How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Slovenia Student Visa?

Europe is the home to some of the best educational institutions. There are several things to consider when applying to study in another country than our homeland such as the legal procedures, budget, educational history and background, we can only be permitted to these institutions if we are eligible for it, but the main and most important requirement is to get Visa of the country we are willing to go to. Slovenia has recently become a popular destination for international students because of it’s great location in the heart of Europe and it’s affordable student living cost. Let us know How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Slovenia Student Visa?

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Slovenia Student Visa?

How Much Bank Balance Is Required For A Slovenia Student Visa?

As mentioned above, it is necessary that we have evidence to prove that we have enough money to afford all the charges involved during the time of studying in Slovenia. For this, we need to provide the embassy with an official bank statement. Usually the bank balance required to complete one study program is 3000 to 8000 dollars per month. It is necessary that we have financial support of minimum 3000 to 8000 dollars every month to stay in Slovenia as a student, this amount includes all the expenses such as residence and food while living there. The amount varies on how long we stay there. One study program is of 7 or 8 months (30 weeks approximately). The student visa alone costs 77 dollars and the charges of  residence permit are also needed to be paid. There is also a specific fee for the application form of the educational institute we are applying to, it may be up to 500 dollars per application.

Slovenian student visa:

Student visa is one among the types of visas existing today such as tourist visa, business visa and immigration visa . A student visa is granted to the person who is going to another country solely for the purpose of studying after getting enrollment in a university\college of that country.  We can get the Slovenian student visa only if we get accepted for the educational institution we applied to Slovenia. 

How can we get a Slovenian student visa?

There is a particular legal process everyone must go through when getting a visa from any country and have to complete the required conditions. It takes upto 15 days to get student visa for Slovenia. When getting a Slovenian visa, here’s the process one must go through:

1. Apply for a Slovenian educational institute:

The first step is to apply for the desired institute. We have to submit the required documents such as our educational history, background, bank statement and fill the form for enrollment. It is up to them if they accept or reject our application. If we get accepted we can proceed to the second step which is applying for a student visa.

2. Apply for student visa:

Once we get accepted, we have to apply for the student visa at the Slovenian embassy. The embassy would collect all the documents and acceptance letters of the institute and then run the process for our visa.

3. Wait for the visa to process:

The visa might take some time (a few days) to process our application until then we have to wait till we finally get our hands on our student visa.

Bank statement:

The bank statement is granted by the request of the guardian of the student from the bank itself. The official stamp of the bank is necessary for proof. The proven bank balance is a reliability that the student would have no problem in affording his\her education after going to Slovenia. 

In the bank statement, signature of the student’s guardian\parent and the official stamp and signature of the bank is included and it is stated that the amount of money required can be provided without any inconvenience.


The above information concludes how much money we need to study in Slovenia, however this may vary according to the conditions, it is not precise that only this amount of money will be needed, there might be some changes according to inflation and circumstances. It is not extremely expensive to study in Slovenia and many students can get scholarships as well, some scholarships are fully funded and hardly cost anything so one can try to get it as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here is the answer to some most repeatedly asked questions related to the topic:

1. Do all Slovenian visas cost around 80 dollars?

Ans. All long term Slovenian visas such as business visa and study visa cost around 80 dollars or more excluding the residence permit fee.

2. For how much time is the Slovenian student visa valid?

Ans. Normally, the Slovenian student visa and residence permit is only valid for three to six months, after 6 months it is necessary to renew the visa.

3. Can we work in Slovenia if we are on a study visa?

Ans. Yes, one can work on jobs while staying and studying in Slovenia on a study visa.