Is Temple University An Ivy League School?

Every one of us majorly goes through this phase where we have to choose which college or university to choose. This is not only about the degree but also the mold which will shape your entire life ahead. So every one of us tries our best to get into the world’s top university like the ivy league and why not, everyone wants their future to be bright and successful. Temple University is also one of the big names. Let us today find out ‘Is Temple University An Ivy League School?’ or if it is just a big name like many.

Is Temple University An Ivy League School?

Is Temple University An Ivy League School?

For that we have to know what is an ivy league and if Temple university fulfills those grounds. To your surprise, it has nothing to do with academic excellence. Shocked right!! But yes, the ivy league was the exclusive Sports Conference club for the eight private universities in the Northeast United States. So quite obviously Temple University is not one of them. But does that mean that these ivy leagues are not excellent in academics or Temple university is anyway less than them in terms of quality education? Let’s find out.

So what makes a college or university worth joining? 

Let’s pen down the points-

  • Network and exposure- An outstanding school provides enough opportunities to network with the right people and exposure like no other.
  • Enormous Resources- Almost everything you do or like to do requires resources and institutions which provide experienced professors and gives excess to research and study material which is an edge over many.
  • Better opportunities for starting life – Be honest, we all want a lavish life and for that a great income. A good college or university is the one that gives a kick start in numbers while planning for your work life.
  •  Greater Career Growth- Joining the best schools comes with its advantages. Parallel to the above great career growth is one such. Be it any field of law, business, medicine, and many more. A good institution gives huge growth opportunities to its students in all of them.

Is Temple Still a Good University without an Ivy League Tag?

We are done with listing down all the necessary points one looks for while searching for a college and there is no denying that ivy league provides the best of all the above mentions. But the good part is Temple university no lesser when compared. It is at par when we seek excellence of any form. And it’s possible too because even the top names like Stanford or MIT don’t contain the tag of an ivy league but their credibility is hidden to none. 

More Information about Temple University

Temple university situated in Philadelphia, true to its name is a temple for students seeking education. Founded in the year 1884, it has a campus of whooping 406 Acres. The university ranks 121 among National Universities, making it a dream university for many aspiring higher-education students. Not only this, be it in-state or out-of-state students the tuition fees do not exceed $40,000 making it affordable when higher studies are concerned.

Academic Information About Temple University

Given a diverse environment, the university is home to 17 schools and colleges. It has a variety of 600+ courses that the student can pursue. The acceptance rate is yet again a fascinating 71%. The average income of their graduates today after graduating will blow your mind. From communication to Journalism, Biological to Biomedical, and Business to Liberal Arts every course or major provides an average of $45000 to $55000. The university also provides transfer students a chance to create their careers. The university has a fair ethnic diversity making it a choice for every student irrespective of nationality.

Admission and Application Requirements

The admission procedure to this college goes with applying for your desired course along with your SAP Score and GPA with an application fee of $55. The LORs and SOPs are basic requirements that are no different for Temple University also. The deadline for the same is February end. Once reviewed the University releases a mail revealing if your application is selected or not.

Scholarship, Grants, and More

Some scholarships allure the students even more. Merit-based or Need-based, the university has both. It does not stop here the university also provides grants in the form of Federal Grants, State Grants, Temple University Grants, and many more. It also has an education loan facility and work-study culture.


Concluding it the right way, though Temple University is not an Ivy League School, the students who are looking for an option more affordable with the same features or comparative advantages as an ivy league Temple University is a good option and should not be left. It fascinates all the basic requirements and keeps you hooked because of its affordability and stunning opportunities. It is not behind the ivy League even on the sports front which is the last we can gather. But yes, it does not have the tag ivy league attached to its name for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions-
  • Ques. Does the university need an official Transcript for the initial registration appointment?

Ans. No, the unofficial Transcript still works as long as it has all the necessary information like GPA, Courses Studied, School name, etc. mentioned. They also need the document without any cutting, pasting, or editing.

  • Ques. The course that I want is closed, what can I do?

Ans. You can check alternate sections and choose open seats from there or can get yourself added to the waitlist for that course. But it does not guarantee you a registration this way.