Best Nursing Schools in Colorado

The nursing schools in Colorado are among the best in the country. Students who want to further their education or get their first degree in nursing will find that Colorado has some of the best schools in the country. A degree from a Colorado school might help you land a career in the state’s health care industry since many colleges have ties to the state’s hospitals and clinics. Let us know Best Nursing Schools in Colorado.

Best Nursing Schools in Colorado

Many approved nursing schools in Colorado provide students with a high-quality education. They include the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs; University of Colorado, Aurora; Greeley Campus, Northern Colorado State University; The University of Denver’s Regis College; Denver College of Nursing; University of Colorado, Denver; Colorado Christian University; Pueblo Campus of Colorado State University; Colorado Mesa University.

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Top grades are given to this nursing school in Colorado by “U.S. News & World Report” because of its emphasis on health promotion, illness care, and prevention. 

Students at Beth-Helen El’s and Arthur E. Johnson College of Nursing and Health Sciences are encouraged to pursue a career in nursing. The college’s research, technology, and operations investments set it apart from others. The school received an $8 million donation in 2015, which is used to build new, cutting-edge facilities.

A Simulation Learning Center is located on the Johnson Beth-El campus of UCCS, where students may put their theoretical knowledge into practice. The Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences and the school have teamed up to provide a Primary Care Clinic on campus.

Furthermore, UCCS collaborates with the Center for Active Living, the Nutrition Clinic, and the Nurse-Family Partnership to provide students with hands-on learning opportunities in the community. William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center was recently established by UCCS, which provides more classroom space and laboratories.

Suppose you have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline and wish to enter nursing immediately. In that case, the UCCS Nursing school features an expedited BSN curriculum.

When it comes to learning essential assessment and bedside practices like taking blood and beginning I.V.s, the Simulation Learning Center is the best location.

The Beth-El College of Nursing offers financial aid to its students in the form of thirteen specific scholarships.

University of Colorado – Anschultz Medical Campus, Aurora

College of Nursing is one of the colleges on the Anschultz Medical Campus. Thus there are plenty of options for cross-disciplinary study and cooperation. A wide range of academic members at this school is involved in various research initiatives to improve bedside nursing care via translating empirical results.

High-tech manikins can realistically simulate virtually any type of clinical encounter, from heart attacks to allergic responses, at UCHealth’s Simulation Center, housed in the Leprino Building. 

Financial aid may be available to this university’s undergraduate and graduate nursing students. Also, the FAFSA application can be used for Pell Grants, work-study programs, and other federal and state financial help.

Greeley Campus, Northern Colorado State University

The University Of Northern Colorado (UNC) nursing program is among the best in the country. It’s a tried-and-true formula for success. It is because of these two factors that a UNC degree is so valuable.

The University of North Colorado has a lot of degree programs to suit every student’s needs. NCLEX test-takers can pursue a BSN 2nd Degree Program designed for college graduates who want to work in the nursing sector but haven’t yet completed their bachelor’s degree. The UNC doctoral-level choices teach nurses the most advanced levels of nursing theory and practice. – This institution stands out because of its supportive personnel and cutting-edge teaching methods.

The University of Northern Colorado’s School of Nursing is widely regarded for its strong academic standards and commitment to patients’ rights.

Simulation laboratories that imitate heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and other medical crises help prepare students for real-life conditions in hospital settings. Clinical rotations at various healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and community clinics, will require students after they have mastered the fundamentals.

There are connections to third-party scholarships for nursing students at this school. Depending on the information they provide on their FAFSA forms, nursing students at UNC may also be eligible for state and federal financial help.

The University of Denver’s Regis College

U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked Regis University as one of the best in the western United States for over a decade. A 450-year-old Jesuit tradition guides the institution’s Loretto Heights School of Nursing in preparing its students for lives of service to others.

Students can go on immersion trips to Peru and Nicaragua through the school’s unique Global Health Pathway specialization. Students benefit greatly from the numerous chances for teacher mentorship afforded by smaller class sizes. St. Peter Claver Hall, on the campus’s north side, houses the Loretto Heights School of Nursing’s Clinical Learning Center and nursing classrooms.

The Clinical Learning Center is equipped with high-fidelity simulators, which aid in developing clinical competence and critical thinking abilities.

Students in the nursing program can participate in clinical rotations at some of the best acute care hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, and community organizations in the Denver metro region.

Undergraduate nursing students may apply for the institutional merit scholarship at Regis University. Graduate nursing students may be eligible for either the Regis Inspired Scholarship or the Alumni Scholarship. The FAFSA form may also lead to federal and state financial help.

Denver College of Nursing

It’s no secret that the Denver College of Nursing cares deeply about its students, concentrating “solely on nursing.” Only nursing degrees are available at this school.

This implies that you’ll be surrounded by fellow students who share your aim. Everyone in this college is there to pursue a career as a nurse. The lower class sizes at this private institution will make you feel like you’re part of a big family. As a result, this school may have the highest graduation percentage in the district.

The Higher Learning Commission has given its seal of approval to the institution (THLC). Also, it has been authorized by the state of Colorado Board of Nursing for the associate and bachelor programs (CBON).

The University of Colorado-Denver’s College of Nursing

Denver’s College of Nursing is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus as one of the best medical centres in the university. In 2022, U.S. News & World Report gave the institution national distinction for its graduate nursing, leadership, and administration programs.

The Rocky Mountain’s most extensive academic medical campus, C.U.’s College of Nursing, has four nurse-led practices in nine sites. The first nurse practitioner degree was awarded in 1965 at this school. Colorado Denver’s Veterans and Military Healthcare Program (VMHC) is an excellent example.

This program teaches nursing students how to recognize the specific challenges military personnel face and better serve those who have served in the armed forces. Master’s specialization, second master’s postgraduate certificate, and DNP are all available with VMHC concentration.

Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University’s nursing students must sign a “Lifestyle Covenant” before beginning studies, which signifies their commitment to integrating their education and Christian faith. Another nursing school in Colorado that sees nursing as both a spiritual mission and a scientific profession is the CCU School of Nursing.

To prepare the future generation of Christian nurses to be moral leaders and competent practitioners, the school aims to teach them the practical skills they will need. The nursing program at Colorado Christian University is housed on the university’s Lakewood campus, some 20 miles outside of Denver proper.

More than two dozen hospitals and health care institutions around the state work with the school to provide practical experiences for nursing students. New 4,600-square-foot Simulation Center was inaugurated by the university in January 2019. Classrooms and high-fidelity simulation rooms are available at this facility. Students may use hospital equipment and digital manikins to practice their medical skills.

You may be eligible for external scholarships, even if CCU does not provide in-house scholarships for future nurses. Since the institution is a federal Title IV partner, students who fill out the FAFSA form may qualify for state and federal financial assistance, depending on their circumstances.

Pueblo Campus of Colorado State University (CSU)

CSU Pueblo’s School of Nursing provides students with various options for obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Its supportive learning environment guarantees that graduates have acquired the skills to excel in their chosen profession.

The Southern Colorado Association of Nursing Students (SCANS) branch at CSU Pueblo connects students to the nursing community upon acceptance into the school (SCANS). This is the most effective way to get people involved in local and seasonal health issues.

The Iota Pi chapter of the International Nursing Honor Society is open to all students in their junior and senior years. All nursing students at CSU Pueblo are invited to participate in community service activities such as a health Halloween, a baby shower, and a health fair in Southern Colorado.

This nursing school at Colorado State University in Pueblo trains students for a wide range of careers in health care, including those in rural and metropolitan areas. Hispanic-Serving Institution status was granted to CSU by the federal government.

It is common for Pueblo nursing students to participate in community activities like the KOAA 9Health Fair, which provides free health screenings. Also, a healthy Halloween teaches parents about the importance of good health.

Students can practice and demonstrate proficiency in specific bedside skills using high-tech manikins developed to mimic human physiological reactions in practice labs. Acute care hospitals, neighbourhood clinics, and medical institutions around central Colorado serve as clinical rotation sites for students who have gained experience and confidence.

CSU does not provide any scholarships for nursing students. However, students are urged to apply for any of the university’s over 100 institutional awards. All CSU freshmen who achieve specific academic requirements are automatically granted merit scholarships.

Colorado Mesa University

Founded in 1925 as a junior college, Colorado Mesa University became a four-year institution in 1974. The university’s Department of Health Sciences houses four professional programs, including nursing. It’s no secret that rural areas of Colorado have been particularly affected by the state’s nursing shortage. However, this department provides students with an education that prepares them for any health care field they may pursue.

MASH Camp, a unique educational program for middle school kids, involves nursing students in teaching fundamental skills including first aid, infection control, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to foster interest among young teenagers in pursuing a career in health care (CPR.)

Nursing students hone their basic patient skills in the university’s clinical and simulation labs. They are taught by fellow students studying emergency medical response and phlebotomy. Rotations occur in various settings, including long-term care homes, community organizations, and primary care providers throughout northwest Colorado.

There are 17 scholarships for nursing students at Colorado Mesa University endowed by donors affiliated with the university. Furthermore, federal and state grants may be available to students according to their FAFSA forms.

Final Thoughts

A nurse must pass the NCLEX exam and be registered before they may practice as one. Many hospitals are now looking for nurses with a BSN rather than just an R.N., which was once sufficient. Put another way, having a nursing degree from Colorado can help you find work across the country.

Finding the top nursing school in Colorado may be challenging. Choosing a school that helps students get their certification and beyond can make the process much easier. The NCLEX-RN “pass rates” are an excellent method to gauge this. 


How Can an Applicant Choose the Right Nursing School?

Finding the appropriate college is a complex process. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each college before making a choice. Program selections, success rates, cost, and location are all factors to consider while selecting a nursing program.

What is the Requirement for Being a Registered Nurse in Colorado?

In Colorado, before taking the NCLEX-RN, every registered nurse in Colorado must have completed an accredited R.N. program. An ADN may be completed in two to three years, but a BSN usually takes four years. Patients’ care and knowledge are tested in the NCLEX RN exam. 

What are Colorado’s Registered Nurses Licensing Requirements?

There are different licensing requirements for registered nurses in Colorado. The licensing requirements depend on the mode of entry into the profession. The ways of getting licenses include License by Exam, License by Endorsement, and License for Nurses Educated Abroad.

What is the Best Major for Nursing?

A Bachelor of Science Degree (BSN) is the most widely accepted nursing degree. It gives medical graduates the best job prospects in suitable hospitals and medical facilities immediately out of school.