What College is in Medford Oregon?

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What College is in Medford Oregon?

It’s every student’s dream to study in a serene environment with top facilities, flexible work hours, reduced tuition, and a community that sets them to become world-class students. Medford, Oregon, located in the United States, harbors beautiful colleges. Whether you want to pursue a general degree or specialized learning, these colleges in Medford offer a wide range of learning opportunities you could pick from, depending on your preference.

What College is in Medford Oregon?

Some of the top colleges in Oregon are; the Pacific Bible College, Abdill Career College, Inc, Phagans’ Medford Beauty School, and Northwest College Medford. We will dive into details about these colleges below.

1. Pacific Bible College

Pacific Bible College is a private four-year bible college located in the center of Medford. Pacific Bible College accepts applications from students interested in pursuing a degree in Biblical Studies. They offer a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, an Associate of Biblical Studies, an Associate of Applied Science in Christian Counseling, an Associate of Liberal Arts, and a one-year diploma in Christian Ministries.

Even though the Pacific Bible College is not affiliated with any church or denomination, it prides itself in intensive teaching of the bible to advance students’ biblical knowledge. It thrives on the values of submission, excellence, integrity, community building, passion for Christ, and love. It trains students to embrace these values in the 21st American culture. Currently, it is the only Christ-centered institution of higher learning in the whole of Southern and Northern Oregon.

What are the Admission Requirements into Pacific Bible College?

For students who have decided to pursue a degree at the Pacific Bible College, the following are the basic admission requirements. In addition to possessing admirable Christian qualities, an applicant must have: 

• A completed online application on the school’s website

• Transcripts from high school with graduation date, a GED, or an international equivalent credential outside the United States of America

• Testing requirements for applicants who attended high school in Oregon after 2016 include SAT scores of at least 890, ACT scores of at least 18, and a minimum score of 3 on the Math and English Smarter Balanced Tests (one or more of the following would suffice)

• Statement of Purpose of about 500 words

• Agreement with the Statement of Faith.

Is There a Tuition fee and Scholarships?

Upon completion of the online application, a non-refundable admission fee is required. Credit students pay $60, while audit students pay $35. Pacific Bible College charges credit students $198.00 per credit hour and auditors $130 per credit hour. They equally provide PELL funds, which have been approved by the US Department of Education, to qualifying and outstanding students. The maximum Pell Grant payment is $6,495 from the federal government.

They equally provide an internal needs-based scholarship worth up to $600 every academic year. Only students enrolled in nothing less than six credits each semester are eligible for this scholarship. Students must have completed the admission process and have a 2.0 GPA. The scholarship is given out based on the students’ financial needs.

2. Abdill Career College, Inc

Abdill Career College is a private institute located in Medford, Oregon. The college offers only undergraduate programs with a total of 20 students as attendees. They have a wide range of programs, of which the highest is the certificate, and such certifications include Medical Assistant (CMA) Certification, Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) Certification, and Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT).

What are the Available Academic Programs in Abdill Career College, Inc?

An Individual may choose to pursue a general degree in Medical Support and Technology, Business and Management, Law, Medical Administration, Real Estate, and Construction and Management. Common majors include medical assistant, phlebotomy, dental assistant, radiographer, insurance, accounting, legal assistant, medical office management, medical transcription, and real estate. However, they do not take online classes for any degree.

Is There a Tuition Fee and Scholarships?

The tuition fee to attend Abdill Career College ranges from $7000 to $15,000, depending on the qualification. Grants and scholarships are equally available to qualified candidates. Abdill Career College runs an open admission policy with a continuous calendar system. Abdill Career College stands as a top learning college with good teachers committed to their students’ growth and proper training.

3. Phagans’ Medford Beauty School

If you are thinking about becoming a cosmetologist in the Medford area, Phagans’ Medford Beauty School is a private school in Medford that majors in Cosmetology, Barbering, Aesthetics/Esthetics, and Skin Care. About 34 undergraduate students are enrolled in one of their 7 vocational programs, and they operate to make a profit. 

Is there a tution fee and Scholarship?

The tuition fees of the largest program are $16,200 for their current academic year. Phagans’ Medford Beauty School have graduated 63% of its students and their alumni to earn a starting salary of $15,200. However, they do not offer distance learning or online services, but perks including academic or career counseling services are available.

4. Northwest College Medford Campus

Northwest College Medford Campus is another private college located in Medford. They run a 2-4 years training program depending on the qualification. They offer 6 vocational programs, including Cosmetology/Cosmetologist, Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist, Master Aesthetician/Esthetician, barber/barbing, hair styling/stylist and hair design, nail technician, and manicurist. However, Northwest College does not take online classes (distance learning opportunities) for any degree program.

What are the Admission Requirements into Northwest College Medford?

On admission, Northwest College operates an open admission policy with an application fee of $100 and a continuous calendar. Northwest College-Medford provides several student services, including academic/career counseling services and employment for students.

Is there a Tuition Fee and Scholarships?

The current tuition fee of Northwest College is $16,065, but they provide financial aid to most of their students. About 84% of the enrolled undergraduate students have received grants or scholarships of an average of $4,197. Additionally, they offer Pell grants and federal student loans to their students. The college has a total enrolment of 69, and the student to faculty ratio is 8 to 1 (12.50%). 


Conclusively, colleges in Medford, Oregon, offer an all-in-one academic development for their students. Students are assured of a hitch-free academic program with their wide range of degree programs and available scholarships and grants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a university different from a college??

A: Although colleges offer undergraduate degrees and universities only offer graduate degrees, the names are sometimes used interchangeably.

Q: Are the schools accredited?

A: Yes! We have EQA (education quality assurance), a degree-granting status with the government of BC, and are in candidate status for ABHE.

Q: What are the various undergraduate degrees available?

A: Associate degree: a two-year curriculum that leads to a certain career or prepares students for a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree: a four- or five-year program in which students acquire credits in a wide range of subjects.

Q: What is distance education?

A: Distance education occurs when students and teachers are in different places. Learning occurs by mail, telephone, internet, or by other means.