

One would want to enroll for a particular career in tier Dream college, but if they have no funding or may wish for some financial support, choosing another university is the only thing if their dream school is the Christendom College. 

Christendom College would not want to be part of the Title IV program aid for students so that the federal funding plans may not hinder it. Also, the other reason for the college not to join Title IV membership is that they want to protect their freedom in teaching the Catholic Faith privately and have their own best and available financial help plans for their enrolling students.  

Grove City College

Grove City College is the other example of a learning institution that does not participate in the Title IV plan for financial aid to students. 

If one is wondering, what colleges are not Title IV participants in the states? Then Grove City is a perfect example to consider. 

Grove City College, located in Pennsylvania, is one of the tops and most prestigious colleges for higher learning. The college is a private educational institution offering consecutive arts in Christian liberal in the area. The institution is not a member of the federal aid for students and so is not a Title IV college.

The college department says that the college is an affordable school for enrolling students. It is a well-suited learning college consistent with what they give for educational career goals. So, since the college is well-suited, they do not enable their students to gain federal funding and other loans and grants.

Also, the college does not accept other financial aid to their students since they provide the necessary support such as scholarships and help them have access to other private loans. 

Another reason for the college not joining Title IV is because it is a private institution, and the government did not include it in the College Scorecard. 

Therefore, for those with the need to join college but may require such funding as scholarships, grants, and other loans, it is not a choice for them to consider Grove City College. 

Patrick Henry College

The Virginian College, Patrick Henry College, is one institution that does not allow any financial support from their government, which is Title IV funding. As a circumstance regarding the institutional conviction, Patrick Henry College runs by the influence of the Board of Trustees the college. So, the college does not accept a form of funding, be it a government or private,  for the enrolling students.

The concern behind the college not accepting other financial funds for their students is that the findings or scholarships are not in line with the Trustees Board, or they conflict with the Board’s Fundamental Statements.

Consequently, those who join Patrick Henry College do not get any support or governmental financial support, but only the college’s funds, which it does. So the college will not allow such governmental aid from the states, including Title IV funds, the state aid, the G.I. Bill, the loan support plan they offer, and any ROTC scholarships.

However, even if a particular college does not allow governmental aid, one may check for the college’s scholarships so they may benefit apart from the government ones.   


The students in colleges that are not Title IV members do benefit from any federal aid from the government since such colleges do not allow or do not get any such funds for their enrolling students. Such colleges include Grove City College, Pensacola Christian College, Tiny Wyoming Catholic College, Patrick Henry College, and Christendom College.

So, if one would be precisely in need of U.S. government funding along with Title IV, they need to check if their dream college is in Title IV consideration. Therefore, reading through this sheet equips one with the basic knowledge of Title IV schools and the examples of the colleges that are not part of it. 

Some FAQs

What does Title IV accredited University or College in the United States mean?

A Title IV college or university includes processing U.S. funds or federal aid for students. Te institutions include all higher learning institutions that are private, public and other proprietary schools in the nation. 

If they show the need for such financial support, the attendees to such institutions or colleges can receive students’ grants, loans, and scholarships or engage in work-studies plans in the states. Receiving such governmental financial support is impossible for those colleges without title IV status.

Is Title IV have any significance?

The Title IV Section of the law holds a significant status for the learning institution’s requirement. The section or quality helps ensure that learning institutions present the best educational instructions and helps their students get better jobs after graduation. 

It is only in the Title IV institutions that students have the eligibility to receive federal support for students.