How Do I Get My Transcripts From Brooklyn College?


The online transcript orders from all CUNY schools are handled by Parchment, which has entered into collaboration with the City University of New York to provide the service. In-person inquiries for official Brooklyn College transcripts are no longer accepted due to the expansion of our online services. Orders for transcripts must be received at least one business day before the requested delivery date to meet students’ deadlines. Whether you are a current student or alumni from the earlier year, you may get your official transcript from Brooklyn College through Parchment. Transcripts for Brooklyn College must be authenticated. Please complete all of your prerequisites before applying to Brooklyn either by mail or online. You can also hand-deliver a sealed copy of your transcript in an envelope from your school.

How Do I Get My Transcripts From Brooklyn College?

How Do I Get My Transcripts From Brooklyn College?

It is highly advised that you keep an eye on your graduation status via CUNY first if you plan on ordering a transcript and will be graduating in the upcoming class (December, February, June, or September). To learn how to access your graduation status, please see “How do I know my graduation status?” To have your degree conferred and your status changed to “Awarded,” your conferral date must have been recorded and posted on your record. If Parchment is unable to complete your order for any reason, you will be notified through email. This includes cases where the order was canceled or a hold was placed on your account. You can get an official transcript online if you need to prove your degree. Obtaining your official transcript is as simple as placing an order on this page. To accomplish this, please follow these steps: get you to your To access your Unofficial Transcript at CUNY, please follow these steps: Under the Academics menu, the Other Academics section of the Student Center is where you may get your unofficial transcript

Brooklyn College and its background

·       Brooklyn College is home to 15,938 undergraduates and 2,533 graduate students from 136 different countries who collectively speak 91 different languages.

·       The institution provides 175 different majors and sub-majors for students to choose from, including business, education, the humanities,s and social sciences, the scientific and behavioral sciences, and the visual, media, and performing arts.

·       At our most recent Graduation Ceremony, more than 4,000 students received a variety of certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, and certifications, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

·       For almost 90 years, the college has been a beacon for bright students from all walks of life, many of them immigrants or the children of immigrants who are seeking a better life through a top-notch education.

·       Many students choose to attend this institution because of the excellent reputation the staff has earned for producing outstanding scholars, practitioners, and artists.

·       They are attracted by the low tuition rates and the great quality of the education they will receive on what is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.

Transcripts from Brooklyn College

Any school attended for college credit must submit a transcript detailing the student’s academic history, including courses taken, grades earned, and degrees earned (if any). An official transcript is the preferred format for submitting a transcript. Following the procedures below in your Student Center in CUNY first will allow you to print off an “Unofficial Transcript” at no cost, provided that you are a currently registered student or have access to your CUNY first account.

1.     Go to the Verification and Transcripts section.

2.     Choose the college or university in the City University of New York system from which you would like to obtain your unofficial transcript.

3.     A student’s unofficial transcript can be viewed by clicking “View Report,” then “Report Type,” and finally “Submit.”

Authorization to get the transcript

·       Matriculated students at Brooklyn College can use the n ePermit system to enroll in courses at other CUNY institutions.

·        If a student is granted a permit, they will receive credit for their work and their grade will be factored into their overall GPA.

·       A seat at the other school cannot be guaranteed even if your ePermit is granted. Simply put, it guarantees that Brooklyn College will recognize your course as transfer credit.

·       ePermits can be sought using your CUNY first profile.


When applying, candidates have the option of including unofficial transcripts. Transcripts from all previously attended institutions are required for admission. You should send your transcripts directly to the Graduate Admissions Office. Courses taken, grades earned, and degrees earned must be displayed on an official transcript from every institution or university attended (if any). Official transcripts are required. The Office of Graduate Admissions can get transcripts internally, so applicants who have completed coursework at CUNY since 2003 do not need to submit them. Courses taken at a CUNY institution before 2003 and any transferable credit earned at another college or university will need to be documented by official transcripts.


  • What do you mean by transcript in college?

A.    A complete academic transcript lists every course you enrolled in and completed during your time in higher education. When applying to universities in the United States, this paper is required.

  • What is the purpose of getting a transcript?

A.    A student’s transcript is a record of their academic history, including the courses they have taken, their grades, and the subjects in which they excelled. It may also include information about any degrees or honors they have earned. It is the certificate or diploma that students earn from their academic institutions.

  • For what reason do universities require transcripts?

A.    Looking at your transcript, you can see how well you did in high school and how much you improved from semester to semester. Institutions place a lot of stock on transcripts as an indicator of future academic success.