How Many Applications Did UCLA Receive?


UCLA, or the University of California, Los Angeles, receives one of most application forms from all over the nation. How many applications did UCLA receive?

Every year, thousands of students from all over the world apply to UCLA. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) receives far more applications than it can potentially accept. Many undergraduate candidates have excellent educational documentation, putting them ahead of the competition. 

They prioritize applicants who exhibit a curious mind, command structure, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, and strength of character.

How Many Applications Did UCLA Receive?

In the year 2022, how many applications did the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) receive? 

As per prelim data published by the UC Office of the President, 149,799 undergraduate and 24,907 transferred students were implemented for admittance to UCLA for the fall semester of 2022. According to UCOP, there had been a 3.5 percent relative rise from 2021 and a 3 percent rise in in-state undergraduate apps application forms from last year across all the universities of California.

As per a UCOP statement, a record 210,840 college freshmen applied for UCLA enrollment for fall 2022. Moreover, transmission applications across UCLA fell by 12.6 percent in the fall of 2022 as compared to the number of applicants in 2021.

Why do so many people apply to UCLA? 

The main reason is that the college is located at a highly interesting point on the spectrum. So, in addition to being the finest match for many individuals, it is the “safety” school for many people and the “reach” school for others who are applying to other top colleges. 

How many applications did UCLA receive? UCLA has a large number of applications since it is a low-cost college. Its prime location is near the shore; therefore, the weather is typically pleasant. UCLA boasts excellent professors, a beautiful campus, and several competitive sports teams. All of these distinguishing characteristics make UCLA an institution wanted and desired by everyone, resulting in a large number of applicants.

How does UCLA go through all the application forms and choose the best ones for admission?

Every year, a large number of candidates apply to UCLA. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is very selective in terms of candidate shortlisting because they genuinely think their students will be successful if they show interest in the subject, statesmanship, innovation, and fighting spirit. They want candidates who will make the most of their exploration of UCLA’s vibrant educational surroundings and who; significantly contribute to the vast majority of the UCLA academic community.

  • The admission review process by the UCLA administration

The UCLA detailed admittance evaluation procedure focus on the 13 major requirements. These standards include the participant’s theoretical and practical educational and behavioral achievements and deliberation of the frame of reference of those achievements and opportunities offered to the candidate. All college freshman documents and applications are reviewed twice by highly qualified and experienced viewers. After studying and analyzing a registration application form independently, each viewer assigns a comprehensive and integrated rank to the candidate.

The 13 criteria on which UCLA admissions administration focuses are as follows:

  • The student’s complete high school scoring record of accomplishment and success 

This requirement includes the number and complexity of different courses and the exam results achieved within this coursework. Personal academic results managed to earn and the form of attainment over time are used to evaluate academic achievement. They compare a candidate’s performance with the other students in the same high school. They adhere to the University of California Eligibility in the Local Context specifications set.

  • Personal characteristics of the applicant 

They value and motivate candidates who have illustrated leadership capabilities, personality, inspiration, persistence, innovation, uniqueness, ingenuity, academic autonomy, culpability, wisdom, self-awareness, and consideration for everyone and society. The reviewer, however, finds these characteristics as positive indicators of a student’s ability to succeed at UCLA and beyond.

  • Contributions to the ideological and artistic imperativeness of the university premises

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) looks for a diverse set of academic desires and accomplishments. They search for signs of eagerness to make a significant contribution to the university premises and its diversification, including ethnic, economic and educational, and academic uniqueness. They also consider how likely a student will communicate cognitively and psychosocially with teachers and peers either in or out of the lecture hall.

  • Participation in intellectual curriculums 

This involves activities at the University of California and local and national level programs. 

  • Other indicators of success

They honor exceptional, persistent success in any scholarly or artistic pursuit. 

  • Opportunities

All accomplishments, both curriculum and other co-curriculum, are considered in the context of the applicant’s real opportunities. Readers base their evaluations on how well the candidate took use of such chances.

  • Challenges

Some candidates have had to deal with adversity or unexpected conditions. The viewers of the application forms take into account how the candidate has responded to or overcome such problems. They look for signs of maturity, resolve, and intelligence. Application viewers also evaluate additional criteria that have a direct bearing on the applicant’s success. Some of these characteristics include the language spoken at home and the level of education of the candidates’ parents. 


How many applications did UCLA Receive? UCLA, or the University of California, Los Angeles, receives the most application forms from all over the country due to its unique facilities, world-class faculty, and attractive campus location. 

Because the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) gets considerably more applications than it can conceivably take, it is highly selective in its candidate selection. 

They are precise and focus on every aspect of the application form and emphasize more on co-curricular activities and candidates’ other abilities and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes UCLA famous? 

UCLA is well-known for its outstanding Drama, Cinema, and Broadcasting Department and Department of Dental. 

While Biology, Economics, Psychology, and Political Science are among the most popular fields of education at UCLA, the university offers 130 world-class undergraduate degrees throughout seven educational categories. 

How many people attend UCLA?

UCLA has around 31,500 undergraduate students and 12,800 graduate students. 

What is UCLA’s admission rate?

UCLA typically admits roughly 12% of applications. However, the acceptance percentage declined to 10.7 percent in the 2021/22 entrance cycle.