Sororities at Rivier University


Rivier University is a Catholic liberal arts institution located in Nashua, New Hampshire. The university is home to a diverse student body, with over 40 different student clubs and organizations. Sororities are one such organization that has been present on campus for several years. This blog post will provide an in-depth look into the sororities at Rivier University, including their history, recruitment process, and contributions to campus life.

Sororities at Rivier University

History of Sororities at Rivier University:

The first sorority at Rivier University, Phi Sigma Sigma, was established in 1971. Since then, several other sororities have been founded on campus, including Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Phi Epsilon, and Sigma Sigma Sigma. These sororities have played a significant role in promoting leadership, scholarship, and service among their members.

Recruitment Process:

The recruitment process for sororities at Rivier University usually takes place at the beginning of the fall semester. Prospective members are invited to attend a series of events hosted by each sorority, where they can learn about the organization, meet current members, and ask questions. These events culminate in Bid Day, where prospective members are invited to join the sorority of their choice.

During the recruitment process, sororities at Rivier University look for potential members who align with their values and mission. Each sorority has its own unique set of values, such as sisterhood, leadership, and philanthropy. Prospective members are encouraged to research each sorority to determine which organization aligns best with their interests and values.

Contribution to Campus Life:

Sororities at Rivier University play an important role in campus life, contributing to the university’s vibrant and diverse community. They offer opportunities for members to develop leadership skills, build lasting friendships, and engage in community service.

Sororities also organize a variety of events and activities on campus throughout the year. These events range from social activities, such as mixers and formals, to philanthropic events, such as fundraisers and service projects. These events provide opportunities for members to give back to the community and make a positive impact on campus and beyond.

In addition to their contributions to campus life, sororities at Rivier University also offer benefits to their members beyond college. Sorority membership can provide a valuable network of professional connections, as well as a strong sense of community and support.


Sororities at Rivier University have a rich history of promoting leadership, scholarship, and service among their members. The recruitment process provides an opportunity for prospective members to find an organization that aligns with their interests and values, while sororities offer a range of activities and events that contribute to campus life and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. Overall, sororities at Rivier University are an integral part of the university’s community, offering benefits that extend far beyond college.