Does Embry Riddle offer scholarship?

It’s not a terrible disease if you can’t afford your school’s tuition fees by yourself. Many schools understand that not every student can afford their school’s costs single-handedly.  Here we will see about Does Embry Riddle offer scholarship?

Therefore they’ve made available different funding opportunities. This includes scholarships. But you might be wondering, is Embry Riddle among schools that offer scholarships?

Yes, Embry Riddle offers scholarships. They offer several financial aids to ease the burden on their students. Its students are eligible for university institutional scholarships, and state grants. As well as external scholarships. 

Does Embry Riddle offer scholarship?

Different Financial Aid Granted To Students

Apart from studying at Embry Riddle university which automatically gives an edge to several scholarships. You can get scholarships from your state or federal government. And from a non-profit organization.

Different categories of scholarships available for Embry Riddle students include;

Worldwide Scholarship: These are scholarships established for intelligent students with a high academic record. 

State Programs: being a citizen of the United States. Or residing in the United States doing a degree-seeking program qualifies you for state program scholarships. 

Nevertheless, you must have a good academic record and be free from debts before you can take this scholarship. Check out My state to know the scholarship program available for you in your state. 

External Scholarship: This scholarship is independent of Embry Riddle college. It’s outside the school curriculum, so the school has little or no contribution towards it. They’re from non-profit or private organizations.

University Institutional Scholarship: Here, the scholarship funds are from a private organization as well but instead of giving it to students. They donate it to the school so the school can decide on whom to give it to.

Important Points of Reminder As Regards Embry Riddle Scholarship 

Embry Riddle college has specific points of note every student must understand and not forget:

1. As regards state scholarships or grants, you must check your state to know their requirements. Plus steps on how to apply.

2. Several scholarships do ask students to write a written essay on reasons for scholarships. To save time and stress, I’d advise you to create a unique essay. 

Then use the same essay for every scholarship application. Just make sure you edit it when you’re sending it to the school or the private organization.

3. You’re not only limited to the Embry Riddle scholarship alone. You can opt for many external scholarships and grants at once. So you can have other options if one fails.

4. Although scholarship funds are free. certain circumstances could warrant the school asking you to refund some of the given funds. This happens when you leave school before the stipulated period stated in the scholarship.

5. Your regular attendance in the school can give you an edge for a scholarship.

Embry Riddle Scholarship Rules 

You’d agree that without rules, there won’t be orderliness. That’s why Embry Riddle college has certain rules governing its Scholarship scheme. 

1. Scholarships are dynamic meaning they’re subject to change. The school or private organizations can decide to reduce, cancel, or reverse when you don’t meet certain requirements.

2. Dependants of employment at the  Embry Riddle college are not eligible for the university’s scholarship.

3. Students whom Boeing, OTIS, UTS Raytheon, and Carrier are sponsoring are not eligible for university scholarships.

4. Students must meet minimum requirements before they can be considered. However, that doesn’t guarantee you’d get the scholarships. 

5. You can’t stack university scholarships. i.e., a student is only qualified for one institutional scholarship. This rule doesn’t apply to other kinds of scholarships.

Types of Scholarships Offered in Embry Riddle College

A few of the different types of scholarship you can apply for as a student of the Embry Riddle includes;

Air Traffic Control

If your field of study is in the air traffic control, scholarships you can apply for in your department are;

  • University aviation association.
  • Air traffic control association.


The future pilots are eligible for;

  • Young Eagles.
  • Aircraft owners and pilot association.
  • National gay pilot association.


The school has several scholarships for its engineering students. A few of them include;

  • SAE international.
  • National society of professional engineers.
  • AHS International- The vertical flight society.


Perhaps you’re more comfortable with doing things the women’s way. Here are scholarships meant for you;

  • Whirly girls.
  • Women in aviation international.
  • Zonta International.

Graduate Scholarship 

The graduates doing further studies in Embry Riddle are not left out as well. They have;

  • Boren awards.
  • Glen Doherty.
  • Arizona airport association.


Not having sufficient funds for schooling isn’t an excuse not to abandon studying anymore. Whatever course you’re opting for in Embry Riddle, there’s a Scholarship just for you. You just need to do further research by visiting Embry Riddle Scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Embry Riddle College worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. The school has a high reputation that makes you stand out as a student.

2. Does Embry Riddle offer scholarships for international? 

Yes, the school offers partial scholarships to foreign students.