Is Union College easy to get into?

Colleges are the first step toward your professional life. The first step should be taken very wisely otherwise you will not get the expected result. College life is all about experiencing and exploring new things. Choosing a college is a difficult task for a newbie who has just cleared his/her schooling. In such a difficult case, one needs to search more about that particular college from surroundings. It may be from your acquaintance, your seniors, or any website. Checking the placement rate and environment of the college is a must. In this article we shall see Is Union College easy to get into?

Is Union College easy to get into?

Union College

It is a New York-based private college that is famous for its education in liberal arts. The college was founded in the year 1891 and is continuously helping students by giving them a platform to shape their future. This college has a variety of courses and programs available. The courses the college offers are graphic designing, business and management, media and communication, psychology, science, social work, and many such courses which are in demand in the current scenario. Talking about the fees of college, most students’ fees are covered by scholarships provided by various organizations and governments. Also, it is about 4% cheaper than the rest of the private colleges. The campus of the college is fully covered with varieties of trees which creates a fresh and healthy environment for the students. From the perspective of employability too, the college has good performance.

Is it easy to get into Union College?

No, it is not an easy task to get into Union College as just like almost every college it also needs a good GPA. Not only GPA, it also needs your excellent SAT and ACT score. These are just scores needed that can be achieved by an average student but there are several more things that made it hard to get into this college. The campus of the college, courses they provide, placement rate, and low fees than other private colleges create a competition among students to get. There is a demand for Union college among other private colleges asking for higher fees. This is also a reason for not getting to Union College easily.

Why is it hard to get into Union College?

Some of the major reasons why it is uneasy to into Union college are listed below –

  • Latest course with quality education – The courses the college offers are according to the need of the market. These job-ready courses like graphic designing, digital marketing, psychology, business management science, and arts are the main attraction here. You will not see such courses offered by colleges at such a low fee. Talking about the quality education, due to less number of students, the study in the classrooms becomes more engaging. In most of the courses here, in a single class, there are not more than 50 students. This made the lectures one-to-one interactive. Also, the campus is almost covered with greeneries; varieties of trees that too create a healthy environment.  
  • High GPA and SAT score – It is now a compulsion in every college to maintain the average GPA below which you will not be able to get admission into the college. The average GPA required for Union College is 3.5. As GPA is common now, one more thing which makes it hard to get into is SAT score. For this college to get admitted one needs to have at least a 1210 SAT score. Maintaining an average GPA  is not a big task but having the required SAT score is.
  • Scholarship Programs and Low fees – By just knowing that the college is private, we start estimating its high fees. Everyone can’t get into such an expensive college. However, being a private institute, Union college does not charge any fees as compared to other private colleges for the same type of course. The college helps students to get possible scholarships so that it will be easy for them to pay the required fees. For being eligible for the scholarship, one needs to have a GPA of 3.9 or above. Comparing the fees with other private colleges, Union college is 4% cheaper. This creates a kind of competition for the students to get into such a college having lower fees.

Fees Comparison For Four Year Degree course

CollegeTuition fee/Year
Other Private Colleges$30,000 (approx.)
Union College $25,000 (approx.)

This may vary as it is not actual data. It is calculated by taking approximate fees.

How to get into Union College?

As it is a bit hard to get into this college but you can do it by keeping the below steps in mind

  1. Maintain a good GPA and have a keen interest in the course and subject you are going to choose.
  2. Score good marks on tests such as SAT and ACT. You need to get 1210 marks to gea[t admission.
  3. It will be good enough if you already have experience working in the field you are going to select. Have all the necessary knowledge about any institute.

Procedure to get admitted to Union College

  1. Fill out and submit an application form to any of the Union College Campus. You can visit to view the application form.
  2. Apply for financial help at Upload the necessary documents.
  3. Create a college account that will help you in many works related to college.
  4. Take the Placement Test. The required SAT score is 540.
  5. Get yourself registered for college by going to the academic section of the institute’s official website.
  6. Make payment for classes.
  7. Get your student ID by going to a specific section of each campus.
  8. Get the required book from the library.
  9. Start your new journey by going to first class.


It is not necessary that any specific college is best in all aspects. It may have some difference in the faculties and the quality of the teaching. If looking for any specific institute to carry on your studies, work hard to get it. In case, if you did not get your desired institute, don’t be upset. There are multiple other options where you can get more than your dream institute. There is a saying that place does not matter, what matters most is the company. In such a way you can have great knowledge and many other things at the other colleges.

  1. What is the percentage of acceptance at Union College?

The acceptance rate or percentage at Union college changes every year. The rate of which this year is 41.05%. This rate depends on various factors like the number of students, GPAs, etc.

  1. What are some of the colleges that have a high percentage of admission?

Cameron University, Broward College, NewSchool of Architecture and Design,

Utah Valley University is some of the colleges having a high acceptance rate of above 95%.

  1. Does union College also need an ACT score during admission?

Yes, like other colleges, along with GPA and SAT score.  ACT score was also checked before admission.

One should have a minimum of 28 ACT scores.