Best Colleges In Canada

Colleges are present to make students socially and intellectually competent. They provide more job opportunities, higher income, personal development, improved skills, a network of good connections, etc. to a college student. They also decrease the chances of being unemployed or unable to find their dream jobs. College education leads to a luxurious lifestyle which not only helps to buy a good house but also helps to fulfil family needs. So, a college education is like an investment for the future. Let’s start with Best Colleges In Canada.

Best Colleges In Canada

Currently, Canada is in the first position as the country with the best quality of life. A Canadian college education is the best as the country offers a huge chance to be employed in Canada. This is due to its low population density which is the reason behind Canada’s welcoming behavior towards enrolling as many immigrants as possible in universities. Also, this welcoming behavior by Canadian institutes helps foster an environment of acceptance and cultural diversity. Moreover, the universities offer education at a very affordable price. The tuition fees are budget-friendly. Canadian Universities offer a variety of educational programs like Business Management, Computer Science, Media, Engineering, and Hospitality, among many others. 

The five prestigious universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programs are the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, Humber College, and McGill University. 

University Of Toronto 

The University of Toronto is one of Canada’s most reputed universities. It has a long history of doing the impossible and challenging society to transform into something better. Established in 1827, the university tries to give its students the best faculty, and support, and produce the best alumni. The university exclusively focuses on research, discovery, progress, and innovation. 

The research-based university is where the first artificial cardiac pacemaker is made. Other notable discoveries of the university are ‘the first lung transplant, the first electron microscope, the first nerve transplant, the first black hole Cygnus X-1, the development of deep learning, multi-touch technology, neural network, theory of NP-completeness’ and many more. 

More than a thousand academic programmes are offered at the university’s three campuses in Mississauga, St. George, and Scarborough. Each campus has dorms and other accommodations for students. The institution offers classes in a range of subject areas, including engineering, administration, applied science, and public health. It offers about 700 undergraduate programmes and 200 master’s and doctoral programmes. The university has more than 44 libraries and more than 19 million books. 

The university welcomes diversity in colleges. They believe in creating an environment that embraces people from different cultures and helps each other achieve the best possible together. An inclusive environment with the utmost focus on cultural diversity and equality is promoted by the university to maximize creativity and excellence in all dimensions. ‘Freedom of speech and research’ are cherished wholeheartedly by the university. The top non-Canadian students that study at the University of Toronto come from India, the U.S., and China for higher studies. 

All these facilities and work of the university make it the most desirable and trendy university to get admission into.

The University Of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a renowned university in Canada. Established in 1908 and opened in 1915, Henry Marshall Tory is the founder of the institution. It is situated in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The motto of the university is “It is Yours” which indicates that it supports innovative thinking and encourages students to be creative and bring changes to the world. 

The public research university ranks in the top three universities situated in Canada. The university has great alumni such as the current prime minister of Canada, Justine Trudeau, other three Canadian prime ministers, 65 Olympians garnering medals, eight Nobel laureates, 273 Royal Society of Canada fellows, and many more. 

The research-based institution has two main campuses, the Okanagan campus, and the Vancouver campus, both located near Vancouver and in Kelowna. Almost 85 percent of the enrolls are accommodated in the Vancouver campus, which is the larger one. There are 24 academic divisions on the Vancouver Campus and eight academic divisions on the Okanagan campus. 

On the Vancouver campus, there are 23 percent international students while on the Okanagan campus, there are 13 percent international students. UBC first-year undergraduates and second-year international students are provided university housing. Some other category students such as graduate students and returning undergraduates are also provided housing facilities. 

It includes the UBC Library system in addition to one of Canada’s largest research libraries with above 9.9 million books. The university offers programs of education in a variety of fields such as Anthropology, Philosophy, Dentistry, Medicine, Law, Architecture, Applied Science, Ancient Culture, Religion, and Ethnicity. In addition, students are exposed to different universities and other things under the student exchange program. 

Thus, it is a great place for research-based education with all the facilities. 

University of Alberta 

Established in 1908 and founded by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the University of Alberta is located in the Alberta province in Western Canada. The university is famous for its undergraduate programs with around 80 percent of students enrolled in different undergraduate programs. The institution has strong research-based courses with multiple scholastic and professional programs. 

The university has five campuses, North Campus, South Campus, Augustana Campus, Campus Saint-Jean, and Enterprise Square. The main North Campus has spread in around 50 city blocks and 150 buildings. The main campus and three other campuses are located in the city of Edmonton. The fifth campus, the Augustana Campus, is located in Camrose, a rural city. The university impacts Alberta’s economy as it is estimated at $12.3 billion annually or 5 percent of the GDP. 

The university has more than 20 percent, international students, even when the tuition fees are more for them. Undergraduate and graduate students at the Augustana campus and in Edmonton are provided with university housing. Fall and winter terms fill up the academic calendar with summer and spring terms being optional for the students. Spring and summer terms are comparatively shorter. 

The university offers 18 faculties split into schools with various courses. The facilities comprise the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Sport, Life, and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Alberta School of Business, Faculty of Extension, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research and many more. St. Stephen’s College and St. Joseph’s College are the two affiliated colleges of the university. 

The university also has some notable alumni such as George Stanley (Canadian Historian), Joe Clark (Former Prime Minister of Canada), Manjit Minhas (Canadian Entrepreneur), Sara Canning (Canadian Actress), Beverley McLachlin (Canadian Jurist), John Bell (immunologist), Rona Ambrose ( Canadian House of Commons’ former member), Daryl Katz (Businessman), Ahmad Raza Mir (Actor), Jinder Mahal (Professional Wrestler), and many more. 

The research-based university is affiliated with great other institutions as well such as the National Institute for Nanotechnology. Also, for better resources, the university has more than 400 agreements with other schools and organizations for exchange programs, research, and teaching. Some of the great schools include the University of Western Australia and the University of Munich. 

Humber College 

Founded in 1967, the Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning is also called Humber College. The college is located in Toronto, Ontario. It has three campuses, including the Humber North campus, Lakeshore campus, and Humber Orangeville campus. 

The North Campus is located near the Humber River. Around 19000 students enroll on this campus with 1000 living on campus. It provides full-time and part-time programs in a variety of programs of study such as Media studies, Liberal Arts, Health Sciences Business, Applied Technology, and Tourism. Another campus, the Lakeshore Campus, is located near Lake Ontario. It has around 10600 students enrolled with 400 living on the campus. The campus offers a library, two hockey rinks, a food court, a swimming pool, a computer lab, wireless classrooms, and a restaurant. 

The publicly-funded university has recently launched a show named Distinguished Artists. The show is solely produced by students from the School of Creative & Performing Arts. It is available on TVOntario. Also, the students of Humber College built an apparatus that helped in contacting an astronaut in orbit in February 2009. They are the first students to do such a thing. Moreover, the Lakeshore Campus is the foremost college to get Fair Trade Campus status from CFTN for making campuses sustainable. Additionally, it received a gold award for its Strategic Plan’s inclusion of several international initiatives. International students from over 138 different nations have chosen it because of its programming, academic procedures, and high-quality services. 

With a lot of notable alumni like Bev Oda (Retired Politician), Royal Copeland (Football Player), Ben Bowen (Musician), Andres Arango (Soccer Player), Sarika Sehgal (Journalist), Margaret Lindsay Holton (Author and Artist), Jared Pelletier (Film Director) and many others, the college produced great contributors to the world. 

The students benefit greatly from team activities and experimenting activities that produce excellent learning experiences. The majority of Humber’s programs have a practical experimental element, such as an internship or field placement. So, students who are willing to study in Canada must check and include this university in the list of good options. 

McGill University 

Founded in 1821 by King George IV, McGill University is a university located in Quebec, Canada. It is also a research-based public university. There are more than 300 options to study from in the institution. It is one of the best medical doctoral universities in Canada with the most diverse culture. Students from around 150 countries enroll themselves in this university. Above  30 percent of the students are international in the university. It is included in the list of one of the prestigious universities in the world according to the Canadian University rankings by Maclean. It is a member of GULF and the Association of American Universities. 

The on-campus housing facilities are provided to both undergraduate and graduate students. It has two campuses that are 30 miles apart from each other. Downtown Montreal is the place where the main campus is located while the other campus is located on Montreal Island. The third campus is located in Gatineau, Quebec. 

It offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different subjects such as chemistry, business analytics, biomedical engineering, anthropology, architecture, and architecture. Various practical experiences are part of the curriculum to provide students exposure to different industries and fields. 

Additionally, the campus is near eating places and various stores. Public conveyances are easily accessible too. Some of the notable discoveries by the students of this institution are in the fields of genetic codes, atomic advancement, DNA, etc. Some great alumni of the university include William Shatner (Actor), John Ralston (Novelist), Julie Payette (Current Governor General of Canada), and Mark J. Poznansky (Scientist), among others. 

So, if the students are looking for a diversity-rich environment with good medical doctoral programs, McGill University is among the best options available in Canada. Other courses offered by the university are equally good. 


Canada is the best place for education. The universities in Canada aim for the holistic development of students. It provides a culture-rich environment for educating students. It helps the students develop their personalities by experiencing different cultures. Students will collaborate with students of different cultures and learn from each other. Students can choose from the various options available for education in Canada. 

The prestigious colleges in Canada are the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, Humber College, and McGill University. Other top universities in Canada are Conestoga College, the Memorial University of Newfoundland, George Brown College, the University of Windsor, York University, Centennial College, and the University of Waterloo among many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most famous research program at the University of Toronto is?

Insulin, artificial intelligence, and regenerative medicine are the most famous research programs or studies at the University of Toronto. 

Which university is the top institute in Canada?

The University of Toronto is the best educational institute in Canada. 

In which country is the University of Toronto?

Canada is the country where the University of Toronto is situated.