Does Boston College Have Good Dorms?

As we all know, after selecting a college, most students look for residence facilities provided by the college. Boston College is one of the colleges that is not only famous for its intellectuals but also for its residential facilities. According to the students of Boston College, living on campus is most suitable as it helps them to handle college life with ease. So in this article, we will answer this crucial question and will provide you with all the important details related to the dorms of Boston College. Let us know Does Boston College Have Good Dorms?

Does Boston College Have Good Dorms?

Yes, Boston College has good dorms as they provide students with a clean, safe, and quiet environment. The top dorms in the Boston College are Danielsen Hall, Claver Hall, Fenwick Hall, Gonzaga Hall, and Gabelli Hall.

Top Dorms At Boston College

The purpose of Boston College is to provide students with an environment where civility and respect are the main factors and it is achieved by the involvement of students along with the support and guidance of qualified and dedicated staff.

Living in a good dorm is very important because it makes the students’ life easier on campus. All the residential halls provide various facilities to students so that they do not have to face any trouble. But, most students who newly get admission there wonder whether Boston College has good dorms.

There are top dorms at Boston University  which are further mentioned below:

Danielsen Hall

This building has 10 floors and approximately 282 rooms. The good thing is they provide all the room types including singles, doubles, and triples. Some rooms also have private bathrooms while others have shared bathrooms. The house also has a mailroom, laundry room, bike room, TV lounge, and print station. 

Claver Hall

It is an enormous and amazing place to live on campus. If you live here you can adjust to your college life. This place will provide you with an acclimated experience of college life. There are also single and double rooms offered. 

Fenwick Hall

Fenwick Hall is another way to the residence hall. It is a place where a lot of underclassmen beginners like to reside. One of the notable things about the building is that it provides a fun and secure environment for everyone.

Gonzaga Hall

Gonzaga Hall is one of the most famous dorms on campus. Here also a lot of upper-classmen like to stay. One of the reasons for its popularity is that there is a facility where you can get food items at any time as there is a snack shop on the lower level of this building. 

Gabelli Hall

Gabelli Hall is a newly renovated building. This hall is a coed dorm that has a lot of amenities for you so that you can enjoy. They also offer double and single rooms in this building. 

Living In The Dorm Provided By Boston College

As we all know we go to college to get knowledge so that we can have better career choices. So to get the most out of your college life experience, you should live in a good dorm. Living in a good dorm will make your life so much easier on campus.

However, Boston College doesn’t require you to live on campus but still, it is the most preferred choice of the majority of students. Even seniors are not required to live on campus but more than 90% of Boston College students choose to do so. These-campus dorms deliver students a great experience of college life.

Other Facilities Given By The Dorms Of Boston College

The dorms of Boston College provide a lot of facilities to students so that they can have an easier life on campus. They offer room basics that include bedding, mattress topper, desk lamp, area rug, comfy chair, and pillows. They also provide food and snacks which include groceries, bottled water, coffee, tea, microwavable meals, and useful gadgets like extension cords, lights, cell phones, computers, and scanners.

They also provide study materials like textbooks, notebooks, paper, pencils, staplers, and others. For cleaning and organizing the room, they provide students with shoe racks, cleaner items, closet organizers, vacuum cleaners, and paper towels. 

Housing To Students

Seniors are among the first students who choose on-campus housing as a part of the room selection procedure. Most students at Boston College receive 3 years of guaranteed housing. Additionally, Sophomore transfer students get a one-year guarantee of housing.

On the other hand, Boston College also offers 4 years of guaranteed housing to students including nursing students, honor students, student leaders, presidential scholars, and particular student-athletes. Furthermore, if a student is leaving the campus then they are responsible for informing their roommates and the vacancy information is provided to the email of the college so that they can replace the roommates. 


So overall, Boston College offers various good dorms, all of which provide unique living experiences to students. There are many good dorms available at Boston College so that students can easily choose their preferred room in any of the buildings. So, the dorms mentioned above at Boston College will be an excellent choice if you are looking for one. We hope that this article was helpful and you have got the answers to your queries and doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Boston College Dorms provided with AC?

Ans. No, None of the residence halls on any campus is air-conditioned. So it means they don’t provide AC.

2. Can students loft beds at Boston College?

Ans. Water beds and loft beds are not permitted in any of the residential halls of Boston College. The University provides all types of furniture, and they may not be tempered or removed from the assigned rooms or common areas.

3. Where do most students of Boston College live?

Ans. Maximum students of Boston College choose to live on campus. There are 30 residential halls at Boston College. The above mentioned are the top dorms of Boston College, which would be the best choice for students if they want to reside on campus.