Best Texas Colleges With No Application Fee

Searching for colleges and the right one at that for your career path is a very daunting process, and finding one within your budget parameters is even more difficult. The list provided here can be your mini-guide in this very important decision, so let’s look at some colleges in Texas with no application fee. Let us know about that the Best Texas Colleges With No Application Fee.

Best Texas Colleges With No Application Fee.

Best Texas colleges

Before starting, you should know that even though some of these colleges offer admission with no application fees the acceptance is much higher that traditional colleges, and it might not be that easy to get into these but anyhow don’t lose hope it’s just a fact and not a certainty, so you still can get accepted into any of these, and you can always try other colleges within Texas since there are more than ones around after all with no application fee colleges, and they might be the most viable option for you and your education, anyway down below is the names of some of the best colleges in Texas and you can make the decision for yourself from here on.

South-western university

Founded in 1873, located in Georgetown, Texas, It is one of the most famous and older university around in Texas to exist. Although this is a private liberal arts type college with an acceptance rate of 45% which seems high and is not that hard to get yourself accepted here if you are truly eligible for this university. There are all sorts of students coming in this university and some of them being international students, but the local population of Texas is much more in majority. South-western extends bachelor’s in more than 100 courses to choose your majors or minors in. 

A few extra points about the university

1.      It is approved by the Southern association of colleges and Is historically associated with the united Methodist church.

2.      It specifically introduces courses such as fine arts, music, arts and natural science.

3.      In addition, the university also has facilities for interdisciplinary and paired professionals courses in engineering, medical science and Law.

Austin college

This college is located in Sherman, Texas, Formed in November 1849. This college is also a private liberal arts College.  Students are allotted dorms during the admission process as they have to live on campus for three years out of four. The college wants the student to have a community driven approach to education on their campus, and this puts emphasis on interpersonal skills of the students to be enhanced while they pursue their courses.  

Along with several different programs, there are great international programs, so students can have one year of international education experience. Class sizes are significantly smaller for more personal and open interactions between faculty and the students, 

the class consists of total 25 students at max and some have lower number than that, providing a more student oriented environment. Since it’s been an influential college, the acceptance rate is a little up by 53%. 

This too is the most historical educational institution in Texas, recognized by the State historical survey committee.

Courses and other details about the university

1.      Austin’s college offers more than 35 course majors and professional courses crafted for their careers. Students are allowed to customize special majors that will help them further into their academic and career goals.

2.      There are a lot of buzzes about Austin college’s five-year master art program for teaching and abroad studies programs and Pre-Law courses.

3.      They also have their own A cappella group and their own orchestra, which comprises local musicians and students participating in the Austin music program.

St. Mary’s university 

Formed by Society of Mary in 1852, located at San Antonio, Texas. It’s a very old university, and what makes it special is that it is the oldest catholic university in all of Texas and in Southwest America.  Because it’s been a prestigious private college and the best at that, students in the number of thousands have been accepted in here and lead on to make successful careers. This university has an acceptance rate of 80% one of the highest in the list so far. 

This university is recognized by the Southern State association of schools and colleges and the Greehey School of business which is a part of the university is recognized by the association to advance collegiate School of business. 

Courses offered by St. Mary’s

•it is highly known for extending degree courses in Arts, Humanities and social science. 

• There are also Science and engineering and technology programs provided for the students to undertake. 

•And, as mentioned above, a Greehey School of business for pursuing an academic degree in the field of business world.

•Another addition to the courses is the Mary’s university school of law for aspiring law students to acquire a degree.

 University of St. Thomas

Now, the St. Thomas is yet another catholic school, but it is a Roman catholic school build at Houston, Texas founded by the Basilian Fathers around the time of 1947. It is a private university and is the only catholic school in Archdiocese of Galveston Houston, and the main campus is somewhere around the parts of Montrose, Houston. The acceptance rate for University of St. James is 80% and offers all sorts of degree courses made for your career needs and goals.


Now we are at end and above-mentioned college are some of the best in the great state of Texas and with no application fee at all. All of these colleges provide students with great number of educational courses and some are even internationally based programs which can be the best opportunity for a student to accumulate great knowledge and even greater experience in the field that they want to pursue. Some of these programs also have pre-professional programs to get you real world ready before you even take a step towards the world outside your academics and learn to apply the same principles more effectively into your professional life after graduating through them. Anyhow, the decision is all yours and as said this is a small pocket map for you and your academic goals, feel free to reference it however you want.