Are Chromebooks good for College?

Chromebooks are basically the newer type of computers that run on Google’s own web-based Chrome Operating System. They are pretty much lightweight, portable and have power-efficient hardware. Besides this they have a great battery life compared to other types of laptops . let’s find more about “Are Chromebooks good for College?”

Are Chromebooks good for College?

Yes, chromebooks are definitely the best choice for college students as they are inexpensive and super portable to carry along. They can be used for all sorts of college activities – be it coding, watching video lectures, making presentations, writing assignments, surfing the internet and many more. They are the best alternatives to windows laptops and macbook.

Difference between a Standard Laptop and a Chromebook

This is an important question that many would definitely want to know: what exactly is the difference between a chromebook and a laptop? The answer to the question can be explained by the following points:

  1. A chromebook runs on Chrome OS whereas a standard laptop runs on Windows OS
  2. Instead of a caps lock key as seen on a standard laptop’s keyboard the keyboard in a chromebook has a ‘search’ button that lets you search things on the internet. Besides this, there is a ‘Google Assistant’ key in a chromebook in place of the windows key as seen in a standard laptop.
  3. A standard laptop can be used for gaming, video and image editing and animation works while a chromebook can just be used for net surfing, watching videos, word processing and casual gaming.
  4. Chromebooks don’t need heavy processors and high RAM capacity unlike standard laptops as they are completely cloud-based machines
  5. Chromebooks don’t require disk drives for storage unlike standard laptops as they store everything in the cloud.
  6. Like in a standard laptop the Microsoft Office package cannot be installed in a chromebook. Instead Chromebook relies on Microsoft’s cloud-based Office Programs.
  7. Chromebooks are not capable of high-end gaming and running AAA titles unlike standard laptops do.

Advantage of Using a Chromebooks in College

There are several advantages to opting for a chromebook instead of a regular laptop for college. Below are some of the plus points of using a chromebook in college:

Low price

Chromebook come really cheap compared to standard laptops and they are just the bang for a buck. They are budget-friendly and are perfect for students who do not want to spend much money for a laptop. This is the reason many colleges provide chromebooks for free to their students because of their low price.

Perfect for basic academic activities

Chromebooks are an ideal choice when it comes to handling basic academic activities like web browsing, doing homework, online research and watching online content.

Battery Life

Chomebooks have an excellent battery life compared to regular laptops since they do not use heavy duty RAMS and processors. They usually come with 9 to 11 hours of battery life which is more than sufficient for college students to carry out their everyday college activities.

Easy to Use

Chromebooks run on Chrome OS which is the skinned version of Chrome Browser. This makes the UI very smooth, user-friendly and less complicated than windows OS. Hence, students find it very easy to handle a chromebook.

Quick Booting

Chromebooks boot up pretty much faster than regular laptops because of a SSD and the lightweight Chrome OS. It saves a lot of time and increases work efficiency.

Disadvantages of using a Chromebooks in College

It does not mean that students won’t be dealing with any issues while using a chromebook. Below are some of the issues that a regular college student might encounter if he/she is planning to get one.

Stable Internet Connection

This can be a letdown for many students as Chromebooks need an active internet connection for most of the activities performed in it. In case of poor connection, students will not be able to do any work in it.

Limited Storage

Another issue that students are likely to encounter while using a chromebook is its limited storage. Chromebooks provide a modest amount of physical storage that is even less that what we get in a phone nowadays forcing students to store their files in the cloud which also has very limited space. For unlimited storage students need to pay for other cloud storage options ending up to pay monthly or annual charges.

Pretty Slow

Chromebooks can be pretty slow compared to regular laptops. They come with low RAMs and low-end processors ultimately making them perform slower than laptops. If the internet connection is slow then the chromebook will slow down as well.

Unsupported Windows apps

There are many windows programs that are not supported by a chromebook. Since a chromebook uses a different OS, it is not capable of running programs like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc. Students need to depend on the Android version of Photoshop and Google Office Suite that offer very limited features compared to the windows’ ones.

Affordability of Chromebooks

When it comes to affordability, chromebooks can be the first choice for college students. Since they are manufactured with the intention of performing basic tasks like web surfing, watching video content, listening to music, word processing and casual gaming, they are equipped with low-end hardware. This helps the manufacturers to cut down the production cost. As a result they are available in the market with a pocket-friendly price. 

There are chromebooks ranging from $150 – &300 like Acer Chromebook 314 and HP Pro Chromebook 11 G8 EE which are targeted for students with low budget. 

There are other Chromebooks like the Google Pixel Go, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2, Asus Chromebook Flip CX5, etc that come with premium price tags that range from $700 – $100. 


Chromebooks can be the best choice for college students in 2022 as they have more pros than cons in comparison to a regular laptop. They are easy to carry, have a great booting speed, do all the basic stuff, are durable and the best part – They are inexpensive. They are even able to run Android apps, which is a big advantage for college students. Chromebooks are gaining popularity pretty fast and they are really going to be the best companion of college students in the future.