What Is The Best Sorority At the University Of Tampa?

Sorority life at the University of Tampa is one of the esteemed features of the university. Students in sororities get the opportunity to learn leadership and lead. There is an avalanche opportunity for personal growth and community building through communal efforts in scheduled tasks. This sorority life has bred some of the country’s best leaders, and the long list of its successful alumni is some of the reasons why this sorority life at the University of Tampa is here to stay. 

What Is The Best Sorority At the University Of Tampa?

The University of Tampa has a thriving sorority life of about eight sororities with Alpha Chi Omega appearing as the best of them all. Alpha Chi Omega. The University of Tampa chapter of Alpha Chi Omega is called “Gamma Pi Chapter” they see themselves as a group of powerful, strong, and independent women dedicated to thriving even beyond obstacles. This sorority is focused on uplifting its members within these five facets; 

  • Personal Development 
  • Leadership Ability 
  • Academics 
  • Financially Accountability/Responsibility
  • Character Building 

It is believed that a woman having these above-mentioned core fundamentals of life is in the true making of a superwoman. 

Gamma Pi Chapter engages in charity works and philanthropy, with its major focus being the “fight against domestic violence”. They put in a lot of work to combat these abnormal incidents and most importantly care for the victims of these abuses. Most of these victims go through serious trauma and are in dire need of psychological assistance.  Gamma Pi Chapter is not just after the welfare of its current sisterhood, the welfare of its alumni remains their concern. The big picture for this sorority is creating the best woman out of every lady and shaping a world that will be great for women. 

What To Consider Before Joining A Sorority 

There are a lot of factors to put into consideration before deciding on whether to join a sorority or which house to join. Some of these factors will be highlighted below; 


Joining a sorority comes with it a commitment to whatever the house has to do. A student will have to consider this very seriously, before getting himself in a fix. A very solid time management plan is the best way to cope with the stressful lifestyle of the sorority system and still have a reasonable time for your academics. 


Sorority life can most times be expensive, trying to keep up with your brothers or sisters in the house in order not to look like a fish out of water. This, however, can easily be managed and controlled and it also has its positive side. The positive side is that the brothers or sisters in the sorority can come to the aid of one of their members needing help, in some cases financial help. 

Goals and Vision:

The student must know as much as he can know about the sorority he plans to join. The student needs to know if the goals and vision of the sorority align with his. Some sororities are dedicated to uplifting the academic well-being of their members while some do not care about the academic area. It is essential to figure all these out before committing to any sorority. 

There are even more specific areas a student interested in joining a sorority should consider. How helpful is the sorority to what you plan to do in life while in college and most importantly after college?   

Sororities In The University of Tampa 

There are a few sororities incorporated in the university of Tampa sorority life, these sororities are as follows:

  • Alpha Chi Omega 
  • Delta Gamma 
  • Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Pi Beta Phi  
  • Delta Zeta 
  • Sigma Kappa
  • Kappa Alpha Theta 
  • Sigma Delta Tau 

All these sororities are very active in the university, each with its agenda and goals. The diversity in these sororities is what makes them unique and beautiful. 


Some sororities obviously will lay claims as to being the best in the University of Tampa, and that is expected as it is what makes the level of competition amongst sororities very high. It is this competition amongst sororities that spices up the sorority life and make it even more memorable. Alpha Chi Omega has set standards that set them out as a solid association at the envy of its colleague, it is no surprise that they are the best sorority at the University of Tampa.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can one pass through the University of Tampa without joining a sorority?

Yes, joining a sorority at the University of Tampa is a voluntary decision that the student is allowed to make with no pressure. A great number of University of Tampa students are not in a sorority and they suffer no sanctions or punishment for making the decision not to join. 

  1. Are sorority houses gender-based? 

Sororities are for females while the male version is called “fraternity”. Only ladies are accepted into sororities, a male student interested in joining might want to check out fraternities, hopefully, it is something he will also fancy. 

  1. How can one join a sorority at the University of Tampa?

Immediately after the rush, students will be given the freedom to go sign up with the sorority of their choice. This is not complicated because, most times sororities are seeking more membership, so they try not to make it difficult for the students.