What Is NACAC Virtual College Fair

National Association for College Admission Counselling is an association for almost twenty-five thousand professionals from all over the world who are dedicated to serving students transitioning from secondary to post-secondary education. It was founded in 1937, and since then the organization is running for more than eighty years. If addition to that, it is a group of twenty-five affiliated associations from the state, national and international. Let’s start with What Is NACAC Virtual College Fair.

What Is NACAC Virtual College Fair

NACAC virtual college fair is the service provided by the organization to offer a lively digital assembly room for introducing people and connecting them with their universities and colleges.

How To Attend NACAC Virtual College Fair?

One can sign up on ‘www.virtualcollegefairs.org’ to attend a virtual college fair. Here are the steps for the process:

  • After visiting the website mentioned above, click on ‘new registration.’
  • Fill in the application, including one’s E-mail, Gender, Age, previous institution, education qualification, and DOB.
  • Once the application is completed, a confirmation e-mail will get sent to the provided address.
  • Click on verify, and the account will turn active.

After making an account, here are a few things one should know for attending any virtual college fair:

  • Click on ‘Colleges’ in the menu, then you will be direct to a list of colleges.
  • Select a college, and a form provided with all the needed information will appear. This form will contain the Date of fair, fee options, eligibility options, etc.
  • Select the ‘Sessions’ option to view the presentations offered by the particular college. 
  • Click on the presentations one wants to attend, and they will be directed to a list that will appear on one’s ‘My Schedule’ tab.

What To Do At The NANAC Virtual College Fair?

The scenario at a Virtual College fair typically consists of a big auditorium including Tables, banners, sign-up sheets in abundance, and a lot of technical devices that one needs to have a good knowledge of. Here are some points one can keep in mind before attending a Virtual College fair:

  • First of all, one needs to prepare their materials a day before.
  • One must do a complete checkout of their software because if it gets stuck in between then their whole event can be ruined
  • One must organize a range of their attending institute’s list and choose the organizers from whom they want to clarify their doubts. One can also talk to random institutions that are not available on their immediate list.
  • One must ask questions they cannot online. They must have the benefits of the college representatives and grab the opportunity to get to know the event better.
  • One must remain patient during misconduct or technological issues. They must always be connected with their e-mail and know about the recent messages regarding the fair.

What Are The Benefits Of Attending NACAC’s Virtual College Fair?

It encourages students to search for greater diversity in their careers and gives them the access to explore certain options regarding their dreams. One can visit ‘virtualcollegefairs.org’ for more information.

The following are the benefits of attending NANAC Virtual College Fair:

Valuable Connections

NACAC’s Virtual College fair provides the students an opportunity to interact with the university admissions council, officers, representatives, successful graduates, and other attendees. It gives the students a great opportunity to ask questions and know others’ work experiences.

Free Events

One can attend a QS online event if they are looking for ways to begin their research for a master’s program. In this event, attendees learn the basic admission process, funding for the courses, and applications, Registration for such events is free. But, the spaces for QS events often fill up quickly so interested students need to be early applicants.

Advisor’s Consulting

In a QS event, students can consult with experienced advisors and CV coaches. They help in getting a better view of the types of courses students to want to apply and students also receive scholarship opportunities at such events.

How To Go Hybrid With The Virtual College Fair?

A Hybrid event for Virtual College fairs means combining both in-person and virtual experiences of the students. Hybrid events are the perfect solution for those planners who do not want the limitations of in-person events. Such limitations include per-person budget constriction, value limitation, geographic contemplation, etc. For example, if one has a small budget for their education fair then they can attract more attendees virtually without having to get a larger space.

Once they have the virtual fair mechanism sorted and ready to work, it will be less complicated to turn into a hybrid fair. The main point of turning hybrid is to put the experiences of the students first. One must keep the kind f message they want to deliver, their content, and their branding consistent. This will keep both in-person and virtual applicants engaged.


NACAC is an association for almost twenty-five thousand professionals from all over the world. NACAC virtual college fair is the service provided by the organization to offer a lively digital assembly room for introducing people and connecting them with their universities and college students transitioning from secondary to post-secondary education. To attend a NACAC virtual college event, visit ‘virtualcollegefair.org’ and sign up for the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should one ask at a virtual college fair?

One can ask about the technical difficulties at the fair, or the test scores, sports, financial aid, diversity, student life, and any other topic that is relevant to the event.

  1. What does virtual career fair means?

A virtual job is an event where new graduates and other job finders can communicate with potential employers and recruiters virtually over the internet. 

  1. How does one organize a virtual college fair?

One must choose the date early, set up a relevant budget, choose the fair platform, invite colleges, manage reps and speakers for the events and promote their virtual college fair at different events and functions, mentioning the date and time to the students.