Is 15 Colleges Too Many To Apply To?

Ever heard of “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” Often times, people tend to make the same mistake countless times simple because they refused to see other opportunities. This article will make you see reasons why you should apply to more than one school. Let’s learn about ‘Is 15 Colleges Too Many To Apply To?’.

Is 15 Colleges Too Many To Apply To?

Is 15 Colleges Too Many To Apply To?

While in Highschool, you probably thought your dream school was the best in the whole world; you applied and got rejected. So sad I know but you could have prevented that if only you had other options. Having the strength to be decisive is power but often times things don’t go as planned because life happens. When I was to go to college, I always wanted to study abroad with a major in Economics or Statistics. Guess what? I ended up graduated with a B.A in History and International Studies in my home country. In fact because of this bold step of switching to another entirely different department, it has broadened my view about a lot of interesting courses and how wonderful experiencing other campus can be. 

Applying to multiple schools gives you higher chances of being offered an admission quickly and can effect positive changes in you as well. It begins with taking that bold step and freely opening yourself to opportunities. 

Reasons Why You Should Apply to 15 Colleges

1. Unforseen Circumstances

2. Financial Aid

3. Less or No Application Fee

4. Less Stress

5. High Chance of Acceptance

1. Unforseen Circumstances: Change is constant and in academics, it’s not an exception. During and after college your interest might change. It’s applicable to a lot of students all over the world. It is important you apply to multiple colleges. What if you eventually get the course you’ve always wanted, would you still have passion for it?  If you are undecided yet, take a Diploma first and then decide if you would like to do more like getting a degree or multiple degrees. 

2. Financial Aid: It is always advisable to apply to multiple schools and send them your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information. When filling out this information, you can indicate you want it sent to multiple schools and this will let you know how much financial aid they can offer. Always remember circumstances can drastically change anytime, so it is important to weigh the best Financial Aid. 

3. Less or No Application Fee: One of the reasons people apply to only one school is because of their low financial rate. So by applying to multiple school, you spend more; right? But do you know there are cheaper ways to achieve this? Talk to your school counselor about getting a waiver or an admission representative. Apply for a scholarship. Some schools offer less or no application fee at all. Community Colleges have free applications. 

4. Less Stress: For a High School Senior, picking a choice of college is difficult especially if there are certain requirements you need to pass before getting accepted. Standardized Tests are obstacles for most students. Some schools are gradually moving away from these test scores which is of advantage to most students. Different schools have their own requirements and applying to multiple, makes these test scores less affecting.

5. High Chance of Acceptance: Do not let a rejection be the end of your educational moving train. Applying to multiple schools gives you an edges over others who applied to just one. Take that courageous step and fulfill your academic goals. 


There’s no such thing as “Protection School” just other options you get to pick and enjoy from if the others doesn’t work out. It is called “Educational Security” and should be guided with care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know the schools to pick? 

It’s simple. Talk to a counselor or school representatives. Ask questions about the schools on the internet, from friends and your parents. 

2. What happens when you don’t get admitted into any of the 15 colleges?

Try another 15. It is almost impossible to get rejections from all the schools you applied for but if it happens, which is under probability, keep trying and don’t give up.

3. How do I know when a particular school’s application portal open? 

Please check the answer for number one

Good luck in your academic pursuit!