10 Best Universities In France For International Students

France tops the list of destinations in all of Europe. Its capital, Paris, known by all as the city of love, continues to draw millions of tourists yearly. Attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum, theatres and many more, are places people enjoy showing up to within the country. France also has about 70 universities which continue to see an increase in the number of international students willing to attend these schools, making them rank higher on the list of study destinations for international students. 1n 2019, the country was ranked amongst the top 10 countries conducive to international studies. This article explores the different educational institutions in the country and points out the top 10 for international students. Let’s learn about ’10 Best Universities In France For International Students’.

10 Best Universities In France For International Students

Top Ten Universities for International Students in France

Catering to a broad range of student demography is one thing that most international schools are learning to do. Meeting the various requirements and satisfying the needs of the students in attendance should be on the list of any international school that admits foreign students. These are the top 10 schools in France offering quality education and a safe learning environment to international students.

  • University of Bordeaux 
  • University of Sorbonne 
  • Paris-Saclay Univeristy 
  • Ecole Polytechnique 
  • Aix-Marseille University
  • University of Paris
  • PSL University Paris 
  • University Francois Rabelais/University of Tours 
  • University of Strasbourg 
  • University of Orleans 

Best Universities in France for International Students

1. University of Orleans:

Established in 1306, the University of Orleans has an interesting history to its formation. The University, found in Orleans, France is a member of the regional university association. The public university boasts over 19,000 students on its campus and also 1500 faculty staff. Known for its affordability, the school has grown to attract a ton of foreign students from different countries of the world.

The University of Orleans has 3 colleges known as research units that house all its departments and courses.

2. University of Strasbourg:

The University of Strasbourg is another public research institution in france that is home to many international students trooping into the country. The institution has a student population of about 53,000 students on campus out of which 9,000 are accounted international students. With such a large international student community, the university strives to provide an adequate learning environment and other essential needs to cater for its diverse population.

The University of Strasbourg is ranked among the world’s first 500 and has produced tons of Noble Laureates, making it one of the best study destinations in all of France.

3. University of Francois Rabelais/Univerisity of Tours

Established in 1969, the University of Tours first got its name from the popular french writer, Francois Rabelais. The institution is known for its campuses scattered across the city of Tours. Each campus is dedicated to a specific department and houses various faculty and courses. These faculties are; Plat d’Etain, Tonnelle, Emile Zola, Fromont, etc. The University of Tours is ranked 3rd in France and within the 900th percentile globally, the University of Francais Rebalais is one of the best universities for international students seeking quality education.

4. PSL University Paris:

The PSL University Paris, also known as Ecole Normale Superieure is known for the depth of history within its two-century life span. Ranked among the global top 10 universities in France, the school has become one of the best schools for international students in all of France.

One major reason it is ranked best for students is the many opportunities that studying here provides for any student, giving them access to companies and public administrations in the country.

5. University of Bordeaux:

At the University of Bourdeaux, the international student community makes up about 12 – 13% of the total population, coming up to about 6,700. The University is popular in France for its interesting courses and programs from which students can select during the duration of their program. With over 250 master’s programs and 150 more undergraduate programs, students have more than enough to select from for their degree programs.

The university has over 90 programs that are offered in English, meaning that students who aren’t native French speakers can also study without the language barrier. The University of Bordeaux is a sterling destination for international students willing to study in France.

6. University of Sorbonne:

The university of Sorbonne houses over 50,000 students of which more than 12,000 of these are international students. Faculties such as; arts, engineering, humanities and medicine are taught in this institution. Having such a great international student body, the university, therefore, does certain things right in catering for the international community present.

7. Paris-Saclay Univeristy:

This is regarded as one of France’s finest universities, rated among the top 10 in the country and 15th in the world. In rankings, it also supersedes several others, as it is known as the continent’s best, globally recognized as the best in Mathematics and a ton of several other awards recognition. There’s no doubt that this university stands out on the list of best universities for international students looking for quality education in the country of France.

Located in the south of Paris and formed in the 1st century, the Universite Paris-Saclay is top tier for quality education and a destination for international students.

8. Ecole Polytechnique:

A combination of the best Engineering institutions in all of France is what forms the Ecole Polytechnique. Famous for its interdisciplinary teaching method where students are exposed to teachings and research works that build them in their chosen discipline making it one of the country’s finest for international students.

9. Aix-Marseille University:

Aix-Marseille University boasts of having 19 faculties and an experties in education that spans centuries, beginning in 1409. Located in the south of the country and utilized as a public research base, the university offers world-class education to its thousands of students. The student population in Aix-Marseille University is comprised of 14% international student community, estimated at over 11000 students. This school is rated as one of the best in France for International students.

10. University of Paris:

One major advantage of studying at this university is the research opportunities available to students across disciplines due to the cross-partnership with other leading institutions such as; Harvard, Oxford and MIT. Students undergoing training here are guaranteed good opportunities right after graduation, making it one of the best schools for international students in France.

Factors Influencing the Choice of Schools for International Students in France

Several factors affect the choice of schooling for different students. Each factor carries a level of importance specific to the student. Some of these factors include;

  • Cost of living 
  • Language proficiency 
  • Specific city living conditions 
  • Cost of study in the selected university 


Now We’ve learnt about ’10 Best Universities In France For International Students’, Education remains one of the leading attractions and reasons for international migration to France. This, therefore, suggests that the education system gets one thing right for most international students. Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent country to study in, consider France for the many interesting reasons listed in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the best universities in France according to the QS World Ranking?

Answer: The top-ranked universites in France include;

  1. ENS Paris-Saclay
  2. Sciences PO
  3.  Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon
  4. Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
  • What is the average tuition for universities in France for International students? 

Answer: In France, the average international student can expect to pay about, $2000 and $19000 depending on the school and city of study.