Fun facts about Elizabethtown College


Elizabethtown College is a private liberal arts college located in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. Established in 1899, the college has a rich history and a vibrant campus life. While many people may be familiar with the college’s academic programs and extracurricular activities, there are also many fun and interesting facts about Elizabethtown College that are worth exploring. In this blog post, we will dive into some of these fascinating tidbits and uncover what makes Elizabethtown College a unique and exciting place to learn and grow.

Fun facts about Elizabethtown College

Fun facts about Elizabethtown College

Quakers on Campus

Elizabethtown College has a long-standing relationship with the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers. The college was originally founded by members of the Church of the Brethren, who shared many beliefs and values with the Quakers. As a result, the college has a strong Quaker presence on campus, with many students, faculty, and staff members identifying as Quakers or having connections to the Quaker community.

One of the most visible symbols of the college’s Quaker heritage is the Friends Peace Garden, located on the edge of campus. The garden was created in 2001 as a place for reflection and contemplation, and features a variety of plants and flowers that are native to the region. The garden also includes a labyrinth, which can be used for meditative walking.

Another way that the college embraces its Quaker heritage is through the Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking. This center works to promote peace and social justice around the world, and offers a variety of programs and initiatives that encourage students to become global citizens and work towards positive change.

Sports and Athletics

Elizabethtown College is home to a variety of sports teams, including basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and cross country. The college is a member of the NCAA Division III and the Middle Atlantic Conference, and has a strong tradition of athletic excellence.

One of the most unique aspects of sports at Elizabethtown College is the college’s mascot, Jay the Blue Jay. Jay has been a fixture on campus for over 70 years, and can be seen at many college events and athletic competitions. In addition to serving as a mascot, Jay is also involved in a variety of community service projects and outreach programs.

Another fun fact about Elizabethtown College athletics is that the college has a strong tradition of women’s sports. The college was one of the first in the region to offer women’s intercollegiate athletics, and has a long history of supporting women’s sports teams. In fact, the college’s women’s basketball team has won 9 conference championships and has made multiple appearances in the NCAA Division III tournament.

Campus Traditions

Elizabethtown College has a number of unique traditions that are beloved by students, faculty, and alumni alike. One of the most popular is the college’s annual Fall Fest, which takes place each September. The festival includes live music, food vendors, games, and other activities, and is a great way for students to unwind and have fun after the first few weeks of the academic year.

Another beloved tradition at Elizabethtown College is the Christmas Candlelight Service, which has been held on campus for over 80 years. The service includes carols, scripture readings, and a candlelight procession, and is a favorite of many members of the college community.

In addition to these large-scale events, there are also a number of smaller traditions that help to make Elizabethtown College a special place. For example, students often leave small stones with positive messages or affirmations on them around campus, creating a sense of connection and community. And another popular tradition is the annual Etownian versus Faculty/Staff softball game. This fun and friendly competition brings together members of the college community from all departments and disciplines for a day of friendly competition and camaraderie.

Sustainability and Environmentalism

Elizabethtown College is committed to sustainability and environmentalism, and has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices. One of the most notable is the college’s solar array, which was installed in 2010 and generates a significant portion of the college’s energy needs.

The college has also implemented a number of recycling and composting programs, and has reduced its overall waste output by over 50% in recent years. In addition, the college has a number of sustainability-focused academic programs, including a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Sustainability Studies.

Another way that Elizabethtown College promotes sustainability is through its campus gardens and green spaces. The college has a community garden that is open to all members of the college community, and has also established a number of pollinator gardens and native plantings around campus to promote biodiversity and support local wildlife.

Arts and Culture

Elizabethtown College has a vibrant arts and culture scene, with a number of programs and initiatives that promote creativity and expression. The college is home to a variety of arts programs, including music, theatre, and visual arts, and hosts a number of events and performances throughout the year.

One of the most unique aspects of Elizabethtown College’s arts and culture scene is its commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration. Many of the college’s arts programs work closely with other departments and disciplines, and encourage students to explore the connections between art, science, and the humanities.

Another notable aspect of Elizabethtown College’s arts and culture scene is its commitment to community outreach and engagement. The college regularly hosts events and performances that are open to the public, and works closely with local arts organizations and community groups to promote arts education and appreciation in the wider community.


In conclusion, Elizabethtown College is a vibrant and exciting place to learn and grow, with a rich history and a commitment to excellence in all areas. Whether you’re interested in athletics, sustainability, or the arts, there is something for everyone at Elizabethtown College. From its strong Quaker heritage to its commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and community engagement, Elizabethtown College is truly a one-of-a-kind institution.