How To Reply To Rescheduling Of An Interview?

Your job application must have already gotten the hiring manager’s attention; The first challenge of landing a job has been passed successfully. Now, you have to pass through another challenge which is an interview. You feel excited, nervous, and anxious, and you are preparing so hard for the interview. Lets’ start with How To Reply To Rescheduling Of An Interview.

How To Reply To Rescheduling Of An Interview?

Then, you receive an email or a phone call from the hiring manager. It is a twist. The hiring manager has decided to re-schedule your interview due to certain circumstances. This is the reason why you have to always be ready for twists such as a rescheduled interview, a canceled interview, etc. The more you prepare yourself ahead of time, the better you can handle any situation that will come your way. In this article, you will find out tips that will assist you to tackle a rescheduled interview.

Tips to Handle a Rescheduled Interview

In this case, the first thing you need to do is to stay calm. Twists as such can happen to anyone. You need not create a big fuss out of it. It is rather your chance to show two of the qualities sought by employers – agility and flexibility.

If the hiring manager makes a last-minute change regarding your interview, it is important to always be discerning and considerate. Generally, you will feel a little disappointed when the interview is rescheduled. But do not consider it bad news. 

You need to learn how to reply to such a sudden twist. Being considerate and discerning is a quality that will prove that you are flexible and easy to work with. Your reply will tell the hiring manager a lot about you.

1) Get a Hold of Your Disappointment

if a hiring manager calls or emails you to reschedule an interview, you will have to get a hold of your disappointment – put it in check. If the hiring manager provides a reason that seems untrue and unbelievable to your hearing, still reply that you understand and appreciate the call or email. Irrespective of the time you received the news, whether on the day of the interview or a week before, always keep your disappointment in check. Look professional and stay calm.

For example, you can write or say:

I sincerely appreciate you for updating me on the rescheduling of the interview. I completely understand.

Thanks for the call (or email) about the rescheduling of the interview. These things happen.

2) Ask for the New Interview Time

For your interview to have been “rescheduled” is quite different from being told that your interview has been “canceled”. When you get a call or email for a reschedule, quickly demand when you might meet with the hiring manager. 

If the interview has been rescheduled after a week or more, keep calm. Remember, get a hold of your disappointment. Stay positive. You are not aware of what is behind the rescheduling. The reason provided by the hiring manager might be true. Hence, be flexible to impress the prospective employer.

For example, you can write or say:

Please tell me a good day to reschedule. I would be glad to meet whenever it is convenient.

When is a good time to reschedule? I will clear my calendar to meet with you.

3) Display Enthusiasm

How you reply when your interview is rescheduled should be similar to how you replied when you scheduled the initial interview. Acknowledge that you have gotten the reschedule notification, and you are looking forward to interviewing with the company on the new date.

Display enthusiasm to meet with the hiring manager at the new time. Restate your interest in the company and state that you look forward to discussing it further. Moreover, ask if you should make a call on the day of the interview to confirm your appointment.

For example, you can write or say:

I sincerely appreciate you for rescheduling the interview. I look forward to meeting with you on [new date].

I sincerely appreciate you for rescheduling my interview. I cannot wait to discuss the job position. Should I make a call to confirm the appointment before we meet on [New Date]?

4) Do Not Make Bad Assumptions

Do not quickly assume that the reschedule has anything to do with you. Maybe the company is in certain trouble or has something very important to do that involves the whole staff. Instead of assuming the interview was rescheduled because the prospective employer does not want to meet with you,  look at the rescheduling from another perspective. Show your disappointment respectfully and cordially.

The prospective employer might reschedule the interview because he/she is looking forward to being better prepared to talk to you about the job. Moreover, the prospective employer might have competing priorities preventing her from making a hiring decision right away.

5) Call the Hiring Manager

You can make a call to the hiring manager when you receive the news about the rescheduling of your interview. If you received the news through a phone call, simply return the call. If you have any questions, ensure that they are posed in a considerate and cordial manner. The more information you get from the prospective employer, the better you will understand his/her decision.

Try to get direct information from the manager. But if you are unable to reach the hiring manager after a second call, then you should leave a voicemail message

For example, you can say:

Hello, [Hiring manager’s name], this is [Your name]. I received your message to reschedule my interview set for [Initial date and time]. I am sorry to hear that you need to reschedule the interview, but I am looking forward to meeting with you. What date and time will be convenient for the reschedule? I would like to know so that I will clear my calendar for that time. Thank you.


Receiving a call or email about the rescheduling of your interview can be disappointing indeed. But if you learn how to reply to such news, you will make the best out of it. The tips stated above will help you out. Moreover, good luck!


1) What if I will not be able to show up on the day of the rescheduled interview?

You should quickly state that to the hiring manager. You will need to provide an evident reason why the rescheduled time is not convenient for you. Politely suggest an alternative time, and apologize for the inconveniences that you are causing. Then, end with words of thanks.

2) I do not no longer need the interview. How should I cancel it?

To cancel an interview, you will need to do it graciously and politely. First, you need to provide an evident reason for canceling the interview. Maybe because you are no longer interested in the job position or you have found another interesting job position elsewhere. Apologize for the inconveniences that you might be causing. Then, end with words of appreciation.