Does The University Of South Carolina Permit Pets?

People love pets and want to bring them with them irrespective of how small or large their pets are. Humans want to take them anywhere they journey and reside. But, now not every location lets in pets.  The University of South Carolina recognizes the bond between an individual and their puppy. Let us know Does The University Of South Carolina Permit Pets?

Does The University Of South Carolina Permit Pets?

The University of South Carolina has strict guidelines regarding pets and animals.  The university prohibits pets as they are able to pose protection and health troubles inside the campus. Pets aren’t included either in indoor/ outdoor venues specially the hostels and different houses. No individual is allowed to preserve his pet with him/her without the permission of the officers. If located guilty the man or woman may also face disciplinary movements via the officers against him/her. But, there are some exceptions in which you can have pets with you.

Exceptions In The Regulations:

  • Individuals with disabilities can preserve their carrier animals and register the animal with the branch of incapacity services.
  • University permits you to maintain emotional support animals in the housing. Also the university does not permit these animals to be taken out of the university housing unless given permission by way of workplace of incapacity service.
  • Police dogs that are on responsibility are also authorised in the campus.
  • Animals used in research, research and for demonstration may be permitted to enter the college. 
  • Different exceptions perhaps granted if asked in writing and after getting approval from the Chancellor or govt Vice Chancellor of the college.


  1. Service Animals- A provider animal is an animal, a canine generally, that is educated to do some work or perform responsibilities for a person with disability, such as a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or any other intellectual incapacity.
  2. Emotional support animals- An ESA is an animal (commonly a cat or a dog) which gives help inside in the form of love or consolation to any man or woman with emotional or mental situations.
  3. Pets- Any animal that is tamed and is kept for delight or companionship.

Requirements For Maintaining Pets:

These necessities follow to all Emotional support Animals in Campus Housing, service Animals in education and domestic Animals in campus-

  • Animals have to be managed inside the campus, and restrained by using a leash or different suitable string that does not degree extra than 6 feet. No animal is authorized to walk off leash or be let out of control via the caretaker.
  • The university has the authority to take away the animal if it may grow to be a threat to the people in the campus.
  • Owner/handler of the animal is completely responsible for the misbehaviour of his pet.
  • Stool of the animals need to be wiped clean by means of the handler or owner in an effort to preserve the campus easy.
  • If any animal is discovered walking or is abandoned then its owner has to be determined guilty for it and may be provided with according to the law.
  • Animals should have appropriate behaviour inside the university campus and have to no longer come to be a chance to the existence of others within the campus or the animal could be eliminated with the aid of the officers.
Policy Violation:

All of the members of the community inside the campus ought to percentage the duty to implement the coverage. To document any form of hazard or discomfort due to an animal, one have to call the Police and Public safety helpline 911 or at 7046872200. Any failure inside the implementation of the policy might be rewarded with the following outcomes – 

  • Animals delivered in the campus without the permission of the worried branch might be removed.
  • No character should entice or intice animals to come back in the campus if discovered to do so, the character may also face disciplinary movement according to the policy.
  • A person who lets in its animal to be unattended or stray may also have that animal impounded through Police and Public safety and can be turned over to the local Animal manipulate refuge.

University of South Carolina does permit animals and pets however under certain conditions which have to be fulfilled. The college may be very strict with its policies and guidelines, one must follow them or the person has to get ready to stand disciplinary actions in accordance with the policy and rules. In case the officers are no longer allowed to transport you along with your cherished puppy, you may stay on rent outside the campus in pet-friendly flats. Those flats may be found close to the campus as well as far from the campus.

Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: Can I deliver more than one puppy?

Ans: yes, you could if authorized by way of the officers.

Question 2: What if my canine pooped within the campus?

Ans: you have to clean it or arrange a person to do it for you.

Question 3: What if my canine bit someone inside the campus?

Ans: Your puppy may be eliminated from the campus and you have to face disciplinary actions.

Question 4: What to do if a person’s pet animal poses as a chance to you?

Ans: You ought to call 911 or 7046872200 for assist.