Sororities at Holy Names University

Located in the hills of Oakland, California, Holy Names University (HNU) is a private, Catholic liberal arts university that is home to a diverse student body. One of the ways in which students can become involved on campus is by joining one of the school’s three sororities. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the sororities at HNU and the unique opportunities they offer to students.

Sororities at Holy Names University

The History of Sororities at HNU

Sororities have been a part of campus life at Holy Names University since the early 1960s. The first sorority on campus was the Gamma Delta Sigma sorority, which was founded in 1962. In the years since, two more sororities have been established at HNU: Alpha Delta Chi in 1993 and Alpha Delta Pi in 2015. Each sorority has its own unique history and traditions, but they all share a commitment to sisterhood, scholarship, and service.

Gamma Delta Sigma

Gamma Delta Sigma (GDS) is the oldest sorority at HNU and has a long history of community service and leadership on campus. The sorority’s mission is to promote sisterhood, scholarship, and service, and its members are involved in a variety of campus activities and service projects. GDS is also involved in the wider community, with members volunteering at local schools, hospitals, and other organizations.

One of the unique aspects of GDS is its emphasis on cultural diversity and inclusion. The sorority is committed to promoting diversity and understanding among its members and the wider campus community. GDS hosts events throughout the year that celebrate the diverse cultures represented on campus and provides opportunities for students to learn about different cultures and perspectives.

Alpha Delta Chi

Alpha Delta Chi (ADX) is a Christian sorority that was founded on the values of sisterhood, scholarship, and spiritual growth. The sorority is open to women of all Christian denominations and seeks to provide a supportive community for students who want to grow in their faith while also pursuing their academic and personal goals.

One of the unique aspects of ADX is its commitment to service. The sorority is involved in a variety of service projects both on and off campus, including volunteering at local food banks, organizing fundraisers for charity, and participating in campus clean-up events. ADX also provides leadership opportunities for its members, with a focus on developing strong, capable women who are prepared to make a positive impact in the world.

Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) is the newest sorority on campus, having been established in 2015. The sorority is committed to promoting sisterhood, scholarship, and service and is open to women of all backgrounds and beliefs.

One of the unique aspects of ADPi is its focus on leadership development. The sorority provides its members with opportunities to develop leadership skills through participation in campus activities, service projects, and leadership retreats. ADPi also encourages its members to pursue academic excellence and offers scholarships and awards to recognize academic achievement.


Sororities are an important part of campus life at Holy Names University, providing students with opportunities to develop lifelong friendships, engage in meaningful service projects, and grow as leaders. Whether you’re interested in promoting cultural diversity, growing in your faith, or developing your leadership skills, there’s a sorority at HNU that can help you achieve your goals.