How Much Does It Cost For Books And Supplies Per Year At Southern University?

Having an idea of the cost of books and supplies required for college is an important step in planning effectively ahead of college. Southern University and A&M College (Baton Rouge) , like every other college, requires its students to purchase some books and supplies once they are admitted to the college. Let’s see How Much Does It Cost For Books And Supplies Per Year At Southern University?

How Much Does It Cost For Books And Supplies Per Year At Southern University?

How Much Does It Cost For Books And Supplies Per Year At Southern University?

Cost for books and supplies per year at Southern universityFor most students at Southern University, a budget of $1300 should be enough to cover the cost of purchasing books and supplies in the college per year according to the school’s Office of Financial Aid. However, the cost can be a bit higher for students studying certain courses. Fortunately, there are possible ways the cost can be reduced and some of these ways will be discussed in the next section.

How to reduce the cost of books and supplies at Southern University

It is quite possible to incur less than the $1300 benchmarked in the antecedent section through the following ways:

● Be modest

Most students end up spending more than they should have done due to extravagance. Ensure you only purchase books and supplies that are needed and not be excessive in their usage. This way, you can save yourself some bucks and reduce purchasing books and supplies frequently during your study at the college.

●     Apply for scholarships and grants

Scholarships are another way of minimizing the cost of books and supplies in the college. Most scholarships and grants take care of your tuition fees and other educational needs partly and sometimes, in full.

Apply for scholarships available to collegians and grants offered by both public and private organizations if you cannot afford to cover the cost yourself.

●     Take a student loan

In the real sense, a student loan might not reduce the cost of books and supplies. However, taking a student loan might be your only option when you are stranded and if you are lucky, you might benefit from a student loan grant.

●     School allowance

Your student allowance also provides another way of reducing the cost of books and supplies in the school. Here is a table summarizing the additional allowances offered by Southern University and A&M College to her students depending on the length of study.

Additional AllowancesFor more than a half of an academic yearFor less than a year of an academic year
Out-of-state (Undergraduate)$7350.00$7350.00
Out-of-state (Graduate)$6446.00$6446.00
Federal Student Loan Fee$52.00$0.00
Dependent Care Allowance$4665.00$4665.00
Graduate Allowance$1314.00$0.00

Apart from books and supplies, there are some other costs you would also incur at the college; these include the costs shown in the next section.

Other costs you will cover at the Southern University include

Tuition and Fees:

This includes the basic tuition fees and other extra fees for using the school facilities such as technological fees, library fees, medical fees, and so on.

Room and Board:

This includes the cost of living on campus or in dormitory rooms made available by the college.


This is the average cost of moving within and outside the college using the transportation system of the school and is usually to support students living out of state.

Personal and miscellaneous costs:

This is the average cost a student needs for personal upkeep and to cover any other unplanned costs that may arise during the study.

These costs differ depending on the period of enrollment and whether or not you live with a dependent person.  The below table will give you a quick overview of all the possible costs you should include in your budget to study at the Southern University and A&M College.

Enrollment for 5-9 months per year

CostsLiving with Parents without Dependent ChildrenLiving with Parents with Dependent ChildrenLiving On CampusLiving Off-Campus
Tuition and Fees$9242.00$9242.00$9242.00$9242.00
Room & Board$5406.00$5406.00$8018.00$9430.00
Books & Supplies$1300.00$1300.00$1300.00$1300.00
Total$20 828.00$20 828.00$22 600.00$24 852.00

Enrollment for less than 5 months in a year

CostsLiving with Parents without Dependent Children Living with Parents with Dependent Children Living On Campus Living Off-Campus 
Tuition and Fees$5376.00$5376.00$5376.00$5376.00
Books & Supplies$1300.00$1300.00$1300.00$1300.00


A sum of $1300 is quite affordable to many students and you can also cover it through the possible ways recommended earlier. However, the cost of books and supplies at Southern University can be higher or lower than $1300 since this is nothing but an average cost.With the financial aid available in the school, you can decide to write it off and focus on other pressing costs.


●     How much is the cost of books at SU for a year?

Books and supplies are usually estimated together with an average of $1300 needed for a year; the cost of books takes about $850.

●     How much does a semester cost at Southern University (SU)?

A semester should cost around $9300 for in-state students and about $10 500 for an out-state student.