Is College Hoops Playable On Xbox One?


As the day passes, the number of people asking this question keeps increasing. Is college hoops playable on Xbox One? Are you about to purchase an Xbox One, and you’re wondering if the college hoops video game is playable on it? 

Is College Hoops Playable On Xbox One?

Then this article is for you! This article will help guide you through some of your questions about it and more. 

Overview of College Hoops

 It is a basketball video game in the United States that involves a series of video games. The game was originally released as NCAA College basketball by 2K Sports in December 2002. Still, it was later changed to college hoops in 2003 for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PSP, but later became playable on Xbox One through a new feature that was launched ( in 2016).

The college hoops series has been featuring since 2003, with different series coming up each year until 2008 when college hoops 2K9 could not be launched due to 2K Sports’ refusal to seek a license from the college for 2K9 release. However, its rival, EA Sports, continued releasing college basketball video games with a license right from NCAA until a year later (February 10, 2010), when they stopped releasing the new series. 

Overview of Xbox one

It is a powerful gaming console with excellent graphics, an extensive collection of games, and features that make it the best choice for gamers who want to play online. It’s an updated version of Xbox360; therefore, it has an improved version of its predecessor’s system-on-a-chip and a 2x capacity Blu-ray drive. 

The console also comes with an HDMI cable and one-month free access to EA; this lets players try out new EA games five days before they are released and play older EA versions for free if downloaded through their subscriptions. 

Is College Hoops Playable On Xbox One?

 The only downside with Xbox one is that it does not have a game like College hoops. The original version of College Hoops is not playable with the Xbox One; however, several updated versions have been available to play selected original X box games. Games such as NCAA Football 14 and College hoops 2K8 are playable on Xbox One via the new feature known as ‘Xbox one backward Compatibility.’ 

College hoops series

– College hoops NCAA 2K8- The year 2007

 The platforms playable for this series are Xbox 360, Play station 2, and Play Station 3.

– College hoops NCAA 2K7 – The year 2006 

The platforms playable for this series include Xbox 360, Xbox, Play Station 2, and Play Station 3.

 -College hoops 2K6 – The year 2005 

The platforms playable for this particular series are Xbox 360, Xbox, and Play Station 2.

 -ESPN College hoops 2K5 – The year 2004 

The platforms playable for this series include Xbox and Play Station 2.

 -ESPN College hoops 2K4 – The year 2003 (November 13) 

The platforms playable for this series include Xbox and Play Station 2.

 -NCAA College Basketball 2K3 – The year 2002 (December 2) 

The platforms playable for this series include GameCube, Play Station 2, and Xbox. 2K3 was the only series addressed as College Basketball before the name changed to College hoops. 

Why is NCAA Basketball backward not playable on the new Xbox one feature?

The reason is that EA Sports has an exclusive deal with the NCAA, preventing anyone from making college football or basketball games that use the names and likenesses of actual players. If an individual is looking for a college hoops game on Xbox One, he/she can still get NBA 2K16 (among other titles), but it won’t be one’s school’s team no matter how good it looks. 

Backward Compatibility 

This term describes software’s ability to run old software on a new computer system with a different design. The specifications of the older computer system were to be compatible with any software that followed the rules set forth by its designers; therefore, it’s only the pieces of software that follows the set rules that can run on them. 

However, older software with different designs can run on new software with this new feature. This feature will allow you to play old games on your new console. It is available for digital games, physical games, and Xbox 360 games.

 A college hoop is playable on PS2, PS3, and  PSP

College hoops, developed by 2K sports and visual concepts released in 2002, are a basketball simulation game that takes the player through an NCAA season. 2K Sports initially launched college hoops for the PlayStation 2, so it was unavailable for any other systems. However, since then, it has been made playable on PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360.

College hoops aren’t playable on Xbox One

Unfortunately, College Hoops isn’t playable on Xbox One. If you’re looking for a way to play this classic sports game, your best bet is to search online for downloadable copies of college hoops (especially those still in good shape and free of bugs).

 If you want your official copy of the game updated with Xbox Live compatibility, you can order it from Amazon or another retailer and get one shipped to your home address. You may also be able to find an old copy of College Hoops lying around a video game store or pawn shop somewhere—make sure it works properly before purchasing it! 

List of games playable on Xbox One via backward compatibility platform

 – College hoops 2K8   – F1 2014   – Burnout revenge – Cabela’s hunting   – NCAA Football 14   -NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. 


In conclusion, the Xbox One does not have College Hoops. However, it is still a fantastic system with plenty of games for everyone to enjoy


– Can you download College hoops 2K8 on Xbox one? 

College hoops 2K8 cannot be downloaded on Xbox one; however, with Xbox one backward Compatibility, you can now download and watch College hoops 2K8. 

– When was College basketball introduced?

 The first-ever college basketball was introduced by Lowa university in conjunction with the University of Chicago on January 18, 1896, at the Lowa university.