Take Charge Of Your First Apartment’s Security

Graduating college and choosing your first apartment is such an exciting time in your life. You’re finally on your own, have that first job nailed down, and now comes the fun part – checking out all those apartments on your list and decorating them just the way you want (or at least what can fit in your budget!).

You already know to ask your landlord about what kind of security is on the premises, such as whether he changes the locks after tenants leave, if the basement door has a lock, if entranceways are well-lit – that sort of thing. But what about the additional aspects of apartment security that you can control? Thinking about apartment security isn’t one of the most fun topics, but all of us at SpyTown.com Home Security Cameras are here to help make sure your stuff stays, well, yours!

Light Timers and Television Timers

You can usually pick up light timers for about $5 each at a local hardware store. Use them on lights throughout your apartment, particularly on lights that can be seen through your windows. This gives the appearance that someone is home, and helps ensure you’re not walking into a dark apartment. Many televisions come equipped with tv timers these days, so check and see if you can set your television to come on at a specific time – that’s just another way to help deter theft!

Curtains and Blinds

No matter which floor you live on, be sure you have curtains and blinds on your windows. You’d be surprised by what lengths a thief will go to see if you have pricey goods in your apartment – even climbing up on a tree branch to peep into second floor apartments! Having curtains and blinds on your windows reduces the likelihood that they can easily peer into your apartment and eye up that Wii or iPad you have.

Keep Expensive Electronics Out Of Sight

Curtains and blinds will help keep prying eyes away, but they’re not fool-proof. Do your best to remember to stow pricey electronics, furniture, and décor pieces away from windows where would-be thieves can see them. Plus, it’ll help you learn to keep your apartment organized!

Porch Motion Detectors

Motion detectors have come a very long way over the years, and you can usually find motion detectors that have just a small range of light, rather than a bright spotlight shining right into your neighbor’s window. If you have a porch, choose one or two short range motion detectors to place on the porch. Thieves certainly don’t enjoy being bathed in light, and it’ll also give you peace of mind walking to and from your apartment at night.

Keep Your Keys To Yourself

It’s tempting to want to give your good friends and boyfriend a set of keys to your apartment. You trust them, and they probably wouldn’t intentionally let your keys fall into the wrong hands. Yet, there’s always the chance they’ll accidentally lose the keys or get them stolen, and then who knows who will have them! We suggest stowing an extra key at your parent’s house, in your wallet, and in a hide-a-key that features a combination lock.

The front door is still the #1 way thieves enter an apartment, and as you’re rushing out the door on your way to work in the morning or quickly changing to go out with your friends at night, remember the #1 security tip: Lock your door! Here’s to a safe and secure post-grad life, and feel free to share your own apartment security tips with us, too.

This article was contributed by SpyTown Security Products Superstore.

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