Is The University Of Oregon Honors College Good?

The University of Oregon, founded in 1876, is run by the Board of Trustees of The University of Oregon. It has 19 research centers and institutes. In addition, the University of Oregon has an honors college named The Robert Donald Clark Honors College. It is a petite college with a class size of 19 students and an overall student population of 800. The college is located at Chapman Hall on the University of Oregon campus. Let’s start with Is The University Of Oregon Honors College Good?

Is The University Of Oregon Honors College Good?

The Oregon Honors College is one of the best honors colleges. The college was recently awarded the highest rating of five mortarboards in the latest edition of inside honors.

Oregon Honors College

It is ranked in the Top 10 Public Honors Colleges in the U.S. by public university honors. The Oregon Honors College is meant for students who are very well motivated to face academic challenges and enjoy research, travel, and grab the extracurricular opportunities coming their way.

The University of Oregon Honors College offers a great academic experience for students and is a highly rated college. Around 4000 students apply every year, and 240-250 students get selected for the respective courses they have applied for.

Acceptance Rate At UO Honors College

The acceptance rate for the university of honors college is 17%. The acceptance rate for maximum honors colleges is a bit low because of the academic challenges that the students have to face. So, the colleges choose students who can handle the pressure and are good decision-makers.

Clarks Honors college has a reputation in comparison to other colleges and it has maintained the reputation and ranking that they have achieved so far. Students while submitting their essays for the admission process have to be proficient in the English language.

Students who have achievements from their past school life and recommendations are also appreciated in the admission process. The GPA required to get into the Clarks college of honors is 3.91.

Is The University Of Oregon Honors College Expensive

To support the Honors Program, the students have to pay an additional $1200 per term in Clark’s college, which is $3600 per year. The cost of tuition fees for the resident students is $36000, and for non-resident students, it is $ 64299, which is not easy for many students to afford. Maybe it is why the students applying for this college are significantly less in number.

Also, the acceptance rate of the honors college at the University of Oregon is low. Many students who still want to study and cannot afford the tuition fees go for the options like scholarships and student loans. Oregon honors college being an expensive college, becomes a tough decision for students, but still, it is a good choice if the students can afford the fees.

Is University Of Oregon Honors College Worth It?

Firstly, not all the students are meant for the college honors programs. If a student gets selected or invited to an honors college program then they should feel happy about it because it is not very easy to get into the honors college programs. Getting employed in your dream company is an important first step to starting your journey with an honors college.

The students are allowed to register for the classes before the other student body while studying for an honors program. The classes in the honors college are generally small so the students get individual attention also which helps the students in their studies a lot and make it easier for students to establish good communication with their professors to whom they can go and for help whenever they need it.

Pros And Cons Of Honors Program From Oregon Honors College

It would also be considered one of the pros that the honors program college students generally have big dorms and more amenities. Also, many internship opportunities are offered to you while you are pursuing your honors program in the college, which gives you real-world experience through your college before graduation.

Apart from the above-explained pros, there are also some cons of studying at an Oregon Honors college. Some cons are: having a decided GPA that the college has decided and making up to the standardized test scores requirements is not easy while getting admitted to the honors college program. In addition, students have to go through many tasks while studying in an honors college.

Studying in an honors program means that students have to prioritize their college above anything else. Also, the student gets isolated from the real world because of being indulged in back-to-back tasks while studying in the honors college. Maintaining a balance is also very important because while studying, it is also advised to enjoy your college days and socialize well with people because it is how you learn to communicate. No books can get you good communication skills.


The University of Oregon honors college is a good college to study if you are planning for the honors programs. The honors programs have their pros and cons, but it depends completely on the student’s preferences and choices to make up their mind and go for the Clarks honors college of the University of Oregon. The fees of the honors college of The University of Oregon are also a matter of thought for students who are not financially very good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the University of Oregon have Honors College?

Yes, The University of Oregon has an honors college named The Robert Donald Clark Honors College.

Q2.Is The Robert Donald Clark Honors college affordable?

It depends on the individual student and from the kind of  financial background the student is. There are scholarships for students who are eligible. Also the students go for an education loan if this is their desired college.

Q3.Is the Honors College of The Oregon University good at academics?

The honors college of The Oregon University is one of the top-ranked honors colleges where the small strength of the class enables the professors to give individual attention to all the students in a class.