Does LAPD Pay For College?

It is the dream of most citizens of the US to become an LAPD officer. To protect and serve the country through law enforcement is nothing less than a respected profession. The US government has thus come up with certain educational and non-educational incentives which is indeed a note of thank you for their amazing services. Let us know Does LAPD Pay For College?

Does LAPD Pay For College?

The answer to this simple question is Yes they do. The police officers now have the added advantage of getting their tuition fees paid for the class they choose to have. Apart from this, the officers who have a bachelor’s degree will receive a supplementary amount. 

How Much Does The Los Angeles Police Department Pay For The Employee’s Tuition?

To answer this question, let us know if it is a wise decision to take up a course and get into an academy or college while being a police officer. 

Becoming a student while you are an LAPD employee has its own pros and cons. Here are the cons: 

  • Since the job doesn’t have a fixed time like nine to five, you might lack concentration. Due to which earning outstanding scores can be a mountain to climb.
  • Sleep deprivation, stress, and health never go hand in hand. This is yet another disadvantage of being a student while working. 

However, the pros are surely worth it. If one is applying for a course in some college to be free of any pressure regarding their tuition fee, getting into the police academy is a great option. 

  • Once the officer completes his/her training of six months he or she can take up any course of choice. The advantage here is that the US government pays off the tuition fee. 
  • Under the government, LAPD has around twenty-one divisions with different rules and operations. Most of the time the tuition fees will be paid by the department fully. 
  • As we have discussed above, after accomplishing a degree the officers get $290 and $190 per two weeks.

What Are The Latest Awards Offered By The LAPD To Officers With College Degrees? 

The good news is all around the corner. The city council passed the bill rewarding the police officers with degrees that has certain educational incentives. Apart from giving bonuses with loan forgiveness and scholarships, the department is also encouraging its officers to improve their educational opportunities and programs. 

Every police officer in the Los Angeles area of the US gets an average pay of $86,000 per annum. A new proposal was put into effect by Mayor Eric Garcetti to grant around forty-one million US dollars to the officers with degrees. The world had witnessed the pandemic outbreak together and it was during this time that this offer came into complete effect even though the city was in a budget crisis.  

What Are The Benefits That The LAPD Officers Receive?

Once the police officers are out after their training period of six months they have too many bonuses coming their way. And some of them include the following.

  • Once the officer is open to working as an intern or trainee under a superior police officer, he needs to complete a year in the same designation and will be able to receive $35 per hour. 
  • Having served the city for a long time owes the officers a lot. The children and grandchildren of LAPD officers may apply for the LAPRF emeritus scholarships that help these students get an amount of $2,500 as their scholarship prize. 
  • The PSLF (public service loan forgiveness) is yet another holy grail for police officers. Through this, the officers qualify to be forgiven for their direct loans. Eg: direct student loans, and federal loans. 

The list of benefits outweighs their risk and duty in some or the other way. Becoming a full-time police officer is a calling. The job demands service at any time of the day and night. 


LAPD continues to provide great educational support and benefits to its employees by making new offers and amendments. The Police Academy is facilitating its law enforcement officers to achieve higher qualifications that way and it’ll surely be great for them as well as our community.

  1. What are the eligibility criteria to become an LAPD officer?

All US citizens above the age of twenty-one years can easily apply for the LAPD officer designation after completing their high school diploma or GED. 

  1. Can we take up new courses after getting into the police academy? 

The answer is subjective but it is a bonus point that the tuition fees will be paid by the LAPD departments you are working for.

  1. What courses qualify for a scholarship under LAPD?

Any bachelor’s degree or diploma courses can be completed. 

  1. What is the training period of the Los Angeles Police Department? 

Six months of training is given to the selected applicants.