Does Unemployment Pay For College?

Congratulations! You have graduated from High School. The next step now is to go to college. A college which is also known as a university is a place where you have to get it right in choosing the right career path for yourself. At this point, you might have to start saving up money because that way you can be able to pay for college. But the problem is you are currently unemployed. Let’s see Does Unemployment Pay For College?

Does Unemployment Pay For College?

Does Unemployment Pay For College?

No, unemployment cannot pay for college because there are tuition fees, faculty levies, and personal expenses to be paid in college yearly. One cannot pay for college if he/she is unemployed or does not have a stable source of income. Though it is not necessarily compulsory for one to be gainfully employed before one can attend college. College is quite expensive to run and maintain; being the only place to get a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. The college phase is a phase in your life where your undivided attention is needed to focus on lectures and pass the semester examination while still having your free time to be productive and start up something. I will dive into more details on the steps and methods of getting money to pay for college, the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (Cons) of going into college below.

Methods of Getting Funds to Pay for College

  • Having a Sponsor 
  • Applying for a part-Time Job
  • Applying for Loans/Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Building a Start-Up Business 

Having a Sponsor 

These sponsors can be your parents, guidance, or even total strangers who are ready to help you pay for college by investing their time, money, and prayers so that college life will be smooth for you. 

Applying for a Part-Time Job

In college, some people applied for Part-Time courses to enable them to do some Part-Time jobs outside of college so they can get money to pay for college. These part-time jobs can be hourly payments, weekly payments, or monthly payments.

Applying for Loans/Grants

Here, you simply apply for a loan from a bank and you must give reasons for such and also sign an undertaking bringing along with you two or more guarantors. Unlike a loan, a grant does not require you to pay back the money.


Scholarships are awards that can be in form of money that is given to students based on merit and who have brilliant and good academic achievements. There are so many colleges and individuals who give scholarships to aspiring students.

Building a Start-Up Business

There are lots of ways to earn money while in college and one of them is by being an entrepreneur in: 

  • Solving a problem: From the shortage of food to the late resumption time of students. You might decide to start selling chocolate bars or toasted bread in college or offer rides to students going to campus.
  • Making Use of Skills: There are skills you might have learned before entering college, you can make good use of these skills. For example, if you are good at making shoes or beads, make them, show them to your colleagues, and put them up for sale in your classroom or hostel. That way, you have started making money for yourself.

Advantages of Going to College (Pros)

  • By the end of college, you get a valid certificate which gives you an edge over others who do not have it.
  • You gain an upper hand when applying for suitable jobs.
  • You get to meet new people and network with them

Disadvantages of Going to College (Cons)

  • The cost of going to college is expensive for some people who do not have the financial strength
  • Going to college does not mean you will be very intelligent in the discipline you studied
  • College might be a hindrance and waste of time for individuals who a naturally gifted on talented in other areas/aspects of life
  • Going to college does not mean you will be successful: popular icons like Steve Jobs and Bill Gate did not attend college but they are successful businessmen in their respective professions.

Can I go to College and Still Be Employed?

Yes, you can go to college and still be employed however, that depends on what type of college and job you are into. Nowadays, classes can be done online as well as remote jobs to enable flexible working and studying times

Is it Okay to Drop out of College?

Yes, it is okay to drop out of college but make sure it is during your early years in school to avoid wasting money being spent so far. Some students drop out to start their own business and they made it out successful.


No matter how gifted or smart one is, he/she still needs one form of knowledge, skill, and expertise to be able to carry out effective and efficient tasks which can first be found in a college. When you come out of college and get employed, still endeavor to find little ways of changing the world thanks to technological advancements We all learn new things every day which makes one think outside the box of what is being learned within the four walls of a college. So go out there and be the definition of success.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Who can go to a College?

Anyone can go to a college but they must have attained the legal age or have gone through high school.

  1. Will I become successful if I go to a College?

Going to a college does not guarantee one to be successful as we have persons who did not go to college become successful however, it boosts your chances to succeed

  1. How much do I have to pay to go to college?

Tens/Hundreds of thousands of dollars is what will cost you to pay to go to a college.

  1.  Who runs/supervises a college?

A college is typically headed by a chancellor and assisted by a Vice-Chancellor.