Sororities at St John’s College


When you think of sororities, the image of large universities with bustling Greek life may come to mind. However, small liberal arts colleges also offer the opportunity for students to join a sisterhood through sororities. St. John’s College, a small liberal arts college with campuses in Annapolis, Maryland and Santa Fe, New Mexico, is one such institution. Although the school is known for its Great Books curriculum, its social scene also includes a few sororities that are worth exploring.

Sororities at St John's College

History of Sororities at St. John’s College

Despite being a small college with a focus on academics, St. John’s College has a history of Greek life. The first sorority on campus was founded in 1926 and was known as the Kappa Pi Sigma sorority. The sorority was founded by a group of female students who wanted to form a bond of sisterhood and support each other academically and socially. In the years that followed, more sororities were established, including the Sigma Delta Pi and the Alpha Omega sororities. These organizations are still active on campus today and have a significant presence in the college’s social scene.

Sorority Life at St. John’s College

Sorority life at St. John’s College is not as prominent as it is at other colleges and universities, but it still plays a vital role in the social life of the college. The sororities on campus are smaller in size than those at larger universities, but they still offer their members the chance to form close bonds of sisterhood. Members of the sororities often participate in philanthropic activities and volunteer work in the surrounding communities. They also organize social events on campus, such as mixers and themed parties.

The sororities on campus also serve as a support system for their members. College life can be challenging, and having a group of sisters who share similar experiences and struggles can be beneficial. Sorority members often offer each other academic and emotional support, helping each other through challenging coursework and personal issues. The sororities on campus also provide their members with leadership opportunities, allowing them to develop important skills that will benefit them after college.

Sorority Recruitment at St. John’s College

Recruitment for sororities at St. John’s College takes place during the first few weeks of the fall semester. During this time, interested students have the opportunity to attend events hosted by the sororities to learn more about their respective organizations. These events are designed to give potential members a sense of what the sororities stand for and what their values are.

After attending these events, interested students can decide which sorority they would like to join and submit an application. Sorority members then conduct interviews with potential new members to get to know them better and determine whether they would be a good fit for the organization. After the interviews, members of the sorority vote on whether to extend an invitation to the student to join their organization.


While St. John’s College may not have the bustling Greek life of larger universities, the sororities on campus still offer their members the chance to form close bonds of sisterhood and make a positive impact on their community. By participating in philanthropic activities, volunteering, and organizing social events, sorority members at St. John’s College are an integral part of the college’s social scene. If you are a student at St. John’s College interested in joining a sorority, take advantage of the recruitment events held at the beginning of the fall semester and consider joining one of the established organizations on campus.