Benefits Of Not Going To College

A college is a place everyone desires to attend after completing high school graduation/diploma. Some of us attend colleges to pursue a degree in bachelor’s on the other hand some of us attend colleges to pursue studies for a degree of master’s. No matter what degree we are studying for, college is a place of studying and learning. A college is responsible for changing a student’s entire thinking and point of view about society and is an important criterion of a person’s life. Colleges can change someone’s entire personality. Let us know more detail about ‘Benefits Of Not Going To College’.

Benefits Of Not Going To College

Benefits Of Not Going To College

Still, some of the population think that college is not worth a place. As there are two aspects/faces of a coin, going to college has both drawbacks and benefits.

Going to college can be beneficial for many. But not going to college can also be beneficial for some or others. If you are one of such people who is thinking that college is not worth it and you should never attend college, then you are in the right place, we are going to tell you some amazing reasons and benefits of not attending college. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:- 

  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Energy
  • Zero Mental Pressure
  • You Can Make Money
  • You Can Learn A New Hobby

The reasons mentioned above and a few more necessary things that a person who is not willing to attend college should know ate explained ahead. So make sure that you are attentively reading every word of the article. Let’s check Benefits Of Not Going To College.

Benefits Of Not Attending College:

College is for sure an important place in a person’s life. It is necessary for the social, physical, and mental development of a student. It impacts a lot of students’ minds as well as their life. Apart from playing an important role in a student’s life, colleges have many drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks of attending college and pursuing a career or degree in studies are mentioned ahead in different sections:- 

Saves Money

Studying in a college is very expensive sometimes. People who are pursuing or want to pursue a career that is highly demanding and leads to a luxurious life, sometimes end up costing the entire life savings of a person. Hence going to college, is a big decision to make for people who are not financially stable enough. People who are not well enough in terms of money will surely face a lot of danger in their lives ahead if they are willing to join a college and pursue a degree of their choice and the field they are interested in. Hence it is damn better for them to not let the thought of going to college in their minds. If you’re quitting the thought of attending college, then it will for sure save a lot of money. 

Saves Time 

Once in a lifetime, we all must hear the phrase, “Time is money”. The person who respects the time, in return gets respect as well. Time is a very precious aspect of life and it is hundred percent accurate that not going to college can surely end up saving a lot of time for you. If you are doing a bachelor’s degree, then it will possibly take up to 3 to 5 years to finish up. On the other hand, if you are going to do a master’s degree it will take up to 2 to 3 years max to max. If you drop the idea of attending college, you will for sure save years of your life and do many other things to enjoy life because YOLO, you only live once. By the time you saved, you can do other things for your self-improvement such as earn money by doing some job, work on soft skills, learn a new hobby, and much more. 

Conserves Energy 

Going to college will not only cost you money and time but also a huge amount of energy. College is not only about studying, it is about 2-3 hour long lectures, preparing lengthy notes, participating in internships and placement drives, giving up interviews, doing co-curricular activities, and much more. All of this requires a lot of physical energy that can drain a person to an extent. Not going to college is a nice decision if you are a sluggish and introverted person, as it will save a lot of energy and will keep you away from socializing. 

Zero Mental Pressure

Poor mental health is what makes a person the weakest of them all. Mental health is sometimes more important than physical health. If a person is physically ill but mentally fit, he or she can be happy no matter what. But if a person is mentally ill despite being physically fit, it is hundred percent factful that he or she can never be happy with a stable mind. Attending college sometimes can cause a lot of mental trauma to students study pressure, exams, tests, placements, future jobs, ragging, and other aspects of college life can surely drain a person mentally. Nothing in the entire world can be more dangerous than that. Hence if you are away from college, then mark it in your notes that you are away from mental trauma as well. 

You Can Make Money 

Not going to college will save you a lot of time which is very precious and important. When you have saved this much time by not going to college or any universities for further studies, then you can indulge in making money. You can make money without having a college degree in the following ways that are as mentioned ahead:- 

  • Blogger:– this is one of the most popular and well-known job roles that one can do even without a college degree. All you have to do is carry out your thoughts and point of view. The money that you can make through blogging can range from $30k to $50k per annum. 
  • Virtual Assistant:- a simple yet high-paying job that one can perform without even a college degree that too with the lip-smacking option of working from home as a virtual assistant. The money that you can make by being a virtual assistant can range from $20k to $40k per annum. 
  • Investing:- Trading and investing are much in trend during the current period. Even a person without business knowledge can invest and trade in stocks, bonds, commodities, and mutual funds. A successful investor or trader can earn up to thousands and millions for sure. Still, the rough money that you can make by being an investor can range from $100k to $500k per annum. 
  • Youtuber:- making videos on YouTube and posting relevant and entertaining content can make you a billionaire in less time. If the content that you are making is good enough for the people and population that you are targetting, you can for sure make your name and fame in the field of social media. The rough money that you can make by being a YouTuber can range from $30k to $100k per annum. 
  • Delivery Driver:- this job is one of the quickest ways of earning money for a part-time or full-time worker. Many college-going students and single housewives are engaged in the job of providing delivery driver services. It is the fastest and easiest way of earning money if you are looking for a part-time job. The working hours are less as compared to other job roles and the money that you can earn is high. The rough money that you can make by being a delivery driver can range from $100 to $500 per day.

There are several other job roles that one can perform even without pursuing any degree or completing any course from a college or a university. Some of them have been explained above and some others are, content writing, content editing, web developing, web designing, graphic designing, babysitting, and much more. All such job roles can make you up to $100 to $200 monthly for sure.

Develop And Learn A New Hobby

Learning a new hobby is not only good for your inner child but is also good for your mental peace. Working on a hobby relaxes your mind and gives you mental satisfaction. Some hobbies can help you in the future and you can turn them into a profession as well. Some of the new hobbies that you can make your are as follows:-

  • Reading:- reading books, novels, newspapers, magazines, and scriptures is a nice hobby to learn. It can increase your vocabulary and will also improve your grammatical skills to make you smarter than before. 
  • Playing an instrument:– learning how to play an instrument, can entirely change a person’s personality, point of you, and life overall. You can learn to play different instruments such as guitar, piano, harmonica, Casio, ukelele, and many others. 
  • Yoga and Meditation:- if you develop yoga and meditation as your new hobby, no disease can ever touch your body. Doing yoga and meditation on the daily basis can for sure help to increase your health status. 
  • Learning a new language:- being multilingual can never be a disadvantage. If you know more than one language you are a master yourself. Consider learning a new language if you are not a person attending regular lectures in college. You can learn fancy languages such as Spanish, French, German, Scottish, Urdu, Hindi, and much more and that is also for free through online websites and video sources available on YouTube. 
  • Traveling:- traveling is for sure everyone’s hobby. One can travel around his or her own country or even worldwide instead of attending college and wasting money over there. You can learn a lot by traveling to different cities and countries rather than setting in the hall and reading from a book. 

Now We’ve learnt about ‘Benefits Of Not Going To College’, In Conclusion, as we have already mentioned the possible ways and acts that you can perform instead of attending college to learn and earn. It is a hundred percent sure that attending college is a moral value of a person’s life but it is not a hidden fact that physical, mental, and social growth can be done without attending college as well. Hence, we are hoping that this article has helped you. Thanks for reading!