Effective Ways To Receive Student Feedback In Pear Deck

As an educator-founded company, peardeck is a powerful tool for online learning as well as for keeping track of your educational goals. With peardeck, you receive real-time feedback, and the learning path is both interactive and user-friendly. How does one get into a peardeck you ask? All you need is a web browser and the internet. Your teacher will send a link or send you to the website and send you a code when you enter the link you are now in the classroom Whether in a classroom or working remotely as well in a hybrid environment anyone can access the learning community. In student-paced mode you are free to move through the slides and answer the interactive questions at your own pace, to update your answer to a text slide you can click add another response or delete your old answer and write a new one. Every time the teacher starts a slide or presentation you will also see the slide in the student’s view and you will be able to answer the question and your teacher will be able to see your answer in real-time. Every time the teacher goes through the slide as a student you will also see the same slide, it will ask you to answer questions at the bottom right and the teacher will see your response and everyone else’s response in the class. As a teacher, you can respond to every student’s response so whether it is a drawing, text, multiple-choice, drawings, or numbers peardeck works on any type of response. Let’s have a look at how students receive their feedback using peardeck . Lets’ start with Effective Ways To Receive Student Feedback In Pear Deck.

Effective Ways To Receive Student Feedback In Pear Deck

https://support.goguardian.com/s/article/Teacher-Feedback-beta-1629745571732 How does the Teacher Dashboard Work 

You log in to the peardeck teacher dashboard to launch a student-paced activity and it takes you to the teacher’s view and you launch the student pace activity to access the session, you can either access the session on the teacher’s view or student’s view. When you are in the teacher’s view you can leave feedback on the slide that they are working on, the students respond on the right-hand corner where it says to leave feedback on the grey button there is a number that hovers over the grey feedback tag if you have a message you will see a number hovering over the tag. When the students have read your responses it will automatically turn grey and the number will disappear. When you are in the teacher’s view you can see if they have read your response, the student must go to the slide to remember what the question is about and they can see the feedback the teacher has left them and mark the response as read. In the teacher’s view, you can see if the students are working on the task you have given them but when you are in the student’s view you cannot see. 

With Peardeck Student View you get feedback in Real-Time 

As a teacher, any feedback you have left will be grey which means you have left them feedback, if the teacher wants to add more feedback as a teacher you can do that. Students need to be on the specific peardeck that was assigned to see the teacher’s feedback. There is no way

to see if the student has read your responses or not when you are on the teacher’s dashboard only when you are on the student view will you see the student responses. If you are on the draggable type question option if there is no feedback button if you are not seeing the feedback button make sure you are not on the overlay option, on the overlay option you will only see each students response and as a teacher, you will not be able to add any response as you will not see the feedback button on the overlay option you need to be on the grid layout or list layout to leave a comment for each student so for the teacher to see the feedback option at the top left corner on peardeck you can choose either the grid layout or the list layout to give feedback to every student answer. You need to be on the list layout or grid layout to leave a response for each student. You can use peardeck on student-paced mode which is not live on the student-paced mode the student is working and the teacher can correct your work at a different time or on a different day. When you stop the student-paced mode the students can’t do any work on peardeck instead you can take them through the slides the next day slide by slide and they can look at their feedback and review their answers while going through the slides. 

https://help.peardeck.com/teacher-feedback?hs_preview=qVUyGLdb-29427496005 Student-paced mode or Instructor paced mode 

With peardeck, you can give your student real-time feedback in a remote learning environment, whether in a student-paced mode which is not live or in instructor pace mode which is life is all up to you. You can also use the teacher feedback in an instructor pace lesson You can have the teacher dashboard open on a separate window on another device to see the student responses in real-time as you present, if the teacher sees an answer to respond to you can click the teacher feedback button and give the student feedback in realtime the student will receive the feedback as soon as you have clicked send feedback. Since the lesson is instructor paced the student will only see the feedback for the slide that is currently being presented. The red notification from the student screen will remain over the feedback icon until they have marked the feedback as read. Teacher feedback works on any type of response including drawings, draggable, text, numbers, or multiple choice. 

In conclusion,

Peadeck is a way for students to engage and improve communication between the student and teacher, from the teacher dashboard teachers can give the student feedback that is effective as well as timely by simply sending feedback about their work or assignment and correcting them along the way. With remote learning, everything can seem so difficult but with peardeck, it has made it easier for students and teachers to communicate well and understand the work they are doing, students can gain confidence in the work they do because they get the support as well as the resources they need to succeed in whatever career field they might choose and to have a future that is brighter all thanks to Peardeck.

Frequently asked questions 

What is teacher feedback and how does it work? 

Teacher feedback works in a remote or classroom setting, how it works is the teacher feedback feature helps you provide direct, individual feedback in real-time. 

How do I join a session in the Pear Deck? 

To join a classroom lesson you need a unique link which is sent to all you need to join pear deck is a web browser and the internet, to everyone who wants a classroom lesson 

How does the student view work? 

Students instantly receive their feedback on the student view, students can remain anonymous on the student view dashboard or they can add their names