The NFL Water Boy Job- 3 Steps to become a water boy in the NFL

The NFL Water Boy Job and Salary Details


The NFL stands for National Football League. NFL is the professional football league in America. The NFL was called as APFA American Professional Football Association in 1920, and that was the year it was officially formed. The NFL is one among the world’s anticipated football. Competing with various rivals, the NFL still has the craziest fan base and professionally leading the revenue and with the priceless team. Here, we’ll know about The NFL Water Boy Job and its salary details.

American football is well known among countries or to say throughout the world. The NFL beats their football rivals and any other sports that are played in the States. It took the grounds to stand there untouchable for over a century.

A Job in the NFL

To be in the NFL game is everything to a football fan. A diehard fan wouldn’t miss a chance to be in the stadium and watch the game. What if a fan can get a job in the NFL? By which they get to live in their dream for real. I wouldn’t say no for a million dollars. That job will make me stay with the players throughout the process, and what else a crazy fan can ask for? There are plenty of jobs you can aim for in the NFL. But for one to get a job, there must have a long-term goal.

They must have a lot of experience and skills to get a job there. The jobs you apply for mostly start with an internship position. The best advice for anyone trying to making themselves at the NFL is, you have to try and get an internship at the NFL. There would be more chances for full-time employment for you in the NFL if you had an internship experience with them. You can try different streams for assistant manager, digital team, water boy, and management team. 

Who is a water boy in NFL?

A water boy is either an intern or a full-time employee who helps the players in the NFL. The water boy has the core part during the game for the team. They have the responsibility to check on every single team player’s needs during the game. They supply water to the team players during the game or in their practice drills. Sometimes their job is not limited only to supplying water to the payers in the team. 

What does a water boy in NFL do?

A water boy in NFL helps the NFL team in their time of need. They are with the team the whole time waiting there to serve them. A water boy must be active and closely attached to the team, making themselves available throughout the process to which they have been assigned. They carry water and towel to the players and makes sure to keep them hydrated. The water boy has to work fast in serving the players as they have to serve all the players in a limited time.

How much does a water boy in the NFL make?

The role of water boy is less stressful than any other role in the NFL. But the money they make is quite pretty. A water boy in the NFL makes $ 53,000 per annum. For those who think the pay is not very satisfying, believe me, it is. You get paid for carrying water bottles and towels. It is the only job that pays you generously for doing no determined hard work.

The $ 53,000 is earned only by the full-time workers. The interns get paid less on a stipend basis. Sometimes the interns do not get paid at all. They do it for free and for the experience. Even if you think they pay is still less, they make up with providing perks. The perks for an intern are limited when compared to full-time employers. 

Perks of Being a Water Boy in the NFL 

Perks for being a water boy are amazingly huge. Be an intern water boy or even a full-time water boy. Your perks will find you automatically. Water boys for the NFL are selected based on their passion for the team. So there are tremendous chances for a fan of football to get a job there. You will be with your idol players all the time.

You will watch the games for free. You will simultaneously get fitness training. Your gym memberships will be reduced to 50%. The main perks of water boy are, you will train yourself to be a fitness trainer and or even a manager for the team shortly. If you are good at the job, you will see long-term job opportunities and promotions. 

Steps to become a water boy in the NFL:

  • Train – If you wanna be a water boy you must start preparing for your school. Do an internship as a water boy while you are at college and college. Have a connection with your school and college sports team and the coaches. To get an internship you must be passionate about the game and be dedicated. Express to coach how crazily you want to work for the NFL team.

  • Connections – Don’t be reserved, be in touch with sports stream people. The more contacts you make with people, the more opportunities will knock at the door. Always check on your coaches for any new role for the jobs in the NFL team. If you have more connections with people and tell them about your desire to work for the NFL team. There are chances a person involved in The NFL will put a word about you in the association.

  • Online Application – Visit the official website of the NFL. When you are on their site click the link that will be given under the job category. The next step is to click on the internship and entry-level positions link that will be given on the page. Select the position you want to work on and click apply. You will have to fill in the required details asked. Fill on the resume page and the resume should be professional. You will have to gain their interest in saying why they must select you. So keep it unique and personal, and at the same time very professional. If you filled the position as any past school or college football team player or even as a water boy will be taken into negotiations.

 Fulltime Employment in the NFL Gives You Satisfying Perks

  • Health – They cover your medical charges, process the insurance, and cover accident bills and even dental coverage. They also help you with mental health.

  • Paid Leaves – A full-time employer gets 16 weeks paid parental leave for taking care of the newborn baby. In most cases, the working places do not give 16 weeks of paid leave but a full-time job at the NFL does. They also get two weeks of paid leave for any serious health issues in their family and it allows them to take care of the family without worrying about the earnings. 

  • Vacation – Apart from paid leaves a full-time worker at the NFL will get 12 days of paid holidays for a year. They will also get the beneficiary of 15 days paid vacation in the first five years of employment in the NFL.

  • Wellness – The full-time workers at the NFL get the offer of paying only 50% of their gym membership and for the studio class fees. The 50% gym membership is also beneficial to the interns and the part-time workers. The core additional plans like a chance to attend mental activities and specialized fitness classes. 

Other Jobs Available in NFL

  • Stadium Operation Internship – Their job is to work under the Event and Stadium operation department. Their job covers the areas of checking on the service and security. They also will be assigned to write a report on the events held and to prepare the information of instructions for the events. They also take part in the maintenance of the stadium. The maintenance is assuring a safe and clean environment for the audience and the guests.

  • Catering/Food Department – Every event must is need of better food. To get a permanent role in the NLF team you must be the best. The catering department takes care of the food that must be provided to the whole association. They will also be in the care of the after-game party and events.

  • Coordinator – A coordinator job requires quite a lot of skills. The person who is taking up this role must have good communication skills, problem-solving skills, and management skills. The coordinator of the team will have to keep track of the sponsorship contracts, TV interviews, and game promotions. 

  • Mobile Guest Relation Team – The person on the team will be responsible for the tickets for the game. They engage with all these processes digitally. They make all the instructions to the public digitally and make it mobile-friendly. They assist the public with any queries about the game on the website. A person working in this team must be skilled with technology and be constantly updated with computerization.

  • Sales Analytics – A sales analytics help in working on the revenue raise. They check on the team expenses and maintaining the budget for not over expenses. They forecast the future budget for game promotions, team expenses and make the association plan to make it budget-friendly.

  • Digital Commerce Interns – The digital teamwork on setting up the association’s website. They do all the streams of digital marketing. They run the websites, emails, social ads, and print ads. They make sure to keep the site with SEO expertise content.

  • Manager – The managers drive the works from the association. They must be very observant of the team. They do the staff training and scheduling for the players in the team. They overall initiate the team project and overlook it.

It is not an easy job to get a job in the NFL in the first place. The more experience and connections you have, the sooner you will find yourself on the NFL team. The pay in the NFL for their workers is pretty good. As we saw for the water boy, the salary is much better. So the salary for any core role and technical role is considered good.

Though the pay may be reasonable, that does not mean the job is done in peace. The more fun and popular the NFL job might seem, the more pressure comes with it. A job at NLF is more tiring than fan crushing. You will have to work in a place crowded with hundreds and thousands of people. You must make it easy and chill while hustling in the buzzing stadium and make things done without any mess.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the salary for the water boy at the NFL?
    A water boy in the NFL makes around $53,000 per annum for full-time employment. The interns who work as water boys are paid less on the stipend basis and at times they might not get paid. Though it pays well the job will be stressful during the game seasons. The water boy will have to check on all the player’s requirements in a short time.

  • Do water boys travel with the team?
    Yes, the water boy travels with the team for the games. They help the players in games and even meet the player’s needs while traveling.

  • What is the water boy do in the NFL?
    The water boy supplies water and towel to the players on the team. They are the player’s assistants during their practice and during games. They will have to be sure on the required list for the players before and after the games and on their travel.

  • Is there a water girl?
    Yes, there are water girls on a football team. But the people applying for the position are mostly male and hardly women apply for the water girl position. So the boys get selected in the first place. If the girl’s qualifications beat the beat of the applied candidates she gets hired with no doubt.