Transfers At Bowdoin University

Bowdon university is a liberal arts university. It was built to promote goodwill in society. It is a private university that hosts around 1800 students at the current capacity. Its main campus is located at Brunswick in the state of Maine, USA. Bowdoin was established in 1784. The first class had eight students. Historically, it has a good ranking performance. Let us know Transfers At Bowdoin University.

Transfers At Bowdoin University

Bowdon accepts transfer applications from students of other campuses. The admission process is usually very competitive. Bowdoin does their enrollment twice every year during fall and mid-year. The number of transfer applications they get is between 150-200 per year. Due to the intense competition and program, they usually take around 15-20 students per year. Their transfer program takes place during the fall intake and rarely during the mid-year. They set off no cut-off guidelines and the successful students usually have an average GPA of 30. A small application fee of $60 is applicable. Now, we can look at the process of application and what is needed during the application for transfer to Bowdon.

Materials Needed for transfer to Bowdon

There are five major materials needed during the application process. They include

College Report

College Transcripts

Final High School Transcripts

College academic evaluations

English proficiency test scores

Details of a College report

This report is usually from a person’s previous school. For the report to be acknowledged, it must be delivered by a school official. This report usually involves the applicant’s details like their original names, the day they joined the institution, and the course they have been taking among other details. This report is usually important as it ascertains truly the applicant was a student at a certain institution.

What Is Needed in the College transcripts?

The transcripts help to show the completed work that one has done in the College. For it to be officially recognized a college official is the one to submit it. This method helps to reduce lying cases. This is supposed to complement well with the college report. 

The Final High school transcripts

These documents are supposed to show the set graduation date and the transcripts for grades 9-12. This helps to gauge if the student had truly passed before. Also, their transition to their current College. For the document to be considered an official document, it should be submitted by the school official.

The College academic evaluations requirements

These are letters from any teaching professional including; professors, instructors, or teachers. This is a little unique from the above three. This one needs to be sent directly by the applicant recommender. The recommender also needs to set valid reasons for the transfer. A good report from one’s recommender increases the chances of admission.

Finally, the English proficiency test scores

These only apply to international applicants. The applicant if they come from a place where English is not the subject of instruction, then they need to have it. These may be from TOEFL, Duolingo, and IELTS. This is so as Bowdoin uses English for teaching and its investors.

Other Optional Additional Materials

Midterm Report

The report should include the second-semester grades on course works, your lecturer’s comments, and their signature. For, each year’s application the deadline is usually on April 1st. This is not a must but it can be of use as additional information. It should be submitted directly by the school official.

Standardized Test Scores

Applicants who have sat for tests like SAT and ACT may request their scores to be considered in their application. To be considered, results should be sent by the applicant via the applicant’s portal under Testing and Preferences. Also, scores reported by school officials are encouraged.

Video Response

This is completely optional. The link is made available after the common application. The deadline for the application is March 15th.

How does one submit their documents?

The materials are usually submitted electronically via parchment, National Students Clearinghouse, SCOIR, and Also, another method is through email or their Fax number.

An important point to note is that there are no interviews available for applicants. One can use the video response. This is usually found in the application portal. After the application process, the applicants usually get their final results through the Application Portal. The application opens in early/mid-September and closes on 1st March.


The Bowdoin transfer application process is usually intense and very strict. Before one starts the application process they need to ensure that they have all the materials required for the process. Another thing to consider is to ensure that all the information provided is truthful. Any misinformation or fraudulent activities suspected or found usually lead to automatic disqualification. The process is simple. Bowdoin is the place to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can one receive credit on the courses they have taken in their current school?

There is that option where an applicant receives credit on liberal arts courses they have taken. This is when one has gotten a grade of C or upper. The option is available when the application has gone through by the office register and is approved by the dean of academic affairs and specific departments.

Is Financial Aid Available to Transfer Students?

There is no financial aid for international students. For the other applicants, Financial help is available based on the applicant’s financial needs. The process is usually intense. It usually depends on the commitment the College has already made.

Is Accommodation Offered for Transfer Students?

There is no guarantee. The successful student is placed on the waiting list for housing. Nonetheless, one can communicate with the previous students through the dean’s office for local arrangements in getting a house outside the school. For International students one has to seek accommodation outside.

What is the Transfer Scholar Network?

Transfer Scholar Network is a virtual platform for invites only. It aims to connect the admissions representatives with the high-achieving Community College students. The representatives usually come from 12 highly selected colleges. Bowdoin is privileged to be in partnership with Transfer Scholar Network.


The transfer at Bowdon University has a fierce competition in which the application intake is more and the students selected are less apparently one fourth are selected. The article helps the student to get very brief information about the transfer process.