Can Colleges Change Their Minds?

For proper enlightenment, a college is an institution that provides specific training to students. They offer professional and vocational courses. The essence is to equip its students with knowledge about a particular field of study. Now, to the main theme of discourse, it is true that many students would like to get accepted into the college of their choice but sometimes, it doesn’t happen. This hurts and can be very discouraging. However, there are certain reasons which might make them hold back from accepting you into their college. We shall start with the basics and then move to other reasons which could be why they did not accept your application. In this article we shall see Can Colleges Change Their Minds?

Can Colleges Change Their Minds?


For more information about this acronym, a GPA is known as your Grade Point Average. This is the calculation of your grade in school. This is followed after you have taken the examination required for applicants. This is also applicable even after you’ve been accepted into the college. This is usually measured on annual terms, that is a calculation is done after completing an entire academic session, it’s a yearly calculation. After the calculation, a number known as Grade Point is given to you. The college will require your GPA, from your high school records or grades. Now, when you don’t meet the required Grade Point Average, then the chances of you getting into college becomes slim, at most impossible. 

Why Do I Need A GPA?

The reason for this is because your GPA is like an assurance to the university or the college that you are qualified academically. Some colleges usually require a GPA of 4.0 or 3.0.


This is a test that must be taken by applicants who would love to read or study in the United States Of America. This test will guarantee your entrance into the college of your choice. It is very necessary if you would like to be enrolled. The full meaning of this acronym is “Scholastic Aptitude Test”. This was its initial meaning before it went through a series of changes. 

Can I Take the SAT To Apply In A College Which Is Not In The United States?

Of course, you can, SAT can also be taken for you to gain entrance into other colleges that are not in the United States of America.

What Is The General SAT Score?

You will need a composite grade of 1200 as the least score, but 1400 is preferred by most colleges. The SAT is divided into Mathematics, Evidence-Based Reading, and Writing. Each of these sections has an average score of 200 to 800. As earlier mentioned, for you to be enrolled you need to get at least 1200 or 1400 total in the SAT.


This is just like the SAT too. The same requirements apply to this test as well. However, it is divided into 4 subject tests. Which are;

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Science
  • There’s also an optional Writing test as an extra attachment but it is optional. If you have a 35% grade score on the ACT, then you have a good chance of getting accepted but if you can make a grade score of 36%, and above then you have a good chance of getting accepted.


Certain prerequisites must be met before gaining acceptance into your dream college. It involves you putting in your best, educationally and character-wise, if found not lacking in any, it will boost your chances of securing that admission and you will be in your dream college before you know it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Tuition Fees?

This too is another issue. It is one thing to ace all your tests and another to be able to afford the tuition fees of your desired college. Except, if you are on a scholarship program, then you are lucky but if you are not then, it is necessary to note that you would need to have the required funds to get into the college of your dreams. Unfortunately, there are chances that even after passing all the tests and exams, if you don’t have the funds, then at some point your admission might be reversed. So, to avoid heartbreaking situations, be sure of the college’s tuition fee amount before applying, even before taking the tests and exams, this will do you a lot of good.

Does Character Matter?

Character matters. This might sound a little bit absurd but behavioral conduct is very important as well. This is also one of the qualifications that most universities or colleges look out for. If from your records, you have complaints of fighting or behavioral misconduct then it can ruin a successful entrance.  So make sure that if there are traits that might cost you your admission, you should get rid of them.