Eastern Michigan University Admission Requirements and GPA

To know about Eastern Michigan University Admission Requirements and GPA….Read on this article….!

Eastern Michigan University Admission Requirements and GPA 

Eastern Michigan University, located in Ypsilanti, Michigan, is a great learning and research environment students can apply to gain admission and the university has its own admission and GPA requirements. 

Eastern Michigan University Admission Requirements and GPA 

As a student, before you can gain admission into a program at a University, you must meet the school’s program minimum admission requirements.This post seeks to provide detailed information that you need when applying for University admission. It is going to contain all the Admission and GPA requirements students must meet to gain admission into Eastern Michigan University. Below are some of the admission requirements that students seeking admission into Eastern Michigan University must meet.

  1. Rate of Acceptance 
  2. GPA requirements 
  3. Application requirements 
  4. Testing requirements (SAT and ACT requirements)

Eastern Michigan University Acceptance rate

As an applicant, the first major criteria to consider is the school’s acceptance rate. You need to be aware of how competitive the school is and how weighty its admission requirements are. Eastern Michigan University’s acceptance rate is 72.9%, which means the school is lightly selective. How can you interpret this? It means for every 100 applicants, 73 end up getting admitted into the school. The school has an expected GPA and SAT/ACT requirements. As a candidate, it is almost certain you will get admission if you meet their requirements. Also, you won’t be accepted if you don’t meet their admission requirements.

Eastern Michigan University GPA requirements

In the admission application process, most schools expect a minimum GPA from a candidate. It is usually the average GPA you are expected to meet during application. It means if your GPA isn’t up to the average GPA, you have a low stand of getting admitted. What is Eastern Michigan University’s average GPA? The school average GPA is 3.3. Eastern Michigan University accepts average students with an average GPA of 3.3. Why do they accept it? They are of the notion that it’s understandable to be a B-average student with some A’s. Candidates should importantly avoid C’s and D’s because application readers, while reviewing your application, may judge you are not capable of handling college academic stress.

You’ll need a higher SAT and ACT score to make up (when you score below the school average of 3.3) if you are a junior or senior. This will allow you to compete effectively with other applicants with higher GPAs.

Eastern Michigan University Application requirements 

Apart from the candidate’s application form, high school transcript, and GPA, other important information must be provided. Below are the application requirements:

General Application requirements 

  • Electronic application: The school does not use the common application for their admission exercise. All candidates must submit their application form electronically.
  • Letter of recommendation: Applicants are expected to submit a valid letter of recommendation from an authority.
  • Application fee: Applicants are to pay an application fee of $35.
  • Fee waiver: Applicants can apply for a fee waiver if they cannot afford the fee.

Subjects Requirements

  • Mathematics 
  • English Language 
  • Science 
  • Social Studies 
  • History
  • Foreign Language 
  • Electives

Eastern Michigan University SAT and ACT requirements. 

As an applicant, you need to take and pass the SAT and ACT to have a strong application to the university.

  • Eastern Michigan University SAT Requirements 

Usually, most schools claim they don’t have an SAT cut-off, but secretly, there’s always a cut-off. It is usually based on the school’s average score. At Eastern Michigan University, the average SAT score composite is 1050 on the 1600 SAT scale. This average SAT score makes Eastern Michigan University Competitive in the SAT scores.

  • Eastern Michigan University SAT Score Analysis

The 25th percentile New SAT score is 980, and the 75th percentile New SAT score is 1250. This means that a 980 on the New SAT places you below average, while a 1250 places you above average.

  • Eastern Michigan University ACT Requirements

Just like the SAT score, Eastern Michigan University doesn’t have a hard ACT cut-off. Nevertheless, the application of candidates with low scores will not be considered. Eastern Michigan University’s average score is 22. This score makes Eastern Michigan University Moderately Competitive for ACT scores.

  • Eastern Michigan University ACT Score Analysis

The 25th percentile ACT score is 19, and the 75th percentile ACT score is 25.

As a candidate, if you apply with a 19 score or below(even when the school says they have no minimum ACT requirement), you’ll find it difficult to get in unless you have something impressive in your application. 

SAT/ACT Writing Section Requirements 

The SAT/ACT Writing section is usually optional at Eastern Michigan University and, because of this, may not be included as an admission requirement. As an applicant, you need to worry less about writing for this school.

SAT Subject Test Requirements 

As schools vary in their SAT subject requirements, Eastern Michigan University, for now, does not demand SAT-subject tests for its applicants. Candidates are expected to check often, especially 6months before applying to be certain.

Eastern Michigan University Admission Deadlines 

For both domestic and International applicants, admission deadlines:

Fall: July 1

Winter: November 1

Summer: April 1

Eastern Michigan University Admissions Office Contact Information

For more information about this University Admission requirements, reach out via:

Address: 900 Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Phone: (734) 487-3060

Fax: (734) 487-1484

Email: ca_inquiry@emich.edu


As Eastern Michigan University is lightly selective, you have better chances of gaining admission. So far, you didn’t fall below average.  Ensure you aim for a 980 SAT or a 19 ACT or higher, and you’ll gain admission. On the other hand, if you score below our recommended target score, your application will be rejected. Keep the pointers in mind before you can apply and ensure your application is worth considering at the university!

Good luck with your Eastern Michigan University Admission application process!