How can a Student from a Tier-3 engineering college become successful?


There are many ways to succeed in Life depending upon your skills. As a student, you are still young, and the tables can turn in your favor anytime, provided you work hard for it and develop your skillsets. Many people say that the recruiters see only the college name on the resume and then do further filtering. But this is not always true. Here we will see about How can a Student from a Tier-3 engineering college become successful?

Remember, “To be a self-initiator and a self-motivator is good.”

  It doesn’t always matter whether you are from tier 1 or tier 3 college as long as you know your stuff. The main hurdle is to get an interview call. If you know your stuff pretty well, they might hire you. Initially, your pay can be less but don’t be discouraged. Change the company after two years. Gather maximum knowledge in specific areas. By changing the company twice or thrice, you can see that your salary might have doubled.

How can a Student from a Tier-3 engineering college become successful?

Steps for a Student coming from Tier-3 engineering college to become successful:

1. Be consistent

2. Work Hard and Smart

3. Do online courses and get the certifications

4. Be active on Online Platforms

5. Do good projects in the field of your interest  

6. Do internships

7. Maintain Good CGPA

1. Be consistent: It is a well-known fact that “Consistency is the key to success.” If you are consistent in your work, you will get success. Remember, “Procrastination is the enemy of success and a thief of time.” Consistent hard work leads to success. 

2. Work Hard and Smart -Work on your resume building. You can only represent your resume well if you have worked hard on your projects. In addition, you can represent your projects in a very smart way by mentioning all the technologies and applications you have used. This will indirectly showcase your skillset practically.

3. Do online courses and get the certifications: Never stop learning. Do at least one or two online courses in your field of interest. You can represent the certificates in your LinkedIn profile, Internshala profile, etc. This will help you learn, enhance your skills, and show whatever you have learned. 

Some online Course sites are Udemy. Coursera, Great Learning, etc. These sites also provide some free certification courses. So you can choose one of your interests.

4. Be active in Online Platforms-you can answer questions on famous sites like Quora, Stack flow, etc. This will help you to gain more and more knowledge. You can write blogs also. Attend relevant workshops and sessions, and also join or create communities. This will help you connect with more and more people worldwide. You will also get a lot of information from various online platforms. People from the related field will help you clear your doubts.

6. Do internships: Apply for competitions like hackathons, ideations, etc. They would provide internships/ job offers if you win those. Also, internships might land up in getting a pre-placement offer.

You can register yourself on LinkedIn, Internshala,, etc., to apply for internships.

7. Maintain Good CGPA: yes, it is very important to maintain a good CGPA in your college. Some people missed their dream companies because they didn’t have 0.1 or 0.2 in their CGPA. Maintain at least 70% throughout your academics. Not 69.99% but 70.00%.

Some successful student from Tier-3 engineering college

1. Satya Nadella– He is the CEO of Microsoft. This guy did electrical engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology, a local college in Karnataka.

Being from a tier 3 college didn’t stop him from succeeding. It was sheer hard work and dedication that this guy put into whatever he did. So, being in tier 3 college is not a crime but wasting what you have by thinking what you don’t have is a crime. It’s all about the amount of hard work you put in; being from a good college simplifies a few things, but it doesn’t guarantee success. So just believe in your abilities and work hard.

2.E. Sreedharan- He did his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from JNTU Kakinada. He played a very important role in designing the Delhi Metro and Konkan Railways. He received Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri awards from the Government of India.


 Work hard, be consistent, keep learning, and get success whether you are from any college. In reality, college doesn’t matter if you are good at your skills and perform well in your work. Just focus on enhancing and building your skillset. The resume is the first thing a company will come across before hiring you, so pay attention to make it more readable and attractive. Always be ready for challenges. Be confident always. Consistency and Confidence are the two most important to get successful in Life. Seek help from your seniors and teachers as well. Never be afraid of trying something new. All the very best for your future! 

Frequently Asked question

Q1. Should I have a good command of English to get a better job placement?

Ans: yes, you need to improve your communication skills and should have a good command of English. It will help you to be confident in your interviews and presentations. Moreover, many online courses are also in English, so it’s better to have a good command of English. English will help you to communicate with international clients as well.

Q2. I am from a computer engineering background; what skills should I learn to get a good job?

Ans – you can learn JAVA, C, C++, MATLAB, Python, etc.

Q3. Where can I apply for jobs/internships?

Ans- You can register on platforms like LinkedIn, Internshala, and Indeed to apply for a job.