Is Northwestern an Ivy League School?

When it comes to building a stable career, many students prefer to study in Ivy League universities located in the United States. Ivy League is not just popular for its academic excellence but also has excellent alumni. It also builds the right career opportunities for students and has had some of the biggest politicians, graduates, leaders, business moguls, and researchers graduate from these institutions.  Here we will see about Is Northwestern an Ivy League School?

But does one have to be from one of these institutions to excel in their career? 

Is Northwestern an Ivy League School?

Is Northwestern an Ivy League School?

The answer is no. There is no record or concrete evidence to prove that you need to be from an Ivy League school to succeed and have a career in life. There are other universities that could provide you with even better opportunities. Take Northwestern for example. 

Northwestern University attracts some of the brightest and best students from across the world. Their facility and alumni include 1 field medalist, Nobel prize laureates, Pulitzer prize winners, humanitarians, Emmy award winners, presidents of massive organizations, etc. Not just that, the university has the best features and facilities that make this university one of the top 10 universities in the USA and around the world. 

Want to know how? Keep reading to find out!

But before that, let us answer whether Northwestern falls in the category of an Ivy League School. 

Northwestern is not an Ivy League School

But yes, it does rival other universities like the University of Chicago and Midwest for admissions selectivity and academic prestige. 

Ivy League was established in the year 1954 and is described as a conference for at least eight universities that are located in the Northeast. These colleges include Harvard, Princeton, Pennsylvania, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth & Columbia. These colleges have remained since the beginning and no new college has been added since the Ivy League colleges were founded. 

What makes Northeastern so unique as a university?

Top programs

Northwestern offers top programs for students and the best athletic teams. The admission process here is also quite competitive in nature. The university does not accept beyond a 7% acceptance rate and admits only the highest performing students ever. 


Northwestern also guarantees grants, scholarships, work-study placements, etc for students. They have awarded scholarships worth 200 million dollars to undergraduate students within the year 2020-2021. This includes approximately 50% of all undergraduates getting a full scholarship. 

Amazing Settings

Northwestern is also known for its excellent settings. Located in Chicago, this place is well known for its stunning architecture as well as lakefront homes. Lake Michigan is also a popular attraction here alongside Shakespeare Garden which witnessed multiple tourists throughout the year. 

Timeless Traditions 

Painting the rock is a popular one. This is basically a camp that includes a group of students painting large rocks located right in the middle of the campus. Other activities include 12,000 students and community members showing up once per year. The primal scream is also a massive tradition that causes all undergraduates to pause their routines and let out a scream. 

Super Sports 

Being one of the smallest schools in the Big Ten Conference, they have been the only existing university since the year 1946. Some of the most successful teams include lacrosse, field hockey, and basketball for women. The women’s basketball team has also advanced a lot of late and have won NCAA tournament a couple of times as well. 

Extracurricular Activities

Northwestern is also known for hosting and organizing some of the best extracurricular activities like lipstick theater which puts performances organized by female playwrights. They focus on women’s issues mostly. Apart from that, they also have dance groups that practice contemporary dance routines and hip-hop often. The Academy of Music and Arts for Special Education also offers art education and music programs to students who have disabilities. 

Tips & Suggestions On How To Get Into Northwestern University?


Northwestern University does not always publish the ranks of its best students but it can confidently be said that 96% of its graduate students were in the top 10 of their high school class. 


Approximately 50% of SAT scores achieved in Northwestern’s class can be 1430-1540. SAT scores can usually be between 82.22% to 83.10%

Application Requirements

Northwestern will accept coalition as well as common applications for all their students. The usual requirements include an official transcript, school reports, mid-year transcripts, school reports, music auditions, teacher recommendations, etc. Some of the other materials may also include northwestern writing supplements and SAT/ACT scores. 

Write Good Essays

If you really want to get into Northwestern, you need to be an expert at essay writing. Make sure they are not more than 300 words and give a complete understanding of your academics and extracurricular activities. You need to cover your academic interests, the steps needed to increase your expertise, the fields you would like to combine, the career path you would like to follow, etc. Your societal goals, values, philosophy of study, and community you’d like to be in can also be covered here!

Have At Least 2-4 Curricular Activities

It is important to indulge in extracurricular activities often. This will help you show high levels of achievement and leadership. You can join well-known clubs or be a part of musical groups, athletics, or music. You can also be a part of some volunteer work. That will be an added plus point for your application. 

Get Yourself A Good Recommendation Letter

Northwestern offers you a letter of recommendation. Here, you can submit approximately two. One will come from your high school advisor which includes your college counselor, guidance counselor, career center specialist, etc. Allow your teachers to take some time in order to write the essay. Make sure they are well compensated and they have a few months of notice. Give them all the information needed in order to write a good resume, collection, transcript, etc. Once they are well written, you could also share a good token of appreciation via a gift card or something that’s homemade. 

Get All Your Essentials In Place

Some of the important requirements that you need to keep in place include an official transcript, school report, counselor recommendation, musical audition, mid-year transcript, SAT scores, and writing supplements from Northwestern.

Other Activities That Can Help You Boost Your Resume


You can participate in original research at your local college or olympiad to show how interested you are in the subject. 


You can search for art competitions that rank well. Make sure that you participate in debates and create a good impression of yourself there. 


You can either publish a book to stand out or start a writing club at work where you critique one another’s work. 


One of the best ways you can stand out is by working on an app. You can start a coding business featuring a few young people within the community. That will surely help make a difference. 


If you are into sports, make sure you boost your profile by performing in athletic activities. Either you could be the captain of your sports team or compete with one another at a national level.


Start your non-profit club to make sure you raise awareness using Kickstarter or social media. You can also raise awareness for important causes and help more people. 


You can also begin your own YouTube channel, start your own following, and encourage others to follow them as well.


So that was a look at everything you needed to know about Northwestern University. Northwestern University is not an Ivy League school but definitely one of the best colleges in the USA and a great place to have a global learning experience. Although the acceptance rate here is a bit low, your profile can stand out if you have great scores and have performed well in extra-curricular activities. If you are also someone who is keen on pursuing a double major here or want to get a dual degree, consider this college as the best option and opportunity for you to grow. 


Who can be admitted to Northwestern University?

Getting into Northwestern University is not as easy as it seems. Not more than 7% of applications who applied were admitted in 2023. Students are hence required to have academic excellence if they want to be a part of a university like this. Successful candidates who have received a B average throughout all the courses can expect to see their names on the list. 

Do you need to attend interviews to get into the college?

Admission interviews aren’t always required. If they do, your interview shall happen off-campus. The Alumni Admission Council (AAC) of Northwestern University is responsible for managing this. Admission interviews allow students to learn more about their experience at Northwestern University with the help of an alumna. Since interviews are not an essential part of the application, students dont always have to choose whether or not they would like to be a part of this interview process. 

How much does it cost to study at Northwestern University?

Well, studying at Northwestern university is quite expensive, but yes, it does vary depending on the curriculum, subject, and course. Northwestern also offers financial aid and scholarship facilities to students who are great in academics and have the willingness to learn. The average cost for an academic year is somewhere close to 62,000 dollars per year. The total expenses including fees, board, rooms, transportation, and personal expenses can come up to 87,804 dollars. However, most students don’t pay this price. They end up receiving financial aid from Northwestern University.