How To Make Phone Busy When Someone Calls?

Do you want to avoid someone’s call? Are you tired of getting countless calls each day? Do you need to make the phone busy when someone calls? Leaving a message indicating your phone is busy is quite simple. It removes any confusion or doubt in the caller’s mind. It is one of the greatest strategies to prevent unnecessary or unwanted calls when you are busy with work or trying to catch up on sleep. Sending a “busy message” to your caller even when your phone is on and working perfectly is possible. I will be walking you through this strategy in this article. Sit back and continue reading and Let us know more detail about ‘How To Make Phone Busy When Someone Calls?’.

How To Make Phone Busy When Someone Calls?

How To Make Phone Busy When Someone Calls?

Since it’s difficult to ignore calls from unfamiliar numbers, there are a few easy tricks you may use to make your cellphone unreachable. Some of these tricks are to turn on your device to flight/airplane mode, enable call forwarding, enable do not disturb. You can also use a call blocker app to block unwanted calls. 

How To Make Your Device Busy When Someone Calls?

Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode prevents incoming calls and blocks the Internet connection. The simplest approach to make your mobile phone unavailable is to put it in flight or airplane mode. It will effectively inform the caller that you are unavailable. 

You can do this by pulling down the notification bar of the phone and clicking the plane icon or opening the “settings”> “More connection” then tap the “airplane mode” to turn it off or on. 

Call Forward

This is one of the ways to prevent incoming calls. Forwarding unwanted calls to a random number is one of the simplest methods you can use. This may appear weird, but it functions faultlessly on both Android and iPhone devices. Open “settings”> call settings > call forwarding.

Block Number 

When a number is blocked, you won’t be able to get calls or texts from such a number. While the method to block a call may differ based on the type of device and Android version, you can do this either with the Phone app or the Messages app. Open phone app > call setting > call blocking > blocked number. Consult your phone user’s guide if the above steps do not work for you.


When the Do Not Disturb feature is turned on, incoming calls are forwarded to voicemail and you are not alerted or notified of calls. Also, it turns off all notifications so that your device won’t disturb you. 

To active Do Not Disturb, pull down the notification bar of the phone and click the Do Not Disturb icon or open the “settings”> sound & notification > Do not Disturb. Note that this guide depends on the version of your Android device.

Call Blocking App

There are several call blocking applications like “Phone Signal Jammer, True caller, Call-blocking stores, and many others that easily block calls and make your number unreachable. 

Use Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil should be wrapped around your phone. Although it may seem like a silly and useless DIY, it actually works since it disrupts the network connection. These strategies make your device unreachable 

The Call Blocking Apps You May Use

The call blocking applications can protect your phone from telemarketers or fraudsters, and make it easier for you to identify unknown callers.


Do you want to block a number on Android phone? Or you want to recognize incoming calls and messages from unfamiliar callers. True caller helps you block unwanted calls and shows the true name of the callers. Since this is exactly what Truecaller does, it is the ideal option for you. Several people use the apps to block and recognize unknown numbers. The application is free and secured


This is another great app that blocks unwanted calls and messages. You may avoid unwanted spam and telemarketers by using this effective call-blocking application. The satisfactory aspect of this app is that it enables you to block text messages from telemarketers or unknown people so that your inbox will be free of trashes.


CallApp is regarded as one of the best call recorder apps for Android, and in addition to recording calls, it also works well as a tool for blocking incoming calls and messages. Similar to Treucaller, this app allows you to see the caller’s ID before answering and filters telemarketing calls as well as SMS from unknown numbers.

Calls Blacklist

Here is another app that does the work best. Calls Blacklist is one of the incredible apps that may help you if you’re seeking for a means to stop being bothered by private callers. This app blocks spam calls and any other unwanted calls.

With these apps, you can effortlessly recognize a caller and determine whether an incoming call is worthwhile. These call-blocking applications will stop telemarketers and other unauthorized and unwanted callers from calling you.

Does Avast Block Calls?

Although its main function is antivirus protection, Avast also provides call blocking and spam filtering capabilities. It can recognize and stop telemarketers and unwanted callers. The program also includes extra features like an app locker, a junk cleaner, etc. Although the call blocking app is free, advertisements help to fund it.


The following recommendations will help you make your device busy when anyone calls. This post is meant to assist you in blocking any unwanted calls. We hope you find it useful.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I make my phone unreachable/busy when someone calls without switching it off?

Yes, they are several features on your device that allow you to block any wanted calls. 

  • Can I block someone’s call without them knowing?

Yes, you can block any unwanted calls and messages without the person knowing. Several features allow you to do this on your phone. 

  • Does Avast block call?

Yes, Avast antivirus blocks call and unwanted messages from spammer or intruder. Although its main function is antivirus protection, Avast also provides call blocking and spam filtering features