Is Marymount California University religious?

Is Marymount California University religious?

To know is Marymount California University religious…Read on this article…!


Colleges and universities are of various types. While some are of the general category, others are associated with a private group or organization. For instance, a college is administered by the army. You can even consider a college administered by religious persons like pastors, sisters, and those of other religious orders. 

Marymount California is a religious university and there are a few customs and practices that point to the same. Read on to understand more about this university and its beliefs. 

About Marymount California University 

A private catholic university called Marymount California University has been functioning since 1932. As a Catholic university, they have always looked forward to concepts and values like faith, light, truth, etc. This is evident in their motto which reads ‘Direct us by thy light’. Marymount aims to develop individuals in their careers and humans who live for a better future. 

The university offers a few diverse options for bachelor’s degrees, graduates, undergraduates, and a few others. These include accounting, finance, biology, criminal justice, psychology, research, and so on. They also have religious courses and campus ministry that is dedicatedly carried out. Just like any other university, they too have their events, internships, planning, and more. Their campus is a safe and innovative space for students to live, learn and grow. 

Marymount as a religious University 

Though many institutions can be catholic and private, not all follow religious practices diligently. There is a difference in the way religious universities like Marymount function. Note that they’re a renowned and sophisticated institution like any other. However, their morals, values, and way of life on and off-campus include a lot more spirituality and faith. Here are a few major characteristics that point to the fact that Marymount California is a religious university: 

  • Founders 

One of the quickest ways to figure out if a university is religious or not is to look at its motto and foundational basis. The motto of ‘direct us by thy light’ has already been mentioned above. Coming to the founders, the institution was founded way back in 1932, a time when most catholic universities were formed by Jesuits, sisters, and other groups. It was founded by a religious group of the Sacred Heart of Mary. This directly points to the fact that they’re a catholic and religious institution. 

  • Campus Ministry 

Campus ministry is one of the crucial parts of Marymount. After their courses, they are known for and by their campus ministry. Campus ministry is a form of development of faith and religiosity via faithful practices and events. The college has loads of religious practices and customs like worship, podcasts, daily eucharist, and much more. Moreover, the same is initiated and led by the chaplains or ministers who are mostly pastors or other religious persons.

  • Religiosity and spiritual experiences

At Marymount, religious experiences are held important. While the university aims to develop professionals in various fields for the future, they also give importance to the spiritual lives of students. They highly encourage prayer, faith-building, and community building which are core factors of spiritual life. They also look into religious celebrations and more that build students and teach them all about the faith. You can identify the university as a religious one based on the priority given to faith, social welfare, and similar concepts. 

  • Spiritual direction and opportunities 

Spiritual direction is another crucial part of any religious organization. It refers to counseling or interaction to build on faith and connect deeper with God. Spiritual direction is a method to put together what one can call God’s will and one’s life decisions. There are various opportunities and resource persons for the same. Pastors, youth groups, and other spiritual directors are an integral part of the Marymount campus. Moreover, they constantly organize retreats, scripture study, and many other practices to further enhance these spiritual experiences. 

  • Campus way of life and living 

The campus way of life for the management and students is more disciplined and selfless. Being a religious university, Marymount believes in the practice of selflessness, understanding, reaching out, and so on. Students are asked to live in more organized and friendly manners indicating the love for all that faith teaches. 

  • Social outreach and aid 

Another well-known aspect of any religious organization is its willingness to reach out. At Marymount California University, there are various initiatives carried out for students to learn to do the same. Many social groups are formed where outreach, community development, renewals, and many practices are followed. The whole concept of giving that comes as an integral part of faith is taught on campus as well. 

  • Education 

Apart from bachelor’s and other academics offered at Marymount, there are religious educational opportunities too. The courses and preparation required for Adult confirmation and more are provided on campus. Moreover, the staff is constantly under learning about the faith in some course or the other. They also work with churches and parishes around the area for conducting lectures and study religious topics.


Marymount California is a religious university all the way through. Ever since it was founded, it has been practicing the faith in various fields of education, interaction, social outreach, and more. If you’re looking for a spiritual direction together with college life, you can opt for Marymount California University! 

  • Does Marymount California University have spiritual sharing? 

Yes! The University offers one on one spiritual sharing for students with key persons any time they need. Whether they need direction, answers, or even want to lighten themselves, they can feel free and go talk it out!

  • Is Marymount California University involved with seminaries in any way? 

Yes, they are. The college hosts seminarians who can impart some spiritual training to students. 

  • Does Marymount have any interfaith activities? 

Being a religious institution, Marymount focuses on its faith and practices. However, there are interfaith prayers and a few other practices that are carried out. Also, students of other faiths are free to participate in most of their religious events and provisions.