Questions To Ask College Students?

College students are the students who mean an individual who is doing higher education or attending an institution, part-time or full-time. College students are undergraduates of universities and colleges, they have completed their high school and got admission to the college but they are not considered graduated students.Lets checkout some-Questions To Ask College Students?

Questions To Ask College Students?

Questions To Ask College Students?

College students are the youngsters of our country. Their thoughts or their mind-sets matter a lot as they are the young generation and have the power to make changes in the system. It is very important what they thought. When anyone can ask questions from them or tour colleges, it is important to ask some questions from many students as the different person has a different type of thoughts then a questioner can see a lot of variations among their thoughts. 

Anyone can ask different types of questions from them, from their school life to their past college life. Ask them what are their problems and what they love the most about their school life also what bothers them the most. Make a list of questions before the conversation so that there will be no issues in the conversation.

When the classes are in the session during the semester is the best time to visit the college. That is the most ideal time to visit any college. Talking with college students or alumni and asking questions from students while walking on campus and knowing whether the school was a good fit for them or not and also talking to them will be a great experience. It is an over-looked and under-utilized resource to visit every college and connect with current students and search for answers., Make sure that while questioning, students are not running out of time for their next class because then they will not answer carefully, and they will happy if questions for a prospective student is to answer a few must ask questions. Ask questions from them in their free time to get glowing reviews. 

There are so many questions anyone can ask college students . Few are mentioned below which fit the best:

Basic Questions:

  1. Why do you want to be a part of this college?
  2. Are you happy here?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. What are your weaknesses?
  5. What were the common complaints you get in school?
  6. Is there any complaint about your college?
  7. Is there anything that may be improved?
  8. How accessible are the registrars, administrators, financial aid officers, and other departments?
  9. What are your hobbies?
  10. Does college help you  improve your hobbies?
  11. What is your least favorite thing in school?
  12. What is your most favorite thing in school?
  13. What are you studying here?
  14. Did anything surprise you like rules or costs or any other facilities which are provided by them, after taking admitted to this college?
  15. What is success meant for you?
  16. Who is your idol?
  17. Which thing motivates you a lot?
  18. What kind of books do you love to read?
  19. In what activities or clubs you are and why did you join that?
  20. Which thing makes you happy?


  1. What is the most popular thing about your college?
  2. Why did you pick this course which you are pursuing?
  3. What are the best programs here?
  4. Which are the best departments in the college?
  5. What is the most engaging period in the college?
  6. Which subject is your favorite and why?
  7. Which is your favorite class?
  8. Your teachers are good or not?
  9. Are you comfortable with your teachers?
  10. What is their teaching style?
  11. Are they taking doubt classes?
  12. Do the professors meet you outside the class to assist you and hold office hours?
  13. Do they give motivational lectures sometimes?
  14. Do they help you to give career advice?
  15. Who teaches you the most professors or their assistants?
  16. Are you able to take your favorite first-choice classes?
  17. How are your classes taken lecture based or discussion based?
  18. Are teachers helping in mentoring?
  19. How do teachers help in practical subjects?
  20. What do you love the most about theory subjects or practical ones?
  21. How much time is required to read and write in the course?
  22. How often do group activities take place?
  23. How often do group presentations take place in class?
  24. Does the teacher give collaborative work?
  25. Are the students satisfied with their teacher’s teaching style?
  26. Are they satisfied with the academic advisory?
  27. Do students need tuition or any tutorials after the classes for their concepts?
  28. Do students need any on-campus writing centers and tutoring programs?
  29. What is the size of the classes?
  30. Are the conditions of the classes, and benches well or not?
  31. What is the major require capstone project or an independent study?
  32. Are professors help students to do research work?
  33. Why it is popular to study abroad?
  34. Are any students dreaming to go abroad?
  35. What kind of campus events does the college puts on?
  36. What clubs or activities are recommended?

Campus life:

  1. What’s it like to be a first-year student here?
  2. How’s the day look like in a college?
  3. What’s the difference you can see in your life from school life to college life?>
  4. How much time a student can give to their study per week?
  5. How will you manage your time when there is no class?
  6. How is the library facility?
  7. Does there are all books available in good condition or not?
  8. How do you feel that there are any good support or transition programs for freshman students?
  9. What do you do on weekends?
  10. How’s the social scene like?
  11. What are the things students like to do in their school’s hometown?
  12. How’s the quality of the food?
  13. Are most students live on campus?
  14. What are the dorms and how they are?
  15. Which is the most popular organization in college?
  16. How to be a part of societies and clubs?
  17. Which club is most beneficial to join?
  18. Are lots of students belonging to sororities or fraternities?
  19.  What is the best place to visit on campus?
  20. What’s your favorite place on campus?
  21. Where do you have lunch daily?
  22. Where do students like to study the most?
  23. How are the other facilities like science labs, libraries, theatres, gyms, and other rooms look like?
  24. Are there enough computers in the computer labs?
  25. Is the range of the WiFi all over the campus is same?
  26. Is it easy to get or move around campus?
  27.  Is there any sports period?
  28. Which sport is most famous among others?
  29. Is there a lot of college spirit?
  30. What is the most exciting thing on your campus?
  31. What is your favorite thing on campus?
  32. What is the least favorite thing on campus?
  33. Which place is your favorite to study?
  34. Which is a suitable place to study?
  35. What would you change one thing on your campus if you will get a chance to do it?
  36. How approachable are the administration or staff or faculty members?

Student body:

  1. How would students love to describe their fellow students?
  2. Are their friends or students friendly?
  3. What is the unique thing about the student body?
  4. Is there diversity on campus?
  5. From how many states and countries do students belong to college?
  6. Is there any difficulty in the interaction between the students who belong to different races and classes?
  7. Are students cliquish?
  8. How was your freshman experience?
  9. How are the financial aid opportunities look like?
  10. Any advice for incoming freshmen students?
  11. How do you describe the community atmosphere?

Career services: 

  1. Does your college have placement cell organizations or societies?
  2. Are there internships available?
  3. What do you want to become?
  4. How will you achieve your dreams?
  5. How do you find them?
  6. Career services provided by the college is helpful or not?
  7. Do colleges provide mentors?
  8. Does your college have a co-op program?
  9. Do there any workshops that take place to enhance your skills?
  10. Are colleges conducting different competitions to boost their confidence?
  11. Does the campus have any opportunities to build leadership skills on campus?
  12. What are the options available on campus for service learning in the community?
  13. Do students on campus recruited by employers?
  14. Is it easy to find summer jobs and other kinds of jobs through college?
  15. How will a student manage their time?
  16. Any notable graduates from the college?
  17. Which type of company has come to your college for placements?
  18. How visible you are on your campus?
  19. What type of hands-on or practical experiences have led you in and outside the classroom?
  20. Share any classroom experience.
  21. How are career fairs here?

Advice for college students:

  1. Talk to the college professors as they are experienced so they tell them more exciting things to do, most undergraduates or college students do not venture into the office hours. Professors will appreciate an effort to connect and discuss all the things and will also help in the guiding. This will help later in the job or recommendation and it is also the best way to get the best possible education. 
  2. Learn to read things quickly for substance. 
  3. Learn to drive.
  4. Keep a notebook to write down all important things including quotes. This thing gives happiness later, as when needed can easily be available to you.
  5. Write in books. 
  6. Be independent! Whether married or not or madly in love with someone make sure the financial dependency does not depend upon someone. One should not depend upon others because freedom and security depend upon financial dependency. 
  7. Pay more attention to nature and beauty because natural beauty calms from the inside. Capturing them also finds them useful. 
  8. Appreciate each other, eat meals on time and stay healthy.
  9. Go for a walk daily.
  10. Find a place where to feel a bit exhaled about work.
  11. Do at least one thing in a day that calms the mind, this will help to focus more.
  12. Make a printout of important things and save them. Save letters or emails.   
  13. Do not be afraid to ask for the things which you deserve. For eg: if anyone goes for a job then do not be afraid to ask for money from them. Ask them politely and respectfully. 
  14. Write emails in the subject line so that you can easily find them later. 
  15. Use correct grammar, and punctuation while writing. 
  16. Don’t forget to sleep. When a person gets busy in their life with people and thoughts then they may think to cheat on their sleep. But less sleeping will lead to many health issues. However, it is important to give a rest to our body and take proper sleep.  


Asking so many questions from college students is a great way to know about the mindset of the coming generation. Also with the interaction and listening, students’ reviews will lead to knowledge about real things and they are beyond the glossy college brochures or their glowing admission websites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: How to make college students comfortable to talk with?

Ans: Do not go out of the script and be confident while asking them different questions makes them comfortable to talk and they can answer them more easily than the questioner. 

Q2:  How many questions are needed to ask students?

Ans: At least a questioner has to ask approx. 20-30 questions from students because the more they ask and a student will answer the more will help to know about their high school and colleges.