Does Financial Aid Affect College Admission?

Every one of us needs help to get to a certain point to accomplish certain goals in our lives. However, the question is, to what extent can the help we may ask not be desired? This is a question most college student applicants may ponder once in a while, especially as far as financial aid and college admissions are concerned. Lets’ know about Does Financial Aid Affect College Admission?

Does Financial Aid Affect College Admission?

So, does financial aid affect college student admission? The answer is no. Putting in your application to get financial aid does not in any way affect your chances of being admitted to college. This is because colleges have what is called the “NEED-BLIND” policy, which means that the financial situation of the student cannot affect their chances of getting admitted into college. However, it does not increase your chances of being taken in, nor does it reduce them.

Need-Blind Colleges

Need-blind colleges offer a very reasonable amount of financial aid even though they may not entirely give aid that takes care of all the student’s needs, but they try their best. Sometimes, these schools even give help to students that can’t pay their tuition. This is a gesture that your need for financial aid does not affect your admission.

It Could Happen Sometimes.

The need-blind policy may not be for every student. If the student is domestic or from that particular country, for example, the United States, they may be considered for the need-blind policy. However, if the student is an international or a transfer student, the school admission committee might be a little bit stricter on the students because the admission of international students often requires that the students can meet their living and tuition expenses. This policy affects about 5% of the students admitted into these colleges.

Need-based School Policies

If a school is not leaning toward a need-blind policy, then it might be leaning toward a need-based policy. What this means is that when a student applies for financial aid, the school looks at the extent to which that student may need that help. Therefore, the level of need will determine your admission.

You Need to Watch Out for Some Private Schools

Most private schools look at the student’s ability to pay because they are profit-based schools that are looking at making interest at the end of the day due to shareholders who expect a profit at the end of the semester or term. Therefore, to meet the profits, students are charged. While applying to a private school, admitting to needing financial aid may be used as a factor to shrink your chances of being admitted to some private schools. 

A School to Look Out For

  • If you have a financial aid need, you should look at applying to public colleges and rich private schools. This is key because rich private schools get large endowment fees to support the school, so looking at the student’s ability to pay is not an option. This means they automatically subscribe to a need-blind policy when admitting students. 
  • Public schools, on the other hand, love to try as much as they can to conceal your financial aid need from the review committee to make the process of selection as objective as possible for you.

What Could Increase Your Chances in Public or Private School?

If you have excellent grades, your need for financial aid cannot affect your chances of being admitted into college because straight “A” students are wanted by all colleges even though they are private or public schools. Good grades often open the doors to work-study programs for you, loans, and grants.

Poor Grades Could Slim Your Chances in Private School

If you are an average student with average credits, and you are applying for admission to a private school that looks at your ability to pay, your need for financial aid might affect your chances of being admitted to that college.

What Can I do

Before you get disappointed or rejected by a college, you should do enough research on the kind of college you intend to submit your application to just to be on the safe side. You also might what to know which colleges subscribe to need-blind or need-based policy.


Many colleges are suspending a need-blind admission policy while some are accepting wealthier students than low-income students. This means to be on the safe side, you might want to work on your grades, nobody hates good grades.

Common Questions

Do Need Blind Colleges Give Priority to Low-Income Students?

No, they would love to have more wealthy students taken in. This is because once-wealthy students can pay all the required tuition, and the school can provide better financial aid to low-income students.

What Is the Easy Way Out?

There is no easy way out; work hard and get those grades.