Is SUNY College At Old Westbury A Good School?

SUNY, which stands for the State University of New York, is the largest and most populous comprehensive system of colleges, universities, and community colleges in the United States of America. There are 64 SUNY campuses all over the state of New York. SUNY Old Westbury is one of these campuses. It is a liberal arts college founded in 1965 and fosters academic excellence. It is beginning to get noticed for the unique, distinct, and quality education that is being offered within its walls. In this article, we will see about ‘Is SUNY College At Old Westbury A Good School?’.

Is SUNY College At Old Westbury A Good School?

Is SUNY College At Old Westbury A Good School?

SUNY College Westbury is a public college and has been ranked by several agencies for the value and quality of education that it gives. It is a very good school with an amazing environment and beautiful campus, exceptional and readily available professors, spacious accommodations, and a diverse community.

State University of New York, Old Westbury Rankings

SUNY Old Westbury Ranking
Highest BAH Rates for US Colleges & Cities#3
Top 100 Most Affordable College and Universities#29
Best 2021 Degrees in Accounting#2
50 Most Affordable Colleges With The Best Return 2021#33
10 Best Colleges on Long Island#6
The Best Schools For Criminology in New York#7
2021 Sky Standings#2
Most Popular Programs for Political Economy Major & Degree Program#2
Best Colleges in the United States#1,098
Best Colleges in New York#106

SUNY Old Westbury has also been ranked, granted distinctions, and awarded by several ranking agencies like the U.S News, Money Magazine, United Nations, INSIGHT into Diversity Magazine,, The USA Today and College Factual, the U.S President’s Higher Education Community Service Honour Roll, Buffalo Business First (an American City Business Journal Publication), Arbour Day Foundation,

Is The State University of New York Old Westbury Affordable?

Deciding to not attend college can be a tiresome decision. The main reason why it is a tiresome decision is the cost of attending college. There is no free college in the United State and getting a fully-funded scholarship is not always easy.  Knowing that paying through college is inevitable you should give up your dreams of going to college altogether but look at what is out there and what universities or colleges are affordable even though you might have to take out a student loan. 

It is nice to say that SUNY Old Westbury is one of the most affordable colleges in the United States. The tuition when compared to the average tuition fees of colleges in the United State is on the low side especially when you are an in-state resident. 

The State University of New York Old Westbury Average Cost
Other Costs (Books, On-Campus Room & Board)$15,990$15,990

After financial aid In-State students should expect to pay a tuition of $10,182 instead of $24,112.

Why Should You Study at The SUNY College at Old Westbury?

Here are some reasons why you should consider the State University of New York Old Westbury in Long Island for your college degree.

1. Affordability

As was earlier stated in this article, SUNY College Old Westbury takes pride in giving students access to diverse, unique, and quality education at an affordable price. It was rated for that very reason by Money Magazine in their 2020-2021 ratings. 

2. Academic Excellence

SUNY College Old Westbury is a small college with not many students in a class which allows the students to have direct relations with the professors and other academic staff and gain both research and practical experience. The college is proud that its students graduate with high grades at the end of their program. 

3. Facilities and Services 

The college has top-class facilities and services; a fully stocked library, spacious on-campus housing, sports facilities, financial aids, study abroad opportunities, distance learning, academic counselling, and career services. 

4. Diversity

The students of SUNY Old Westbury College get to live and learn in one of the most diverse student colleges in the country. The college is home to students from different parts of the country and also foreign and international students from different parts of the continent, from different ethnic groups. This improves the educational and learning experience of the students. 


Now we have learnt ‘Is SUNY College At Old Westbury A Good School?’, The State University of New York Old Westbury is not the best school in the country or the State of New York. It is ranked 1,102 in the country and ranked 2,994 in the world. It is a small college that is located 22 miles away from the heart of New York. Old Westbury is not for everyone but for those who are interested in getting a quality education in a small, quiet, and diverse college at an affordable cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is The Acceptance Rate At Old Westbury?

No, getting into SUNY Old Westbury is not hard. The college has an acceptance rate of 53%. When applying make sure you ensure that you put the required documents together without leaving out a minor detail so that there will be no reason for you to get rejected. 

  • How Many SUNY Colleges Are There?

There are 64 State Universities of New York. These are unique colleges, universities, and community colleges that aim to achieve academic excellence.

  • What Popular Sports Are Played At Old Westbury?

A few sports are played at the SUNY Old Westbury. These sports include:

  1. SUNY Old Westbury Baseball (Women & Men)
  2. SUNY Old Westbury Cross Country (Women & Men)
  3. SUNY Old Westbury Gulf (Women & Men)
  4. SUNY Old Westbury Women’s Lacrosse.
  5. SUNY Old Westbury Soccer (Women & Men)
  6. SUNY Old Westbury Women’s Softball
  7. SUNY Old Westbury Swimming (Women & Men)
  8. SUNY Old Westbury Women Volleyball.
  • How Many Undergraduate Degrees are offered at SUNY College, Old Westbury?

SUNY Westbury is a small public liberal arts college but has a myriad of courses and programs available for students to choose from. The College offers 45 degrees at the undergraduate level in education, arts and sciences, and business.