Is Grad School Considered As A College?

The term grad school is somewhat that is unknown in our country India. But this term when you move out and land on other countries like in America or England and so on then the residents are common to this word as it is something that they spell when informing about any universities where the students studies postgraduate or doctorate courses. A grad school might be similar to any college here in India, where it offers post graduation as well as doctorate degrees but for a clear reference it is better considered similar to universities. Let us know more detail about ‘Is Grad School Considered As A College?’.

Is grad school considered as a college ?

Is Grad School Considered As A College?

Students visit a grad school only after completing their bachelor’s degree which is also referred to as the first degree in America or abroad. This is the first step of moving to a path of higher level education by any student. Getting a bachelor’s degree is pretty common in India as all the colleges both private and government whether affiliated or open or autonomous they provide with the minimum bachelor’s degree after they have cleared their class 12 board exams. But the things change after getting admission in a postgraduate or any other further degree is quite difficult as here you have to clear the admission exam and the interview session in order to fix your seats in merit colleges. 

Features of a grad school: Is Grad School Considered As A College?

  1. Entry is pretty difficult.
  2. Should have a very good merit in the undergraduate degree
  3. Studies done here are more detailed and consist of various research works.
  4. Class sizes are smaller in case of postgraduate and much smaller in the case of doctorate degrees.
  5. Faculty of these schools are best of its kind and well known throughout the country and state.
  6. Exams in these schools are pretty hard to clear.
  7. Focuses on giving the most depth knowledge of the subject chosen.
  8. Passing out from these high degrees helps you get placements in different well known sectors.
  9. American universities don’t use the term postgraduate degree they tend to use the term graduate school or in short grad schools where both postgraduate as well as PhD degrees are provided. Here in America the universities don’t use the word doctorate to determine PhD degrees rather they use the term 

Difference between the education systems provided in the grad schools in America and the universities in India-

  • The educational system in India is much more strict and harsh as compared to the American system which is more lenient and only gives grades according to their assignment works.
  • In India, the educational system is based on 10+2+3+2 in case you are going for a master’s degree in the particular chosen subject whereas in America the system is 10+2+4+2 in case you want to do your masters degree.
  • In America’s grad school the student teacher ratio is 20:1 whereas in India the ratio can go up to 1: 40 or 1:80 in a single university class completely depending on the subject that is been taught.
  • In grad schools in America they focus mainly in the extra-curricular activities of the student in order to make them good athletes which are further expressed in the medals table of Olympic Games as well as other world games. Whereas, in Indian universities the colleges mainly focus on the academic improvement of the students which finally makes them to achieve the best of the best jobs in the country and abroad.
  • The American infrastructure in grad school is vast as there are plenty of unknown but beneficial courses which the students can choose from and will help the students to seek jobs more easily. Whereas the infrastructure in Indian universities is very rigid as there are only few or handful of courses which provides with a higher degree due to lack of faculty.

Types of grad schools-

  1. Professional school– grad schools where professional courses like law, medical or paramedical courses or IT mechanical or engineering courses are taught which in further it becomes easier for the students to seek for jobs as these courses provide with good internship opportunity at the end of the term.
  2.  Academic schools- here students go have a more depth knowledge on the subject they had studied in schools and then have moved on to receive an undergraduate degree in it. These grad schools provide with relevant research thesis which when completing it provide the student with a degree along with a reference level.

Why one should join a grad school?

  • Grad schools not only provide academic excellence but also with good professional trainings.
  • Getting a postgraduate and doctorate degree will automatically boost up your value while applying for jobs.
  • In grad schools you can do a course completely based on the areas of your interest.


Now we have learnt ‘Is Grad School Considered As A College?’, The topic is such that it automatically becomes very difficult to come to the conclusion whether to determine whether a grad school is similar to a college or not. There are totally 50-50 chances as some colleges abroad provide the postgraduate degree whereas both postgraduate and doctorate degrees are provided by the grad school. So the conclusion to this article is still vague as there is no solid proof that only grad schools provide the postgraduate and doctorate degrees as usually not provided by the colleges.